Cercle Behind the Scenes #2 – Maceo Plex @ Hudson River

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking Welcome onboard this Airbus 330 from XL Airways France flight time this evening will be 7 hours 55 minutes Just arrived in New Yoooork! You guys are just a bunch of tourists You can buy some cigarettes at 5 euros in France and sell them 7 euros here Don’t put this in the aftermovie They have some nice cars here New Yooooork! What’s up man? Hey guys, be careful! Enjoy your meal! Hmmm avocadooo So the reason why I’m here in New York… it’s because… BECAUSE GIRLS ARE SO HOT haha, asshole because of an electronic music party So if the camera operator is meant to be on the pilot’s side and they are doing this the whole time then that will block my antennas Have this door on, have you seating maybe here or the middle seat and have both of the other doors over there, off Wooow Tide doesn’t wait! Go go go! The green thing here, it’s rain, and the grey zone, it’s.. no rain And all this it’s the USA I can’t put the front camera, because the thing is not installed yet And right where we are… it’s raining! It’s about to be lit Please make some noise for the amazing Maceo Plex! It’s my mutation of music that I hear So if I hear disco, I’ll make… Up to 1300 feet, they are doing what they want 0 to 1300 feet? This has no sense, you can’t fly a drone but you can put a fu%%** helicopter 30 feet from the ground

34 thoughts on “Cercle Behind the Scenes #2 – Maceo Plex @ Hudson River

  1. Nice! I like this behind the scenes stuff. Is it going to be a more regular thing?

  2. W😅w❤S❤😎📣LEGeNDS AMaZiNG🗽Yeahhhh🌷😴ThaNK Y😅U🌷❤😉🏆

  3. Awesome, please more stuff like this!

    First track Maceo Plex – Mutant Romance (unreleased)

  4. I envy you guys.. Im jealous! Keep up the good work! Greetings from Greece! 🙂

  5. Respect Cercle!! When you work hard and the work is well done the results are amazing. You guys deserve it. For when a special Cercle at Portugal? Think about it. 😉


  7. Love to see all this amazing stuff happening in New York! Its always so beautiful to see all of this art and amazing content!

  8. " Tu peux pas mettre un drône, mais tu peux mettre un putin d'hélicoptère à 10m " 😂😂

  9. Че смотреть как он добирался туда, все равно хуету отыграл аж уши вянут.

  10. Bravo Guys!! C'est vraiment cool ce que vous faites!! Ne lâchez pas. Il faudrait que vous pensiez venir visitez vos petits cousins québécois. Vous ne serez pas dépaysés, vous avez envahis Montréal ! :p Sans méchanceté 😉 Il y a plein de super endroit ici au Québec. Vous devriez planifiez ça ici pour l'été prochain, ça serait super. Ça serait encore mieux si vous viendriez avec Boris Brejcha 🤞🏻 🤞🏻 😃 😬 🥰 😍 🤪 🤩 😂 😁 😜 🤘🏻 Un gars a le droit de rêver vous savez. 😜

    Et surtout, si vous pensez venir dans le coin et vous avez besoin de quelques choses (conseils d'endroits, contacts, références ou peu importe), vous me le faites savoir et surtout n'oubliez pas de me mettre sur la Guest List 😳 🤭 😬 😊 😎 https://www.yandubord.ca

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