4 thoughts on “Cedar Point reveals Snake River Expedition as new ride in 2020: First look

  1. I'm sure it will be fun and it sounds well thought out. That said, that woman holding the 500 ft in 2020 sign right behind them represents a significant portion of the community that will more than likely be disappointed. Gotta round out the park everyone. Family Family Family. I'm in.

  2. Cedar point needs to find it’s identity. I 100% support cedar point taking the next few years, transforming the park into an completely immersive theme park, it would be amazing! But what I won’t support, is cheap, quick fillers, over thrill rides. So I hope they realize this. I think building a pier, if possible, would be a great next step.

  3. Anything that takes away the line from my beloved Millennium Force I'm all for! 😉

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