(cheers) Now we are going to the River Hongbao, which is a yearly event held during Chinese New Year. This year’s CNY is slightly earlier, which falls on January, because usually it is around February. It’s here now, started today, 23rd January 2020. So the River Hongbao is located at the Marina Bay Floating Platform, to access there, one should take the MRT to City Hall, and pass by the Esplanade Threatre, which is just behind me, (cheers) And now we are walking towards the Floating Platform. See ya! And we are here! So as you can see, this place is flooded with Singaporeans and tourists from all ages because today is the first day of the River Hongbao! Let’s go! *HuntYourZodiac* Game *Starting the game up* *The wave will notify us if there are animals nearby* Try walking around, and the waves might turn red to signal the proximity of the zodiac. Successful hunt Use this to exchange 1 e-angbao! So now I have the e-angbao, and we are heading back to check how much money is inside here. S$2 deposited into our e-wallet. Life Art Society showcasing their calligraphy live. Giving these Chinese Handicrafts out for free. Final product The Wishing Tree When you are here, have a go at striking the bells of blessings! Failed Got it again! I’m going to aim for this bell.
Okay. Failed again Our last coin OH! FINALLY! You know why he could get the 福星高照 “Lucky Star” bell? Because I’m his 福星!! Okay so out of the 3 throws, I only managed to hit one. And she managed to hit,
Two! *Performances* Okay, so this is the year of the Rat, and as you can see, the Rat installation is the biggest among all the Zodiac. Both of us are born in the year of the Ox. this year 2020 will be a good year for us. Because we have good… Academic, Health, Romance, Wealth and Career. Wow, our career is at 100%! *Riddles* *PA Speaker:
I will see you tomorrow, thank you and have a good evening* As you can hear from the announcement, it’s ending, it’s already 10:30pm. The River HongBao closes at around 11pm everyday. So we are now heading home. So actually this event is pretty unique this year, Because they have added new activities Such as the collaboration with the sqkii mouse to haunt down the zodiac animals. and you can win some cash prizes from the POSB Bank. So actually there is another activity but we didn’t managed to try it. It is the God of Fortune Huat Hour, So that is a one hour daily red packet giveaway. You would just need to show that you have a DBS App And you can catch this God of Fortune and they will give you a red packet immediately. And unfortunately due to the time constrain, we didn’t manage to go around the food street, as well as the play area…. We did not go for the rides, Riddles and installations are free of charge! And that’s it, we are going home! Please click here for another video, and please click here to subscribe (laughter) Ciaos! So bye!!

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