Champion Lights Photoshop Background Sports Tutorial

hi guys I just wanted to quickly go over
this champion lights background and make a couple a changs and show you how it works, out
a photo just give you a quick overview so first of all when you open it this is the Photoshop on that
i’m looking at it has the dark edge layer and if you have auto select layer turn on a lot of times its gonna accidentally
grab this layer to what I like to do is I like to lock
that layer you could still turn off and on and decide if you want to use that are
not I also have some color balance these are just things that I added that
might make it easier for you too work with your
photo I love all these adjustments that you
can do this is the cooling filter: but you can
actually change it any in these and then you can also
increase the intensity right now it’s not on but and this one I
just automatically added let me pull this out a little bit, a cool and
warm so that you could quickly turner’s on but you can also adjust them however you
want you have all these choices so it’s kinda cool all right so then this this is where I would
suggest that you put your extracted player but that’s gonna
depend on how are you decide to use the
template I always like to include a player outer
glow but I also personally prefer to make one and I’ll show you how to do that so that
one I”ll leave off, i are we have a brightness and contrast just depending on your photo you may want to use these and you can
also go an and adjust them how ever you want just
depending on how you want them to look again I adjusted that with it off, let me change it now obviously you can I like to
exaggerate them so that I can kinda see what they do and then tweak it back hue/saturation
you can change this and background to any color to match what you’re doing, levels is another good one you can adjust this middle slider you know just play around these until you
get what you want and then the lights are in a folder for Photoshop and they are not in a folder for
elements, I think the newer versions of Elements can handle folders but the older ones can not and so that’s why I keep it separate but
if you wanted to like move your lights all at once you could change this to auto select group and then it would move them all at once
so let me do control+Z to get that back to where it was go back to auto select layer and I always like
to have show transform controls on so that I can see what’s going on okay so your right lights, we have beams we have lights so you can change turn those off or on, one thing I did with one my samples was I turned this off,
transform flip vertical and then auto select group so I’m still selecting my group and I
brought it down here and then I took the fog and I pushed it up, also with this thing is if you have
a layer selected and you wanna move that layer you can
just turn this of fans can only stay on a where the selected so you can just trun this off
and it’s only going to move the layer that you selected so you can quickly move things up and down it makes it a little bit easier So I’m going to turn this on off it got moved out of place. And then you can put a name or something up here with your text tool and you can
make you can put a style on it so those are some fun features that you
can do I want to make sure I have my history here so I can undo this stuff
alright back to where we were see my layers and sometimes I pull these out so i can
see them a little bit better the lights are a lot of fun to play with
and then the fog you can adjust the opacity layer back glow again and its different one and then this is a haze the crowd you can turn off you have a
darkened bottom and then you can get into these layers
that have different at ground in as far as what to do these they they do have a hue, I did add a hue/saturation to this one basketball again these are not going to
be in individual folders for Elements the basketball one another neat thing that you can do is you change the color which is kinda fun
but you can also desaturate it and darken it which I
think looks kinda nice the grass layers which
you can use for any sport like soccer, rugby for sport that we haven’t mentioned you can always
do black and you can use black for any sport you have to adjust the fog to make it blend a little bit better I think I prefer with the fog so I
might turn down a little bit there now it blends pretty see seamlessly now
I’m going to open my player which I have already well my boxer which
have already extracted from the background and I have tutorials on how to do that
okay so I’m going to pull him off to the side I’m going to try again actually I should have
selected my layer right here I should have moved it so here I can add this I could change
the color to match put this back in here I want it red and as far as his back glow what I like to do is double click the
picture come to outer glow white okay I make it as big as possible then I’m right click the effect click create layer then I come to this
layer and I do filter blur gaussian blur and I just make it big like really big you can the either do that again or you can duplicated if you wanna brighter or you
can reduce the opacity if it’s too bright so
you can kind of do it to your taste okay I think that’s
a pretty good overview this product and I hope you enjoy it

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  1. Thanks but can you add a link to your video how to cut out your player?
    I struggle with that especially when the player is either on the court or on the football field.

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