Chapter Two: The Photograph | Ten Candles: Eclipse

(anxious electronic tones) (ominous ensemble tones) – Hello everybody. – Hi.
– Hi. Welcome to my table,
welcome to “Ten Candles.” I am very excited
(laughing) to be getting to play with this table. Especially one, because
I have some old faces of which I’ve played games with before, although I’ve not played games with you. – No.
– But you know, know of thy abilities and abilities and have only heard in
whispers and dreams of as far as their role playing ability goes. Except for that tiny time that we did, when we did Slippery D20 together, right. And then people who I love and appreciate but have never played ever. – Just mind games. – Just mind games.
(laughing) Justly lowly mind games and usually games about yelling things as
loud as we possibly can. That little Kickstarter video. – Oh yeah, that’s right.
– Ages ago. So thank you so much and
I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry. – Thank you for torturing
me one more time. – You keep coming back, Jeremy. – Yes, I do. – I know you do this all the time but you all have choice, so (laughing). – I don’t have a choice, I
just compulsively do this. – It’s been a hard few
weeks, I’m ready for this. – Okay, cool.
– Yeah, I’m ready to die. – Cool, cool, cool, cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Well I appreciate that. So before we get into what we’re playing and who we’re playing, just for some folks who
may not know who you are, let’s just do a quick who you are and then we will hop into
character creation real quick. – By who we are, who we actually are? – Like not the person who will die but the person who is my
friend sitting at this table. – Oh, okay.
– Yes. – Me, all right, there okay. My name is Alex Ward, I am on Geek and Sundry rather regularly on “L.A. by Night” and
I also am a professional actor and player of all things creepy. – Player of all things creepy. – Love it.
– Thank you, yes? – Hi, I’m Erika Fermina. You can find me on “Girls Guts Glory” and sometimes here.
– Sometimes here. – Sometimes.
– Today here. – Today here.
– For sure. – Right now.
– Yes, Jeremy? (sighing) – Hello again everyone. Hello Ivan.
– Hello, sir. – I’m back again, Jeremy Walker. You may remember me from
“Sagas of Sundry Madness” with this gentleman right here and yes, I decided to come
back again and be with him. Have a little bit of fun
and I’m very excited. You can see me all over the web, on TV. I’m an actor and I’m
loving role playing games– – You got bit by the bug, man. – I got bit by the bug.
– Yeah, you’re back. – I’m back and today’s the day that I die. – Aryiel?
– Now to follow that. I’m Aryiel Hartman, I’m an actress, singer, hostess, silly gilly, currently annoying everybody on their TV through commercials and I
am also in “Trump in Space” at Second City through the rest of August. – Very nice and–
– Final extension. – We did “Rocky Horror”
together in college. – Yeah, we did.
– Ba-boom. – Ba-boom. – Yeah, it was fun.
– Yeah. – Not like that today. Today’s gonna be fun,
just in a different way. – Not as much women’s lingerie. – No, not as much unfortunately. – Try me.
(laughing) I’ve got secrets, I’ve got
secrets you don’t know. All right, well let’s get straight into how we want to play with
you today, I’ve seen you. – I almost said that to you earlier. I’ve seen you in women’s
lingerie but I didn’t know how much you wanted known. – There is a lot, there is a lot. It’s in the internet, you can find it. Let’s talk about your characters. The first thing we’re gonna do is we are going to write virtues and vices and we’re going to be giving
them to our neighbors. So to begin, I would like
you to take one of your cards that has all of your
delightful photos on it and I would like you to pass
one of them to your right, skipping me. – Oh wait, oh right. – Yes. – Do I write it–
– Catch that, hell yeah. – Stand by. So now that you have your neighbor’s card, I would like you to write a virtue on that and a virtue is, well, a virtue. Something that really gives an insight onto how they can help solve problems. – One word?
– One word. Descriptive. – Something like this? – Yeah. Good. – This gets hard.
– Wait, one single word?
– One word. – A single word, okay.
– What is a virtue? What is a virtue that maybe you would like or something that you wish upon somebody else in these circumstances? All right. (laughing) – The look that you’re
giving me right now. – Well I wrote a virtue. It’s a good one. – Now let’s all pass it back to the left and let’s hear what everybody got. Alex, let’s start with you. – Ingenuitive. – Oh. Great, Erika? – Practical. – Practical. – Resourceful. – Resourceful. – Organized. – Organized, resourceful and organized. – Hey. – Cool.
– Team building. – Team building. – Hashtag team building.
– Great. Now let’s take another one of your cards and let’s pass it to the left please. This one is a vice. What is a trait that causes
more problems than generates? Causes more problems than solves, that’s the word I was looking for. What is something you would never wish upon anybody but thus, you have to now? – I feel like we’re writing a
burn book from “Mean Girls.” – Rough, yeah. A good movie. – You know how this game
is like “Mean Girls?” – Yeah, yeah, it is instead
of feelings and emotions that are getting hurt,
it’s bodily harm usually. (laughing) – And some psychological. – And some psychological.
– That’s a good overlay. – Absolutely, that’s
part of the Venn diagram. – “Ten Candles” and “Mean Girls.” We’re gonna find more
similarities as we go on, I swear. – It’s slowly becoming closer and closer. All right, then let’s
pass it back to the right. Aryiel, let’s start with you. – Cold. – Cold, all right. You sir? – Dishonest. – All right. – This is not the face of a dishonest man. – Addicted. – Addicted. That’s the best, that’s
something you get, that’s a gift. You get to decide, so. – Impulsive. – Impulsive, all right. It sounds like we’re
already fleshing things out. Now let’s take a third card and lets briefly bring you up to speed. Before we write anything, let’s briefly bring you up to speed on the
situation that you’re in. About 10 days ago, monoliths rose out from
the ground, all right? The world has been dark for five days and as a result, you are now, basically wherever
you look on the horizon, there is a monolith that’s out there and ever since these things have risen, there has been some weird undertone that seems to just be
in the air, in the body. Something permeates permanently into your both physical and mental being. We’ll talk a little bit about where you are and what you’re doing. But the world is dark, the monoliths are there. There are rumors that
people are disappearing. In fact it’s hard to
even call them rumors. Some of you have probably even
seen it with your own eyes. But there is rumors that there
is something under the earth. So with that said, let’s generate a moment that you all hope to accomplish
as part of your story today. It can be something, it should be a very specific thing but it should be something that also has the potential of failing. That’s the most important
thing, all right? And this is for you, this
is not for anyone else. This is something that you get to have for your character as part of your story. Now I will be upfront because transparency is key in games like this. We’ve all had a chance
to talk a little bit about where you might want to be and what I’ve just told you about the
monoliths isn’t news to you. It’s all stuff that we
have been talking about. But how the story transpires is of course up to how everything happens. But you at least know that the events that have come into place are consistent with what you’ve heard rumor-wise. Let me see, oh yes and we’ll
get to the gift in a short few. I’d like to take this opportunity, because I really liked it
in the last game I did, to be introduced to who you’ll be playing as well as describe the moment that you hope to create in this game. So, Erika, would you start us off? – Sure.
– Yes. – I am playing Lexi Avila. Social media influencer
in life, pre-apocalypse. Which was something that her parents never really agreed with. They wanted her to have a useful skill. So her moment is that she
wants to prove her usefulness. – Prove her usefulness, okay. Yes. That is a little broad.
– Too broad? – I might want to say is there any way that she could be
useful in a direct way? It could be like in saving someone’s life or it could be in overcoming a great consequence. Something like that, just
to give us a little more, so we can very distinctly say yes, you’ve just made that moment, you know? I’m not opposed to it. I think actually being useful is awesome. (laughing) Useful is great. – I prefer when people are useful. – I think we could use a useful person. – Well I’ll let you think
about it while I keep going. So Jeremy, would you tell
us who you’re playing today? – Am I here, can you hear? I am playing Livingston Moss,
my friend’s call me Lib. – Lib. – I’m from the South, originally
from Jackson, Mississippi and I’m a devout man of faith. I’m hard at hearing in my left ear. – Okay. – But I can hear, I
just can’t hear as well. My moment is I hope to hear the voice of God directing me on how to
get out of this situation. – You would hope to hear,
and how do you think you will find the voice of
God, if I may be so bold? – Well, if you’ve ever felt the voice of God steering you in a direction, it’s more of a feeling than hearing. – Yeah, yeah, so you’re
hoping that at some point, the Lord’s guidance will
bring you into a position. I’d like to see, again coming
back from Erika a little bit, if there is a specific situation in which you might be able to
find the voice of God. Does that mean just being
alone for a short while? Does that mean finding a
message from God you feel like– – Yeah, I would say it’s
maybe a sign or a light. – Got it.
– Okay. See, those are good, I can work with that. – Perfect. – Finding some kind of light that for you is a beacon of faith. Perfect.
– Beautiful. – Awesome. Aryiel? – My character’s name
is Valerie Velacourt. She is originally from
San Diego, California and when she was in high
school, before she graduated, she was driving a car with her best friend and got into a really bad accident and she survived and
her best friend didn’t. – Got it. – And it’s one of those
things that just informs you for the rest of your life,
whether you like it or not. So she does a lot of
self-help things for people, retreats, things like that. Anything to try to make things better. – You want to pass along a message. – Yeah. – Of a lesson that you’ve learned. – Mm hmm, and she’s also
deeply not religious. She really doesn’t believe–
– Got it. – In any sort of religious beings or anything like that because of the accident ’cause it was one of those of like, why not me? – I see. – How could a God let
this happen, sorta thing. – It has to be chance because
otherwise what’s the point? – Right.
– Situation. – Yeah.
– Cool, cool, cool. And what’s your moment? – I hope to get to actually
save someone’s life for once. – Great, so you want to save
somebody’s life, excellent. – Do we need to– – That’s what I did to expand mine. By saving a group member, someone close. – It is not, having similar moments is not something that
is mutually exclusive. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with being able to have that. If anything, it’s a tie. That would be both lovely and tragic because you would both earn each other’s hope die and then immediately lose it. But that’s fine, yeah,
I’m not mad about it. Cool, cool, cool. – Do we need to talk about our– – Oh yeah, did you want to lay out, I want to hear from Alex and then you can lay out how you guys are
doing stuff together. But Alex, yes? – Okay, I am Cameron Wakeford. – Cameron. – And I grew up and live in San Francisco. – Okay, which we’ve established is where you guys are going to be. – Yes. So when, living in San Francisco,
he was a delivery driver. – Okay. – Delivered food and whatnot and had no plan for his life. – Okay. – His dad passed when he was young and was kind of estranged from his mother. No real family, no nothing. – Kind of lived without purpose. – Lived without purpose and when everything started happening, kind of just lived with what he could scavenge. – Got it. – My moment is to, as much as he doesn’t want to, he can’t stop thinking about
seeing one of them up close. – One of them, he wants to
see what one of them is. – If they exist, he wants to see one. – Okay, duly noted, duly noted, great. So you wanted to talk about
it a little bit ’cause it sounded like you guys had a
tie you wanted to talk about. – Yes, we are here in San Francisco. We actually had a team building workshop that we were doing in Silicon Valley. – That we were leading for
one of the big tech companies. – You want to be co-workers? – Yes, we are co-workers.
– Yeah. – Are you a part of this team building exercise or are you executing this– – We’re leading it and
we had two other members with us as well that were
from the same company. – No longer with you?
– No longer with us. – Yes, how did they go? – We were thinking that the first one, that we saw one of them taken by the them and the other one just kind of
went crazy eventually after, like it was three of us
staying together and then– – Did they leave, did
they end their own life? Did they walk away? – Yes, I would say after about a week of us living on raw fish, you know, we went to visit Fisherman’s Wharf after one of our exercises.
– Sightseeing. – Sightseeing the area. – So this is fairly recent that you just lost a
member of your crew then? – Yes.
– Yeah, pretty recent. – Yeah, so we’re at this
point, got it, day 10. All right, so you’ve freshly had someone removed from your group. Anything else to share with anybody else? – I’m living on a boat. – Right, we did talk about that. You’re all on her boat. – Yep.
– You’re all on my boat. – And you brought this boat from up north. – Yes, so I was living up in Portland. – Okay. – And as soon as the spires or
the monoliths started showing up, I decided to go to my
dad’s bunker in San Francisco. – Got it. – Where the bunker did not save him. – Okay, yeah, we did talk
about that a little bit. So you’ve actually seen– – Someone get snatched.
– Someone get snatched. – Mm hmm.
– Right, okay. But that bunker probably
did and has sustained you for as long as you’ve been
able to be at this point. Great, well then before we get into too much context of the story that you’re in right now, we need to write your brinks and we need to discuss brinks. So if you wouldn’t mind,
take one more of your cards and do me a favor. Let’s hand it to your right and Lexi, I get to write you a brink about them. – Oh. – They have seen you, situation and then I get to give you this one and you get to tell me
something about them. – About them?
– Yes. It cannot be a strength, something
that makes them stronger. You cannot write a, I just said the wrong thing twice. It cannot be a weakness, it cannot be something that makes them easier to kill or
something that’s difficult but it can be something
that expands on the lore, something that you’ve seen. The way that it’s best
described in the book is to say “I have seen them, dot dot dot.” – Okay. – All right, does that make sense? Cameron? – Lib. (laughing) – Is this… – I’m the waiter now. I can do that, I’m allowed. I run this game. – Can I just say how the feel
in this room is very tense? – Really? I don’t know why.
– Yeah. (laughs) – Is it possibly our imminent death? – Something.
– Group suicide? – Yes. I just feel it’s very cold, it’s very– – We all just should jump
in the Bay and that’s it. – What was in the water?
– Yeah. – Fantastic, look at this. I love defacing everything. I should’ve just rubbed
your face in it too. All right, perfect, we can all take it. These are for us and us only but obviously the person who wrote it knows that they have given this
information to another. – Is that something
that you can work with? (laughing) – The way you said that, god. – Great. So we do have the benefit of knowing that we are on Lexi’s boat, which means that your equipment is, normally in the game it states explicitly you have whatever is in your
pockets, kind of a situation. So we’ll be limited in what we’ll be able to make available onto the boat. But as with anything, a roll can offer quite a bit when it comes to
narrative ability, you know? And let’s begin, I’m writing
my brink down in my notes. – Wait, is it the one that I wrote? – I only got one.
– Yeah. – I’m trying to see what he was actually thinking prior to this. – Did I scratch it off enough? – Yeah. – Sweet. Great. So, hi.
– Hi. – Hey Ivan. – Your story begins with the four of you on Lexi’s boat. You are sitting, how far away from the San Francisco Bay, from the Wharf? You had mentioned Fisherman’s
Wharf a little earlier. How far out into the water are you? – I think we’re probably
still in the Bay somewhat. – Towards, not too close
to the docks right now. – Right, so you’re out on the water. – Mm hmm.
– Okay, cool. So you’re out on the water. Are you hooked up to a moor or anything or are you just kind of bobbing? – Anchored out there.
– Yeah. – Okay, great. So you’re anchored out on the Bay. So you’re sitting out in the middle of the water at the moment. A brief overview of the mechanics. You have 10 dice to work with
’cause we have 10 candles. When you roll, one six is
all that’s needed to succeed. Any ones that come up, I now own in which if I have to do any
conflict rolls with you, conflict between you and I only counts for whoever has narrative results
of a success or failure. So we haven’t played it too
much in the last game but I’m gonna try to be a little
better about it for this one. In the meantime, let me
tell you your circumstances. You are, well it’s been 10 days. You’ve been eating whatever preserved or canned goods you’ve
been able to hold onto and whatever fish you’ve
been able to catch. – So much chowder.
– So much chowder. And you know, the good news
is that somewhat archaic technology such as a propane
heater or even a wood fire, should you ever try to try
a wood fire on the boat, they will definitely
result in cooked food. Ironically the radio that
you have had on the boat, I will tell you one
fact, this is important. Lexi, when you got the boat after the
monoliths had arrived, the boat would not start at all. You had to go basically fish out a fresh battery and hook it up to the boat
in order for it to start. – Okay. – Okay? So, the boat does have
power which has been odd because you have ostensibly
been the one tiny blink of light in an
otherwise dismal and bleak darkness and even those crappy
fluorescent lights from those tiny little dash lights has
been some comfort and safety. But you’ve also been
using it so much that, you know, gas was out awhile ago and you only turn it on intermittently. In fact, really you’re trying to make sure to save the boat as much as you can so that you can go in the harbor and out. So you are on fumes at
this point for the boat and well, fish aren’t arriving anymore, so… – We’re on fumes as well.
– So you’re all on fumes. The boat’s on fumes and you are on fumes. What would you like to do? – Well, I don’t foresee us surviving much longer with zero food. So I would like to think that
the first order of business would be to do anything
we can to find some food. – Yeah. – So you want to head to the Bay? – Head into dock, yeah. – And go search for food?
– Yeah. – And I’m gonna put some
trust into Cameron here. He’s the local, he’s
also a food delivery man. So, maybe he’s got some sort of access to something that we don’t know. – I mean I know my way around the city. I don’t know of any place
offhand that has anything but– – But you can search.
– I can search. – Yeah, you can absolutely go and attempt to look for
food out on the Bay. Now the question is is this all together or is this kind of being
delegated at this point? – Well– – I feel like as a group,
we could be more powerful. – That’s one of the things we talked about in our
team building workshop. – Yeah, and trust, trusting people. – Trusting each other. – I feel like delegating it
would be the smarter choice so that nobody else can steal the boat. – I mean at this point,
there’s not much to steal. – As long as you’re okay with it. – It’s your boat.
– Yeah. – It’s not gonna get us that far. – It’s not like we can
get away with it, so. It’s staying here. – Look for food. – Cameron, you use that old noodle of
yours to see what’s around Fisherman’s Wharf at this point
to find what is necessary. So we got two ones, that will become mine. But one six is all you needed. – So many fives. – In order to make that work. So, you guys and ladies start walking inland and you’ve definitely at this point raided about as much as what you can
get right off of the docks. So at this point, you spend a good hour just getting inland enough to
try to find areas that are, or what you hope to be more fruitful. Instead what you find is the ruins of a completely looted and torn city. You’ve been on the boat
for a week now and you have been kept awake by the
screaming of people out on land. It has been part of your
nightmares that you’ve been holding onto but to see
the devastation up close, to see the paveways, the driveways, the buildings around, some of them are clearly leaning up
against other buildings in the high rise parts of San Francisco and what is spectacular to you is just how broken up the ground is. It looks like there was
just a massive earthquake and it just literally ripped
all of the dirt up and has left spires of concrete and
dust and dirt everywhere. So as you’re going inland, you are basically climbing craggy hills and a few times you have to stop yourself just to not fall down what has become like a small pitfall as two pieces of earth have essentially
split away from each other. But as a result, going inland, you manage to find a little bit of food. What do you find, Cameron? – I find a few cans of beans. I find some of those like bagged tuna. – Oh, yeah. – That are really gross. – Maybe some sardine tins as well too. – Yeah, like some mustard. – Yeah, great. Enough to at least have a
few meals off of, you know? And whether you choose to sit and indulge in that pleasure now or whether you wish to hold onto it and ration
it for later is up to you. – Later is better, we’re
out in the open here. – So do you want to keep going inland or would you like to go back to your boat? – Well, we know we can sit and relax on the boat for a little bit at least. – Mm hmm. – So it takes you about
another half an hour or so, since you know where the
boat is and you’ve got your landmarks in place and
you walk back to the boat and as you get close to the pier, something seems odd to you. You look down and you notice that the tide has receded. But more importantly, you’ve
noticed the tide has receded to a point where the boat, your boat is laying on the floor of the harbor coming out. The darkness doesn’t really
give you much of a breath. You can’t see currently
where the waterline is at but you can definitely smell the fresh seaweed and the smell
of a tide pool, right? And it just is encompassing your senses as both the sea salt and the smell of kelp and barnacles is just
assaulting your senses. – Okay, okay, okay, okay. (mumbling) What do we do? – Okay, so we have some food with us. If it’s okay with you, the boat is turned over essentially? – It’s flopped. It’s not only on its ridge,
but it’s tipped over. – Okay, yeah. – Is it, can we– – You may climb down the pier and get to the boat if you wanted to. – Could we do that and get inside just to keep us maybe so we’re– – I mean that seems more dangerous. – That seems dangerous. – If the tide comes back
in, we’re inside of– – Yeah. – Sure, sure, sure, sure. – It’s not overturned, it’s just– – No, it’s not. – Yeah, I mean, look I’m
originally from Mississippi. I don’t have a lot of
experience on the oceans. – Well it’s up to you, if
you would like to climb down to the boat, I will
consider that fairly dangerous. It’s not life-threatening
by any circumstances but it is something that I
would like to see a roll from. Otherwise if you’re fine just
leaving the boat where it is, then you can go along your merry way. – Where can we stay? – We can just sit on the
pier and eat something. Come up with a better solution. – I don’t like being in the open. I don’t like just sitting out here. – But I’d rather be on the pier
than sitting on the street. – Or inside the boat. – We could try to climb one of these fire escapes nearby just
so we’re off the ground. – I like that better. – And get on top of one of the buildings. At least we can see what’s happening. – Or inside or something,
something off the ground. – So you guys would like to try to enter into one of the
buildings that’s on the Wharf so that you can get a
higher purchase and see– – Yeah.
– What is around you. Great, enough. So, I think in that circumstances, it was your idea. So, let’s see a reasonable roll. (dice rattling) – I hope that we will
see a reasonable roll. – Two sixes. – Two sixes and only one one.
– And a one. Which I will take. Actually I think in this circumstances, I’m going to voluntarily, normally we would not give
away narrative control but I think I’m very curious as to hearing how you get ahold of a high purchase. So I’m willing to
relinquish it over to you. Tell me how you get somewhere that has a higher vantage point. – Well, along the piers, there is the station, the taller building.
– Right. – I forget if it has a bell tower on it. – Yes.
– Yeah. – It’s the pier thing
that has this little spire in the middle and it does
this kinda thing, yeah. I can’t remember what it’s called. – I walk along those buildings until I can find a fire escape. – Okay, yeah. – And work my way up to the top. – So maybe Cameron or
Lib gives you a boost up so that you can grab the fire escape and shoonk it down because
they’re for reason, usually outside of normal reach. – Yeah. – But you grab this and
the wrenching of metal on metal in this kind of quiet atmosphere that you mostly live in is just… (screeching) As it just slaps down but
you slowly take the rungs one by one as you climb up the fire
escape and lead to the roof. – I wanna, is it possible to
pull it back up after we go? – Absolutely.
– I do that. – Yes, so you pull the
fire escape up with you. It’s awkward using these kind of muscles after so long but you
lift it and you let it naturally lash to where it is. And you sit and you look upon a darkened Bay and the light of the moon is so bright that as you’re up there,
you can actually see a lot of the Bay laid out in front of you and it’s so bright that it’s almost as if someone has put a dim,
soft light over everything and you can actually see
as far as to what your eye can perceive with what
relative dark vision you have, the water has receded for miles. – I don’t know, yeah. No, I’m glad we didn’t go down there. – There’s no life down there,
I don’t see any face of life? – It’s difficult to tell, especially with the dark light
but you do see some figure, some, what could be life strewn around. Whether it’s small flashes of movement. It’s incredibly hard to
tell and there is actually, I will say this, there
is actually distinctly something quite large in the water that seems to be very far out. – In the Bay or in the water? – In the Bay. – In the dried out Bay?
– In the dried out Bay. You can definitely see a large
object in the dried out Bay fairly far into where, into the coastline or
what was the coastline. – Is it moving? – It is moving, ever so lightly. Yeah. – Any guesses as to what that is? – I think maybe it’s like,
it might be a whale– – Yeah, I was thinking a whale that’s– – Yeah, something
beached, got inland, yeah. – I mean is it alive, do you think it’s– – It’s moving.
– It’s moving. – But it could be just with– – Maybe. – I can’t tell, I can’t see.
– I don’t want to go check. – No, it’s not like we can
do anything to help it. – I don’t think we can
push the boat out that far. – No.
– No. Okay. So, let’s eat something and then
figure out our next move. – Yep, so you enjoy your bagged tuna and sardines. – It kinda brings me back to
home when I was growing up. – Oh yeah? – Yeah, we used to eat sardines like this all the time as kids. When you grow up, you don’t have much. You know?
– Yeah. – You gotta deal with it. Almost like right now.
– Yeah. – Dealing with the right now and Cameron, when you left the boat, did you bring that photograph with you? – Yeah, I always have it with me. – Would you look at it now
and maybe describe it for me? – Yeah. So I take out like a folded,
well-worn piece of paper and it has printed on it this image of what is being said
is one of these things. – In fact the image is a photocopy of some kind of developed film not unlike the photos that we have
here for all of you. But it is clearly a copied over version of this photo and
this photo is just of a man who is standing in like
a T-pose and he seems to be orating or at least he’s talking and there is columns of dirt
being flung up around him and what appears to be
these weird, wiry forms and people are speculating
because it has been passed around that this
is the best photo of them that is out there at the moment, even though most of the photo
is taken up by this man. – Yeah. – Yeah, it’s definitely a very bizarre thing to have and I can’t
stop thinking about it. – You had to trade quite a bit for it– – Yeah, yeah.
– As well too. – I needed to know, I want to
know what these things are. – What do you think you gain
from that photo, looking at it? – I gained an extreme dislike
for being on solid ground. – Cool. – ‘Cause if they’re underground, I don’t want to be on the ground. – Got it. All right, duly noted. – Or at least not staying in
one place on solid ground. – Sure. So, anything else you would like to touch upon or go into before the meal is said done and you tell me what your next steps are? – So does that photo look familiar to me? – Not for you.
– I mean, does it look like what snatched– – Oh. You know, that’s tough to
tell because when it happened for you, you weren’t in
the room when it happened. You heard the screams and it was suddenly a hole in the concrete bunker and you know, it didn’t even really make
a hole like it came through, there was just a pile of
rubble inside and he was gone. – Okay. – The true thought, I mean
your imagination can do wondrous things when it comes
to inferring what it is. And also it depends on how much Cameron has been sharing this
information with you as well too. – Yeah. – Where did the photo come from? – Well, where’d you get it? – When all this started happening, I heard about it, there were rumors, people talking about what was going on and I heard rumors that someone had taken a photograph and that they had, someone had tried to spread the word. They had photocopied it onto
a bunch of little leaflets and passed ’em around but
there weren’t that many. Maybe they got taken before they could distribute a lot of them. – He has one of the few ones. – And I had to, I gave up something really important to get one of these because I needed, I wanted to know and I wanted to see what it was so that I could, so it could be, it could make sense. – So it could be real to you.
– Yeah. Because otherwise it’s just people disappearing. There’s no cause, it’s just
an effect without a cause. – What did you give up? – I gave up something my mom
gave me when I was a kid. It was one of those plastic disk things that have the little metal ball in it. Like the puzzle games
and I had just had it forever but the guy that I got this from was, I don’t think he was, it had affected him. He didn’t want money
or anything like that. He wanted something that
meant something to me. I think it was more important that I give up something to
get this to him than it was actually giving
him something he needed. – Rough. – So, I did that. – Like you traded a part of you to get a part of them.
– Yeah. – Did you always carry that
around with you or was that new? – The picture– – The little thing from your mom. – No, I always carried that with me. Yeah. – Do you mind if I look at the picture? – Yeah, don’t– – I don’t have to touch it.
– Don’t drop it, though. Yeah, you can, just don’t lose it. – It’s not too hard to see
by the light of the moon. It is clearly a photocopy of a photo but it is distinct and there is something in those columns of dirt
that are being flown up and it does not look like
anything you’ve ever seen and part of your imagination wants to put that together and wonder if this is what it looked like moments
before he was taken. – I’m gonna hand it back to you. – Thanks. I put it back in my pocket. – No boat. You’ve eaten the food
that you’ve scavenged. – Well, we don’t have a place anymore. It doesn’t look like we have access to our semi-consistent
food source anymore. – So we don’t have much of anything– – No.
– Anymore. – No, we don’t. – We are completely out of options. – Well, there are options. You could go inland if you want. You could follow the coast just to see what’s going on with this inland tide. You could go into the water or what was once the water to
investigate things further. It just depends on how you
want to spend your time. – Well I’m a little concerned about going inland and you
seem to have a little bit more knowledge about them than I do. – Yeah.
– Hence the photo. – That’s the extent of my
knowledge, that I have a photo. A blurry, blurry photo. – It seems like being on the
water was safe for awhile. So maybe just staying on the
coastline is a good idea. – I’m concerned about going inland. If we’re low to the
ground and we’re walking through the city and stuff like
that and these things are– – Sure. – I don’t know what’s
sparking them to come. – No, I don’t want to go inland. – I don’t either.
– I don’t. But I also don’t want to just
be walking on the ground. – Yeah, I’d rather, if
we can find a way to be up higher. – Maybe we can find our way
into an apartment or something. Something that we could maybe break into or something to have a place. – Is there a lighthouse we could find? – Or perhaps like a bridge
we could get to maybe. – I mean is the Golden Gate still– – Yes, the Golden Gate is. I mean, the last time you saw it. It is a dark world, you
cannot see where you are. But you being familiar with the area know where the Golden
Gate Bridge would be. – There’s the Golden Gate
and there’s the Bay Bridge. – Do you want to head to
one of those landmarks? – Golden Gate doesn’t necessarily lead to anything directly
at the other end. There’s just tunnels and hills and a few places, a few houses. – I feel like tunnels will put
us in a really vulnerable– – Yeah. – The Bay Bridge leads
right over to Oakland which then puts us in
another metropolitan area. – Tall buildings.
– Tall buildings. – At least being on the bridge,
at least we’re above water. – You’re correct. – If you want to get somewhere high, maybe we could go to Coit Tower. – Yeah. – I didn’t get to see that but– – Hey. – But it’s high up.
– Sure, that’s– – One way to do it I guess.
– Yeah, right? – So it sounds like you are interested in finding a monument that could keep you, a monument and-or building that keeps you off of the level floor and you know, is still not so far inland that you have to travel large distances. – Yeah, right. – Then, I say at this point, do you wanna go with the
Bay Bridge or go with, because the Bay Bridge will
probably be a little farther away from where you are
currently from Fisherman’s Wharf. You could find a building probably presumably closer to the water or you can go for the Bay Bridge. – I mean, Golden Gate seems like a good idea to me. There’s a lot of, yeah, there’s more high rises
closer to the water that direction than there
is towards the Bay Bridge. – All right, so off to the Golden Gate. So, you begin walking and you continue to walk and the broken ground in front of you, every crunch of the torn up concrete below your feet just
echoes off of your senses as you continue to make
footfalls going into the city. Occasionally you’ll hear a stray gunshot, just a single (faint booming). It seems to be somewhere
off in the distance but it’s so far away, it’s hard to tell really which direction it’s
coming from and minus that, it is eerily quiet as you
continue to walk through the city. At some point, you get to an area where clearly one of the large high rise buildings has toppled and has cut literally a huge portion of downtown San Francisco in half, basically laying its,
now that it’s horizontal, five or six stories in front of you and seems to be laid out 20
or 30 stories on either side. It’s directly in front of your path. So you would either have
to go around or through. – Okay. Well–
– If we go through, we can probably see if there’s anything in there we can collect. – That’s true.
– Supplies, anything. – We can maybe even, I don’t know how we can even do it but
get to higher ground, even in the building.
– Exactly. ‘Cause it’s not gonna topple again. – I mean true, it may be unstable inside. – Structurally, it’s not
supposed to be sitting like that. – Yeah, and also the
fall could have damaged supporting walls and things like that that could fall through into, but– – It would be faster than–
– It would be faster. – So, the first thing to conquer
on a toppled building is the mountains of glass that has shattered from a high rise building
falling like this and laid out in front of it. Who is going to go first? – To smash the glass? – To walk through the glass? – To go through the glass and I mean there will be no shortage
of broken windows. But who is venturing
into the building first? Is what I’m trying to ask. – I can do it, I can go in. (dice rattling) – One six and one one. How many are in there, three, six? I will take four, see if I get any sixes. I do not. Cameron, would you like
to take narrative control and tell me how you find
your way into this building? – Okay, so I go up to the building and everything’s, there’s kind of a hill
of what looks like rubble and broken stone and
things like that kinda leading up to an area
where there is a big, looks like what was once
a sliding glass door to an apartment that’s partially busted. – Right. – So I’m gonna go over and try and, I’m gonna put my foot on it to try and gently push the glass in. – So you feel this push and– – Just adding a little bit
more pressure at a time. – You just hear something give, clunk, and you watch as it just whoosh, slaps down and this was reinforced plexi on this sliding glass door,
not like a window pane and you kinda watch it and it (wobbling) more than it shatters as it kind of falls and then actually at this
point would tumble down. It’s fallen down and it would tumble down about five or six feet
to the nearest wall. – Wall, yeah.
– Where it is. And you peek your head inside and can see, it’s almost like a scene from “Inception.” Just this living space
that has been turned on its side and everything
that wasn’t nailed down or bolted down is basically
lying on one side of the wall. – And so is there any sharp edges or anything that’s still in this frame or is it safe? – No, you move the entire door frame out. – Great, okay, I look down
at everybody and I go, “I’m gonna check it out really quick “and I’ll signal you guys
to come back up, just, “don’t be, hide maybe, I don’t know. “Don’t stand out in the open.” – What do you want us to
say if we see anything? How do you want us to let you know? – Let’s all stay together actually. – Yeah, I like that idea.
– I don’t want him to go by himself.
– Yeah, let’s go. That was stupid. – We all crawl up the rubble
and Cameron having this, trying to be a leader but having also a tough time trying to make
a decision kind of moment. You all rally to him to
kind of bring yourself up and you all look down
the five or six foot drop where all of the accoutrements
are now laying as well too and you can see the door frame which is across from you about 10 to 15 feet and down about another five or six feet. – So, we have a way in. It just has a more than dangerous ball pit at the bottom of the drop. – Are we supposed to just slide down? – I think we could, some of us could
lower some of us down. – Who’d like to be lowered down first? – Probably… – I can go. – You probably.
– You maybe, yeah. – Great, you know what’s coming. (dice rattling) – Oh no. – So there’s one one and zero successes. Which means unless you’d like to attempt to re-roll this one with one
of your virtues and vices, this scene is over. Three, two, you’d have to do the top one. – Oh, I have to do the top one? – Yes. – I didn’t know this was in an order. – Yeah, well you can put it
in whatever order you want. We’ll have that opportunity
now as this scene ends. So, (laughing), we have some truths to speak.
– Oh god. – About the scene coming up. The good news is you’re
back up to nine dice. – Okay. – But we need to speak of some truths that are now part of this world. The first one is the world is dark. The second one will be spoken by Lexi, who unfortunately failed the conflict roll in this circumstances. So do you mind telling
me a truth of this story? And it can be immediate,
it can be flash-forwardy. It is just a truth of this story, it is a truth of this world. It can be about the circumstances or it could be about
the moment as well too. – Okay. – Would you like to give me an example to kinda help, to start the thing off? – Maybe. The building is stable. – The building is stable, that is a truth. Okay. Cameron? – The building that we’re entering into is darker than the outside. – That is a truth. Three. – Is it all about the building? – It does not have to be.
– Oh, okay. – Circumstances or the situation. Both can apply in this situation. – There are starting to be loud noises coming from far away, indiscernible ones. – Good. Five. – We don’t know how to
get to the other side. – Excellent. Five, five. The, you stole mine, yeah you did. – I’m sorry. – The ball pit below you is filled with sharp objects. Six. (laughing) I know. – Am I allowed to add to your? – By all means. – There’s a couch on top
of the sharp objects. – Cool, all right. – Yes.
– Seven. – I didn’t go first on purpose. – Cool, that’s a good truth. – I feel really guilty. – Okay, that is a truth, absolutely. – I miss my kids. – Yeah, I think that’s a
given but we’ll take it. So we’ll keep it, it also
establishes you have kids. Great, so now we will
start this scene with nine and I’m going to wrestle
narrative control from you and I will say that Cameron,
as you are lowering Lexi down, it was less a deliberate slip or anything important as more it was just being completely unfamiliar
with being on your side. So while you are attempting
to bring her down, put her feet against the wall, her sudden weight actually
toppled you forward and I’m so sorry for what I’m
about to do to you right now, your legs kind of split
and you fell onto the grind in the between as you held on to yourself, as you kinda toppled over and you’re able to catch and support yourself but Lexi toppled and after doing kind of a, not a, like a quarter-twist flip, basically landed on the back of her neck and the top of her back on the couch and you kinda feel the wind
being knocked out of you as you impact onto this
thing as hard as you can and you do feel your legs
kinda roll off onto it and it’s kinda settling
in the debris somewhere. But you are terrified because right now you can’t take a breath. You’re just gasping for air at this point. – Lexi, are you all right? Are you okay? – Maybe. – You, yeah? – Can you take your shirt off and I can take my jacket off and
we can tie ’em together? We can get her out if we both pull her up. – But we’re going through here, aren’t we? That was the whole point. – We can’t, I mean we can’t just– – She’s about five or six feet down. – It’s not that long.
– It’s not that far. It’s not that far.
– That’s not far. – Yeah. It’s enough so that it hurt like a son of a bitch when you fell
on it but it wasn’t– – Far enough.
– Yeah, far enough. – Well we’re not leaving her. – No, we’re not leaving her but do we, I mean she’s down there already. What if we just continue and go in? – I don’t see what choice we have. Lexi, do you see anything
down there that we don’t see? – Just to be clear, it
knocks the wind out of you but that’s one of the
reasons it was so hard to take a breath is that
your body has basically just lost all of its capacity
to take a breath for a second. So after a few terrifying moments while they’re talking about
whether to leave you or not, you basically are able to
re-rotate your body so that you can feel this shaky breath
come back inside of you. – Are you alive? – Yeah, yeah, I’m good. – Okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay.
– Okay. Let’s not do something
like that again, guys. – Look around and see. – It is pitch black in this building. The light that you are getting is from the hole that Cameron made as a result of this plexi door and (chuckles) the moonlight that
you’re getting is almost like a shaft of light that’s actually beaming through this otherwise entirely black interior. You can’t even see an inch in
front of your face right now. – I can’t see anything. – Okay, this isn’t gonna work,
we can’t go through here. There may be stuff we can
use in there but if we can’t see anything and I mean
we don’t have any lights. – That wasn’t one of your truths. – No. – And I don’t think I can even reach the cabinets to look for things. – You could, if it’s what you want to do. – I mean I’m down here, I might
as well look for supplies. – There might be matches
or a lighter or anything. – Okay, how about this. If you can go and look for stuff, you two or one of us goes down and waits right at the base of where we dropped her so she can have somebody
to find her way back to and then the two of us up
here can pull them back up. – I’ll go to her.
– Okay. – It’s a five or six foot drop. Is there anything I can climb? – We have a team-building thing where we hold onto people by our forearms. – You slept on that well. – But no, at this point
since they attempted to lower down five or six
feet, you could definitely grasp ahold of the side and then drop down that five or six feet
without too much problem but you will be on the debris field. So I’m okay with that, I’m still gonna want a conflict roll just to kinda just, you’d be on an incredibly unstable surface but you are starting back
with nine dice again. – I was pretty athletic growing up. – I’m less worried about
you lowering yourself down, I’m more worried about the
stuff you’re walking on. (dice rattling) – All right. God, be with me. – No ones, several sixes. – Okay. – All right. – It doesn’t prove anything is real but, right.
– Much more graceful than my entry. – Lib, you deftly kind of Spider-Man style, just lift yourself up to the other side and you lower yourself onto the fun time ball pit. – Lexi, comin’ for ya. – And the first thing you hear is actually cracking of glass. (crackling) As your weight is now put
upon presumably something but then you also manage
to find the plexiglass door that was kicked in my Cameron and that actually gives you enough level footing in order to kinda find
where Lexi is in the dark and Lexi, yeah, is it time to start sorting through the rubble a little bit? What are you looking for? – I’m looking for cans of food if there’s any that may have fallen out of cabinets. – Right. – I’m looking for– – Maybe a flashlight. – Weapons.
– First aid. – Right.
– First aid. Anything that– – You are reaching blind in the dark. I would like to see what happens. – Maybe some pills. (laughing) Nothing to do with my character though. ♪ Better living through chemistry ♪ All right, two ones.
– Two ones but there’s also a six in there. – Yeah. I don’t have enough to roll these yet, so why don’t you take over for a second and tell me what happens here? – While I’m gingerly touching rubble, I find something that’s not super sharp that I can use to push–
– Stuff away. – Push stuff away while also lightly tapping so not to get stabbed
by any of this broken glass and I can find some canned fruit, like those peaches. I’m able to find some like half-empty ibuprofen bottle. Maybe, what else do people
keep in their kitchens? A knife. – Oh, just like a regular,
what you use to prepare? – Yeah, regular kitchen knife. – I think that sounds like quite enough. – I was gonna keep going
if you didn’t stop me. And I find a flashlight. – Well I will say, especially
since I know I’m excited about the prospect of you
going through this building, I know you’ve had several
opportunities to earn a flashlight at this point, if you would
like to earn a flashlight– – I’d love to earn a flashlight. – Can she please earn a flashlight? – I will at least give you one of those chunky, wide beam ones that use
the giant D batteries. – Nice.
– That are inside of it and what you actually find, and this is very important so I’m going to mention it for those
who were paying attention, is that the tab, it’s brand new. So it had batteries installed into it and you had to pull the
tab for it to turn on. – So we know we have it for awhile. – And we can always put the tab back in. – Fantastic. – I put that in my pocket.
– Okay. – Flashlight tab in my pocket. – Okay, flashlight tab in your pocket. So now you, I would like to
paint this picture for you. – Sure.
– As you can hear kind of Lexi rummaging around, you
suddenly see like a voom, like a huge beam of light wash over you as you kind of in the pitch black are now being hit by this wide beam of light. – I’ve got good news. – Yeah, we see that, wonderful. – Sorry, I didn’t know where you were. I didn’t mean to blind you.
– No, it’s great, we’re happy. – Did you see any other
batteries though down there? – No.
– Okay. – I’m looking away from
the building up at the top. I’m watching behind where we came. – Where you came from.
– Yeah. – Okay, that sound that Valerie described, you are aware of it now. It’s more like you feel
it than you hear it. – Especially since it’s so quiet. – So what’s next, everybody? – I guess we gotta get out of this room. – Let’s get outta this building. – Okay.
– Are we moving on? – The only really way we know
out is the way we came in. – But we have light now. – Yeah.
– That’s true. – Which means we can go through. – Yeah and the door’s like right there. – Let’s do that.
– All right. – Okay.
– Great. So you manage to get to the door without a whole lot of kerfuffle. Everyone kinda comes down, especially with the light
it’s so much easier. Lib’s there to lower you
down, Valerie and you Cameron, a lot easier to bring you down
and as you get to the door, you have the knob in
front of you and you kinda twist the knob and you can feel the weight of the door kind of
take itself as it falls to the outside as it kind of
just on its hinges, whoom. In fact, the weight of
the movement is so strong that you actually see a
moment where one of the hinges just kind of (thuds) just knocks off like someone hit it with just a mule kick and you kinda hear as it wham, just right across the back of the
building and since you are ostensibly only at the end apartment on one of these tall
buildings, you can look down, ’cause you’re in the
hallway for this whole area at the moment and you can
look down and it’s only about five or six feet
before you see just rubble, just rubble laid out in front of you. But you can point the
beam up and you can see all the way out into the hallway
with various little pricks of things that are obstructing
or pushing itself in the way but you’re looking about five
or six stories straight up. – Okay. – This is really unsettling.
– Yeah. Okay. How do we do this, how do we? – Well luckily it’s much shorter down. – Yeah, until we go up higher. – There is also across. – Across.
– Yes. – Go to the apartment across the hall. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay and is that door closed? (laughing) – It is not closed.
– Okay. – It is closed, that’s
what I meant to say. – It is closed, got it. – It is closed.
– It is closed, okay. – How wide is the building? So if we’re making our way across– – It was difficult to tell because you obviously were looking at one side. – Yeah.
– Of the building into it. But from where you are, if I imagine it being a
large apartment building kind of a situation and if it is, I mean it’s not gonna be thin or skinny. It’s probably gonna be more like a square or oblong, the way it is. So this building in front of you or this apartment in front of you would not lead to the
other side of the building. – We’d still have to go through several. – Okay, is the door like recessed into an alcove
or is it flush with the wall? – It is recessed into an alcove. – Okay and the distance between our door and the edge of that alcove? – Is, I won’t say a hallway
length, is about four feet. – Okay, all right. Okay, so maybe we get across
to that other apartment and see what its situation’s like. Maybe some of the walls have come down in there, maybe
there’s a way through. If not, we’ll figure that
out when we get there. – Yeah.
– Yeah. I mean we can at least
see what’s in there. If there’s anything else–
– We can’t go up. I mean going down is–
– Yeah. – So through.
– Yeah. – Who wants to make a tiny
jump, about four feet? – I’m not going first this time. – I’m happy to do it, I just you know, you guys all saw my skills, so. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – You ready to go? – I can do this, guys. – I’ve got the flashlight.
– Thank you. – Lighting your way. – Hang on. Okay. A little tightness. – Oh yeah, okay. – But I’m good, I’m good. Okay, God be with me. – Damn.
– And again He is. – It doesn’t mean He’s real.
– No ones. – It doesn’t mean He’s real
but I’m glad you’re alive. – Yeah, two sixes, no ones. Let me see if I can seize
narrative control of this? But nope. Lib, why don’t you tell me
exactly how this happens? – Well, it’s a four feet jump to
an alcove, into the alcove. So what I do is Lexi, I have Lexi flash all the area so I can see, kinda get
an idea of my bearings and where we are and what the jump’s gonna look like and where my
landing’s gonna look like. Of course I take a nice stretch. And then I rev myself up here.
– Right. – Take a long jump.
– Yeah. – Over the four feet, land into the alcove and plant my arms against the– – Cool.
– Wall there. – So you basically have either side of– – Yeah.
– The alcove that’s attached onto you and you can see the
door handle right above you. – Right above me. So what I do is I keep
my hand planted on it and just twist the doorknob. – And actually because
when you twisted it, it would slide down
and you’d hold onto it. – Yeah. – And basically you’re now
kinda sandwiched in between the door jam and the door and Lexi, you can basically shoot right through it and look into the next room. Now, when this door opens, because
it is right above you, you have a moment in
which you basically feel huge amounts of pressure
placed down upon you and you can also see the tumbling of items just (crashing) as they just cascade out from that room on there
and it occasionally will make an impact and
it will press you up against the wall a little more
but after everything settles, Lexi, you shoot yourself
right through and you poke around and you can actually
see pretty far down. I mean the other wall is there and where the balcony was, there is a wall but that wall is shot to shit as far as structural capacity goes. – What do you guys see? ‘Cause I can’t. – There’s a wall, we might be able to break through it but I don’t know what that would do for the stuff above us. – Are you all right,
can you get outta there? – You lift the door a
little bit and it actually feel like some of the
weight that’s on you. – Yeah. – I mean it’s pinning you. You’re pushing it up but something is creating a bit of a
fulcrum and now it’s almost like it’s pinned you in
that situation a little bit. Like you can lift on it but something is jamming you a little bit. Like a leg got caught in between the jam. – Okay, yeah I mean I’m not real sure how I’m gonna get out
of this situation but I think if I can, is there a way I can break the door off the jam and maybe create
some sort of like, if it falls the other way, they can cross? – Okay, so if I’m hearing you correctly, you basically want to try to shove this door off of its hinge. ‘Cause it’s in front of you.
– Yes. – You’ve got the floor kind
of to your right a little bit. You can see the linoleum
that’s kind of laid out to the side of you and
then much, much farther is the ceiling and you’ve
got this door who has flopped onto its hinge in
front of you kind of waist-up. – Yeah. – And you want to try to rip it right off so that it
can fall down, right? – Yeah, I mean the idea I would like to think would be to get it to where I can create a way that they can get across. – To the other door.
– Oh, I see. Ooh man, that’s gonna
be a feat of strength to literally pop it off its hinge, rotate it and then make a
plank out of it, so to speak. – I don’t know how else to get them over. – Yeah, well unless they all want to jump. So it’s one die roll or three, however you’re feeling about it. – What’s the length of the jump again? – Four feet.
– Four feet. – Four feet? – Yeah. – It’s not that long. – It’s not that long.
– Not that far. – No, and in fact at this point, if you don’t mind me saying, we could be in a situation
where if you held the door up to a certain point, they
would gain an extra two feet. They could essentially
do a long step over. – Then I would just be supporting. – You’d have to like full
blown support the weight of these people as they’re walking across. – Well maybe the first person that comes can, I don’t know, can they get
in a position to help me? – They’d have to go
underneath where you are and if they’re trying to go
over to get into the building, it’d be like the equivalent
of you’re the stone, right? And they’d have to go under
the water to be another stone or they could leapfrog from
the point to the other. So it’s completely up to you. Also you could be in a position where all of you can basically,
I mean we’ve got the light, you’ve opened the door, that is a conflict but for the purposes of this story, I would not punish you if you wanted to basically hold these
up and then have people long step ’cause it’s
probably just gonna be for just a second while
they make their next step. – I think I can handle it.
– Yeah, okay. – The door’s gonna support
most of the weight. – Door’s gonna support most of the weight. You are the, you know, the brace so to speak in this situation.
– Yeah. – Yeah, let’s play that out. – So I can do this. – So Lib puts his back
up against the wall. What do you want to say to ’em? – “Okay guys, this is the plan. “I think what I can do is
I can bring the door up “just enough where you guys can jump “and you don’t have to make the full jump. “You can just kinda bounce one step “and then into the apartment.” – Okay.
– All right. – All right, yeah.
– You guys, can you handle that?
– Yeah, yeah. – Yeah, can you handle that?
– Yeah. – Yeah, I think so. – Okay.
– Okay. – We’ll find out.
– Yeah. – So you brace the door up.
– Yeah. – And then you kind of feel as each one, Lexi, Cameron, Valerie, each one kind of has their weight on the
door for just a second before they ostensibly leap into the next and this one is again circumstances in which the floor is the way that it is, both of you, well at least
two of you can be able to just immediately go to
either side of the door and be on either the side facing the ceiling or the side facing the floor. It’s mostly about what’s gonna happen with the last person through because they don’t really have a place to go unless they’re literally rolling on top of one of you. And yes, yes, is that how it works? Yes, ’cause you’d be coming
in and theoretically have to stand up against a wall
depending on where that wall is. – Yeah, right inside the door so that we’re laying on like a
ledge sort of situation. – Yes.
– Yeah, okay. – Kind of a situation. – So there’s no way they could catch and do a catch and hold type thing? – Yeah, I mean it’s just, I mean again, the physics
of this is all really funky and even I’m trying to wrap my
head around it in a big way. So let’s just say that all three of you do get into the sideways
building in front of you to the point of where one of the walls is close enough to where the door jam is that you could all ostensibly walk along this wall that would lead to a
wall that is across from you. – Great. – There is junk and shit everywhere. But let’s leave it there, shall we? – Okay.
– Cool. – So you’re all now in
this disheveled apartment that not unlike the room that you left was a kitchen-living room
setup that you went into and even though you didn’t
explore the other rooms, that’s kind of what you’re seeing here. Everything turned on its side. You can see above you,
you can actually see a 55 inch flat panel that’s
still bolted to the wall just hanging right above you
like a chandelier midway down. So what would you like to do? – You said the wall inside the apartment was broken down or is it the– – So the wall–
– The one across, okay. – That Lexi was looking through, it looks cracked and disheveled and upon further investigation,
depending on how much time you want to spend
inside of this building, you go and Valerie, as
Lexi’s shining the light, you kind of look over
there and you can see that the wall’s broken and
you could crawl through. There’s enough holes that you could do it. – To the next apartment? – To the next apartment.
– Okay. – But it’s gonna be a tight squeeze. – What kind of a hole,
how big is it exactly? – We’re talking spelunking size. – Okay. – Yeah, and there is drywall and you know, asbestos, not asbestos, sorry. – Insulation.
– Insulation. – It’s probably asbestos. – That’s probably more than anything how you can get through it is you basically have seen enough broken support, like just the frame way in between it that you could probably and you know, if you wanted to you could probably try to reach your hands through to see if you can get through the other side, through the insulation
into the other apartment. – Can I try to break it open more with some debris that I find?
– Oh yeah, yeah. That sounds a little dangerous though, so why don’t you roll for it? (laughs) (dice rattling) – God is with you. You see? – Okay, I will take those
three ones but you did succeed. Absolutely, unless you would like to use a virtue to try to re-roll these. That’s up to you, or whatever
is on the top of your stack. – Is that what I should do, or? – It’s up to you, you can save
it for later if you want to. – What do you guys think I should do? – Three dice is a lot but– – It’s really up to you. – But you did succeed. – And if I burn one, then
I just re-roll those? – You just re-roll the threes
and you never get that back. – I never get the success back, or? – You never get that
virtue and-or vice back. – Oh, gotcha. – It’s a one time use. – Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. – Three. Two. – And what’s the significance
if she does burn this? – She has to find whatever the context of the story is, which one was on top? Cold. How would you like to be
cold in this situation in order to apply it to the story? – Oh, is that what it is? – Oh yeah. – Cold, I think I just,
in order to succeed– – And you get narration rights over this. You get to tell me how you break this wall to make it a little
easier to squeeze through. – I gotcha. – But I also want you to tell
me how you’re cold about it. – Well the thing of it
is is that Lib here, it was his idea, he found a broken chair leg that was really sturdy
and had the idea to do it. But I had already said it
before and nobody heard me and so I wanted to do, it wanted to do it because he gets the credit for everything and so I grab it from him and we have like a tug of war for a minute and
finally I shout at his face. – What do you shout at his face? – I shout that I never
should have slept with him. – Great, and then you start whacking that thing as hard as you possibly can and you just tear that wall apart. – I can’t believe you just said that. – Well there’s no time
like the present, right? I am, I regret it. I’ve regretted it the last three days. – So you’ve made a reasonable size hole. You could re-roll these now. If they’re anything other than
a one, they don’t go away. (dice rattling) – She was just kidding, guys. – What?
– I’m sure. – Hmm? I didn’t hear anything. – Okay. – This passageway that you make from tearing into this wall is now big enough
to where you won’t have to compromise any kind of
conflict by squeezing through. – Right. – Right. So… – You can be mad at me or you can climb through the goddamn wall. – I’m gonna go through the wall. – Yeah, go, yeah.
– Do you want help? – Yeah, yeah, I’d love to– – Get me through.
– Yeah, let’s go. You first.
– You guys can go first. – Yeah. – So Lexi, you start to brush away as much insulation and drywall as you can and you kinda have to use your elbow to nudge it through to punch through the rest of the drywall
but you make a hole from the hole that Valerie had created and you find yourself again in complete blackness as you are– – Flashlight.
– Yeah. In not an unlike, similar situation. In fact, this apartment
which again this building has the same layout for
every single one of these, it feels just like another high rise San Francisco scummy apartment. – All right. – I’m gonna follow after
her through the hole. – There’s one thing though, Lexi, that’s unique about this
apartment, what is it? – It’s a studio. – It’s a studio, okay, it’s a big studio and it has a loft ceiling. (laughing) – All right.
– All right. So you get in but really
what that means for you is that to your left,
which is where the ceiling would be coming through,
it goes down quite a bit and then actually to your point, the pile of stuff that
has accumulated in front along the side is big enough that you have to start climbing over things in order to get back to where the
door is on the other side. So all of you push through and that’s when you start to
hear cracking underneath you. – Everybody– – I’m gonna get off the ground, stand on something, climb on something. – What’s around right now, is there? – Just careful, guys. – It’s a pile of things and right now the cracking that you hear underneath you is more like the drywall
underneath your feet as you kind of are feeling and you watch and it’s like spider webs
as just it (cracking) and as you put one foot
down and kinda feel it start to buckle underneath
you just a little bit and you notice that all of
the things that are in front of you, the fact that you’re
in this part of the building, all of the things in front of you are putting a lot of weight
on this wall right now. – Across the way, looking to the other side of the apartment, is there a door? Because there would be
the front door over there? – It’s a studio front door because again, the floor is to your right. So it would be in front of you. – Over there.
– And it could be, yes and it could be a little down. Like it could be a little to your left and then cut across into
it or it could be, yeah. – Now from, okay, I know the ground isn’t that far below us
because of where the thing was. I book it across the floor.
– Okay. – I shoot across the room trying– – Shoot across the room, all right. Let’s dive straight for the door. (dice rattling) Wow. Three sixes. Jeez.
– Nice work. – Let me see if I can
wrest narrative control, which I doubt it, one six so
absolutely no circumstances. Please Cameron, tell me. – Okay, so I’m standing
at the top of the pile of debris right after
we came out of the wall and I start seeing the spider
webbing floor go and I don’t, I think I just need to
get out to the other side, I need to get out, this was
a bad idea being in here. – Yeah. – And so I just, as fast as I can, I sprint down the hill and I shoot and I’m kind of leap frogging between– – You actually have to make
a little bit of a leap. – Yeah. – I would think you actually have to make a little bit of a leap just
to get up to where it is and you grab the door handle
that’s right above you as you make this leap and you
feel it as the weight just, well no, you just hold onto it because all the doors open out. – Yeah. – So you’re just holding onto it right now as you’re dangling from the doorknob. – Yeah.
– And Lexi, you watch him as like
a shadow in the night just like leaps up and
then you hear a voom as his body just impacts against
the wall on the other side. – I got the door. – Can you open it, is it opening? – Can I put my feet on the
wall and twist the door handle? – Yeah, yeah. – Okay, I’m gonna do that. Hoping there’s nothing on
the other side of the door. – Okay. – I shine the light at
the door, just in case. Just in case anything happens.
– Yeah. – Do I want this, do I wanna this, you just did a roll, I want another one. – Oh man. Oh my god. – One one, no successes. – No successes. – Oh no. – Okay so, okay, I know what happens. Unfortunately, this scene ends and we now have to speak some more truths about
what made Cameron jump. All right, so we are back to eight dice and we have eight truths to speak. Cameron, we’re gonna start with you. First, the world was dark. – This building is dark. – Second, Cameron? – I’m terrified of that noise. – Got it. – And I’m trying to get away. – That sounds like a fair truth. – Yeah.
– Valerie? – Cameron only cares about himself. – That sounds like a truth. Lib? – If he opens that door, something’s gonna, something’s gonna fall in and we don’t know what’s
gonna happen next. – Something’s going to fall. If he opens that door,
something is going to fall. (sighing) You are not safe from them. – They’re what is causing
the floor to crack. – And finally Cameron, you get the sixth. No, we have seven, sorry. We have eight.
– Eight. – I’m… – I know. (Cameron groaning) – I… I’m hoping that they take them first. – Seven. – The noises that we heard before are getting much louder and much closer. – Eight. – They’re surrounding the building. – Ah, you guys were not nice to yourselves at all this round. – Because we hate ourselves. – All right. (laughing) You are all still alive. – We’re all still alive.
– For now. – I’ve got my flashlight. – And whatever that stick that I was– – Cameron.
– Cleaning up all– – Yeah?
– You have this door– – No, I do. – And you put your feet
and you twist the knob and as soon as that latch clicks down and enough of your weight is on it, you fall forward immediately. In fact, you tumble over the door jam, over the door hinge and you barely hang on as you are flipped
along the other side and are hanging with your hands behind you above and your back has
impacted and you can feel this wash of pain come across
your lower back and your legs. – That was stupid, that was stupid. – And as you’re looking above, you can see the darkness above
you as the stories are just, the hallway is just long and ominous and you look below you and realize that by leaping up to get to this position, you are now 10 feet or so before the end of said hallway, which is now a pile of rubble and you can see that
rubble starting to move. What would you like to do? – Well… – I mean it worked for him. – At least he got the door open. – At least it’s open. – I’m gonna pick a rock up or something next to me and I’m gonna toss
it in the middle of the room. I just wanna see– – Oh, in the middle of the room? – Yeah.
– The room that you’re in? – Yeah, just onto the floor. – You throw this item onto the ground to where the wall is that
everything is laid out upon at the moment and you chuck this item into that area and you see
as the impact from it just starts a whole, just (rumbling) as a small pile of rubble that was laid around it just starts tumbling into it as if it’s just falling directly into whatever part of the
infrastructure is left from here to the bottom of the building. The bottom of the building.
– Oh my god. – I just wanted to see if anything would come up from the floor. – Well, there is now a
reasonable hole in the wall. – Well now we know where not to step. – Cameron, are you keeping your cool up there or are you
screaming or what’s going on? – I’m staring, and the
ground is moving, correct? – Yeah.
– And I’m just staring. – Is it moving? It could be moving. – I don’t really want
to be out here anymore. I want to try and get
back through the door. – Okay, well we’ll get to there. – I’m starting to make kind of like whimpering noises on the other side. – Can we see him? – No.
– No. – He flipped over on the other side. – Can we hear him?
– For all you know, he’s fallen. Depends on how loud he’s whimpering, yes. – Can I scream, call out for him? – Yeah, absolutely. – Cameron? – Cameron?
– Cameron? – Yeah, yeah? – Are you okay? – Maybe, yeah.
– Is anything broken? – Not, no, not me, no. I don’t know if (whimpering). – Do you see any way, okay
just keep it together, dude. – Take a breath, Cameron. – Is there, what do you see? What’s across the hall from you? – What is directly across the hall? – You’re in another hallway. – Okay. – And there is yet another door similar to the same hallway you were in. – It’s the same as the other hallway. There’s another door. I think, I don’t know, I think the ground’s moving. – You think, or it is? – I don’t know. – It’s very dark. – It’s very dark in here. I don’t have the light, I wasn’t thinking. – I’ll try to get over there. – Well we all need to
try to get over there. – Yeah. – This wasn’t a good idea. – Let’s think, let’s think. – I’m gonna try to replicate
his leapfrog pattern. – Right. – While also trying to avoid
the hole in the middle of the– – Well you threw it to the side but since the door’s already opened and
the door was about another foot and a half to where
the knob was before he shoved it down and
flipped over, tumbled over, you can basically run up and kind of like with a small leap get the door jam on the side of it and then
you can pick yourself up. – Okay. I’ll do that and I’m gonna shine the light down. – Down?
– Down. – Okay, great. Please make a conflict roll. (dice rattling) – Should I re-roll this
one or should I add it? – You’re keeping it, it fell off, that is no successes, no ones. – No ones. – All right. – Oh no. I forgot that’s what that means. – This ends this scene. We have seven candles left. Lexi, as you are shining
down to look upon this rubble to ease Cameron’s and everybody else’s mental state of where you
are at the moment, you are looking down and you can see maybe the rubble was moving
when you first shined it. But just as quickly, it stops almost as if nothing
had actually happened. As you shine your light down onto there, it’s at that moment you hear a loud clang right above you and you
look up just for a moment before you see a fire
extinguisher just whack you right onto the front of your head and you tumble down into the rubble below. We are now going to speak seven truths about what’s going on moving forward. Lexi, lets start with you. (Lexi groans) (chuckling) I can help you if you’d like. – I’m scared. – I can go first. – Yeah. – You’ve broken a bone. – All right. – Which bone is yet to be decided. – Okay, of course. – I did, I did not break a limb. – Great. Three. – I am losing my grip. – Four. – She has a nasty cut on her head that’s bleeding pretty bad. – Five. – I’m regretting making the
decision to take this trip. – I already spoke mine. So which means we can have you be six. – The ground is not currently moving. – And seven. – I want to try and help her. – All right. Well then let’s pick this up from seven. You now have seven dice to work with. What would you like to do? – Okay. Are you all right, are
you okay, are you down? – I mean I’m hurting pretty bad. – Okay and you said from where I am, vaguely how far is it down? – About eight to nine feet. – Same from us? – From where he is. – From where he is. – He fell through the door.
– Okay, oh. – Over me. – That’s why it’s eight
or nine feet because you probably have about a foot and a half to two feet on the other
side from the door jam. – So we still have to get through. – Yeah.
– Okay, okay. – We have no choice, we have
to get to the other side. We got somebody who just got
smacked by a fire extinguisher. – And with you two where the door jam is, you won’t be able to see over it but you could get up the point where you could easily reach up
and reach the door jam. – Okay.
– All right. That’s what we’re gonna do because he, he’s just starting to
lose it and he needs help. – We can hear it.
– Yeah. He needs help, she obviously needs help. – Right. – I think at this point, who’s
the best choice to do this? – You tell me, are you the best choice? – I am the best choice.
– Okay, all right. All right, Lib. So are you going to push yourself up to go and hop down the other way? – Either, could I use– – I’ll give you a boost. – So she’ll give you a
boost up and you will easily look over to see where
Cameron is currently laid down and the only reason you can see Lexi is because the flashlight which, ah, I didn’t say it’s not
working, so it’s working. (laughing) Is spraying its pattern and you can see the dust that’s kind of
settled up from her impact. – Is there any area down there I can see within the light that has
like a larger slab of? – Enough, yeah.
– That I could, okay. – When this building hit,
it basically broke the wall and is now laying on the floor of there. So it’s not even like you see
concrete bits or whatever. You’re mostly looking
at broken wall and dirt. – Okay, I’m looking down
and I’m holding onto this doorknob and I’m
trying to spot an area that I can foreseeably
make a decent landing. – Yeah. – And putting my feet on the wall and letting go and I try and push off to land in that spot
and like roll as I hit. – Absolutely, so I think this is enough that you could
drop it ’cause it’s a big enough space that you’re
not going to land on her, especially if you keep close to the wall. You just kind of land and it’s an eight or 10 foot drop, so your knees buckle. – And I try and roll with it.
– Right, but it’s– – Not well.
– Not well, it hurts. Your knees are killing
you, that was painful. In fact they kinda
impacted against the ground a little bit but you
didn’t land on her and Lib, you got the pleasure of watching this all kind of happen just as
you peered over the side in order to see Cameron basically fall in from darkness and then
tumble onto the floor, kinda spilling with and coming up. – I am gonna go over to
her, “Are you all right?” – Can you grab the bottle
of ibuprofen from my pocket? – “Yeah, yeah, okay.” I go searching through her
pockets and I grab the bottle. – All right. You dish out as much as she wants. – Okay. I pour some pills into her hand. – I chew ’em. – You just chew ’em?
– Just chew ’em. There’s nothing else I can do right now. – Valerie. Something, the sound you were talking
about, the one getting louder, it’s permeating your senses at the moment and it is feeling a lot like
there’s moisture in the air at this point and you not
being on the other side of this at the moment,
it’s starting to sound like an orchestra when they
have a rising crescendo, you can hear this thing getting louder. You have no direct way to, obviously you are boxed in inside of this apartment complex at the moment but I want you to know that even
though they can’t hear it as loudly as you can now.
– That’s what I was gonna ask. – You can absolutely hear it. – So I’m hearing it more
so than everybody else? – 100% and it’s not that,
like that bodily humming that has happened ever since
the monoliths have come up. It feels more like, just like (low staticky rumbling). Just loud. – Like static.
– Yeah. – Just like permeating my head? – Yep, absolutely. What is going along in
your mind right now? – I can’t think straight,
I can think about anything. I don’t know what to do,
I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. – Okay, Val.
– I don’t know what to do. – Okay, okay, okay.
– I don’t know what to do. – Okay she’s– – You hear Val behind you.
– Yeah. – And you see Cameron
and Lexi and it at least looks like Cameron is over
Lexi now at the moment. – Okay. I would like to go back and she’s obviously, we’re all losing it but– – I think I’ve found myself in a corner in the room and I’m just
hiding there and I’m not even, I’m in the process of giving up right now. – Cool. – I don’t want to let that happen. I feel like we have strength in numbers. – All right. – We need to get her help. We need to get out of this
building as fast as possible. – Right. – She and I obviously have a history. – Oh my god, you don’t have
to keep bringing that up. – You brought it up.
– Oh my god. – Are you talking to me or are
you talking to her right now? It sounds like you’re
talking to the darkness. – Val, I don’t, listen, we’re all here. You and I did some things. The only reason why I
decided to take this trip, to be in this… I wanted to get closer to you.
– Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t. Please, this is the
last thing we need to be talking about right now,
I don’t want to hear this. I don’t want to hear this. – I didn’t want this to… (sighing) Listen, I’m missing my family but I can’t sit here and watch you die and know that I could’ve done something about it. That I could’ve actually
maybe helped and– – There’s no point, there’s
absolutely no point. There’s nothing left for me out there. There’s just more death,
it’s just running from death. Is that what the rest of
our lives are gonna be now? – Then at least we have each other. (Valeria laughs mockingly) – I don’t know what else to
say to you to calm you down. – Your feet are starting to get wet. – We have to go, we have to. – You don’t hear that? – I hear everything, we all
hear it but we have to go. We have to get outta here, you have to let me help you outta here. Please.
– Valerie, you can start to feel water at the pool of your ankles now.
– What’s happening? What’s happening, what’s happening? – You can definitely feel the wetness. – I would like to pick her up.
– Okay. Valerie, do you consent to
being picked up right now? – I don’t but he’s still gonna do it but I’m gonna kick and
scream the whole time. – Okay. Well then, the sound of
kicking and screaming on the other side of the wall. – What’s happening? – Did you break anything, can you move? – Yeah, I can sit up. – Okay. I sit her up, okay. – You two can start to
also hear more than see the trickling of water as– – That’s really not good. – Something, ground water
or something now seems to be seeping into the rubble
that you are currently in. – Okay, okay, we need to get outta here. Something’s going on on the other side. – How do we get out of this pit? – Are you two all right? – Yeah. It’s getting wet over here,
we’re trying to get out of here. – Same.
– Yeah. – Val, we have to go, we have to go, okay? – Fine, fine.
– Put everything behind you. – Fine, fine.
– We have to go. – Fine. – I grab her and we’re, you know– – Getting to the lip? – Getting to the lip. – Is there anything at
the bottom of this shaft that I can prop up as almost like a slide? – Oh, that would be fantastic. – Enough has fallen at this point, you could probably do that, yeah. – I’m gonna make some sort of slide that they can get down from that ledge easier. – Okay. – Do you guys have anything
over there that can help us? – You basically put up
a huge piece of drywall. – If you can get over that lip,
you should have a way down. I’ve propped something
up, you could slide down. – You still have the flashlight? – Yep.
– Yeah, we still have it. – Perfect.
– It’s still on. – Okay, you ready? – Yes. – So you both kind of tumble over, Valerie is at this point just running with the motions existentially
at the circumstances. So she doesn’t react much
when she just impacts and slides down, meeting
with everybody else here at the bottom of
an overturned building. – I try and I catch her as
she comes off the thing. – And the water is getting louder. It’s starting to fill this small area which you found at
the bottom of the hallway. – Okay. We’re all down here, right? – You’re all down there together. – Okay, we need to go
higher, we need to get out. – How do we do that? – The other door you
said was across the way. – It is across the way. – And if I move the drywall
piece over to the other side, would it create kind of ramp
somewhat up to that doorway? – It would give you about another four to five feet potentially
of scalable surface which would only give you about 10 minus, so about six feet or so.
– Six feet. Okay, not great but it’s something. Okay, that’s the only other closest ledge than the way we came through, correct? – You guys are in a shit position. – Yeah. – You’re at the bottom of this building. There is a world in which, I won’t lead you too much but that is definitely the most obvious– – Way.
– Way at the moment. Besides obviously where you came from. – Right. Okay, okay. You seem to be exceedingly athletic. Can you–
– Shut up. – Can you do the same
thing you did before? Open that door? Can you get up there? – I can do it.
– Okay. – I have no choice. – He’s got a boost and he’s got no choice, he says, so let’s go. – I’ve got no other idea unless
somebody has another idea. – God with me. – Oh my god. – I mean at this point, anything helps. – Sure, whatev. (dice rattling) – One success and one one. Let’s see if I get narrative control. No, this is all you, Lib. I will take this, tell me how it resolves. – Okay so, like you said, we had the drywall. I take that, swing it up to where it connects with the framing. – The alcove.
– Yeah, the alcove there. One by one, or I’m gonna hold it here, I help everyone get up to the top or climb up the drywall
to the top, to the alcove. – The alcove was really only
big enough for one person. If your intent was to kinda
climb up there to open the door. – Yeah, okay. – Then that probably would
be the first thing to do. – Okay, in that case
then that’s what I’ll do. I’ll boost Cameron up there.
– Right. – First. – And then bring the door down? – Bring the door down, so that way we have the
drywall and the doors on top of the drywall, right? So that holds it in place. – Yes, yeah, to a certain degree, yes and if you came out from underneath it, the door would have a much more vertical climb than the drywall would.
– Yeah. – So it would kinda be
like this a little bit. But yeah, you could theoretically
come up from the door. – Okay, and then so I next boost Val. Cameron helps pull from the other end. – Right.
– Her. Lexi’s pretty hurt. – I can walk. – I mean if we boost up and the two of them can help assist her. – By the way, if you’d
like, and this is fair, if you want just a broken rib. – Yeah, that’s what I was hoping for. – Then I’m okay with that.
– Seems to be the least, yeah, that was the… – The least worst.
– Yeah. – Climbing would be tough.
– Ear buns. – Just broke my nose.
– Walrus bone. – It hurts, it hurts like
a son of a bitch, Lexi. – Yeah, it does. – It is ridiculous to the point of where you actually, without realizing it you do, like that first movement as you try to use your upper body strength
to pull yourself up, you do scream and it resonates
inside of this building as you kinda hear it come back onto you. – I’m gonna try and assist her up. – You’re pulling everybody up. – Yeah ’cause same thing as before, we’re on the sides of the door kinda thing and we’re laying on those ledges. I’m gonna try and roll
her up so I have her, since I know she can’t pull herself up. – Right, so you’re gonna
kinda roll up with her. – Exactly.
– Lay her down, all right. – Then I’m the last one through. – Yeah. So Cameron, you kind of lift Lexi up and kinda roll her over into
this weirdly awkward position. – You all right, you okay? – I mean– – What do you think? What broke? – Do we have any more
of those painkillers? – Yeah, I don’t want
to knock you out but– – Yeah, let’s try to save
some for the rest of us here. – Is there a bathroom, is there something? Is there anything that we can look in? – We’d have to go further
into the apartment. You probably broke something
or did something, I don’t know. Hold on. I take my sleeve and try and like clean the cut that’s on her head a little bit and try and see–
– Which has been bleeding. – And see how bad it actually is. – Actually at this point,
if it’s been bleeding for as long as it has,
you’re probably starting to get a little light-headed as well too. – Okay, and it’s pretty, it’s a gash. – So when you clean it, you notice that once you rub it back that
it is still bleeding. – Okay, I’m gonna try and like, if there’s an exposed nail or something, I’m gonna try and take
a little a little bit of the end of my
sweatshirt and get a strip. – Rip it off, yeah. – And then make like a headband for her. – Yeah, well you give her
a little tiny patchwork bandage onto it and it does alleviate, it puts some pressure on it to help with the bleeding but now the
headache is even worse, Lexi, than what it was beforehand. – We’re gonna need to
get you somewhere stable. You probably broke something and you’ve got a big cut on your head. Sorry, I’m not really
good with the whole– – You did, thank you for this though. – Yeah, let’s– – Someone take this freakin’ flashlight. – I got it. It’s fine. – Okay. We have to get out of this building. – We do. – Okay, so at this point,
I have the flashlight. I’m looking–
– Around the room? – Around the room to see if there’s anything obviously
that can help her. I would like to, if it’s a rib, can’t we brace it a little?
– Hard to tell, she hasn’t been very vocal
about where it hurts yet. There’s two ways to go about this now. So your intent would either
be to go and look around for something to help
treat her or your intent would be to go and find the
next route out, so to speak. So I do need you to pick. – Okay, the next route out. Sorry but we gotta get outta here. – I’ll stay with her and
if you check the room and find a way for us to
go, then we can move her. – Can I check into the bathroom? – Yeah if you want, while
they’re going through it. (laughing) – For checking in the bathroom? – If you’re looking for supplies, yeah. – Yeah, okay, great, ope. – There it goes. (dice rattling) (groaning) Nope, no ones either. No ones, no sixes which means that this– – Sorry, Lexi.
– Scene ends. Let’s speak some truths, now that we are down to five dice. Yeah, we’ll save the setup for
after the truths are spoken. Valerie, we’ll start with you. – Truths about the– – Everything.
– About everything? I don’t want to live anymore. – Great. Two. – Lexi is addicted to painkillers. – Yeah, I think we’re saying
the obvious here right now with some of our truths but
I’ll let those two slide. I’ll just make mine even
better to make up for you two. Valerie, while you were
looking in the bathroom, a wall burst open and now there’s water flooding into the room that you’re in and it’s pouring through. – Well that made up for it. – Everything hurts. Everything. – Everything hurts.
– Everything hurts. – I have her kind of on top of me so that if something comes
through the previous room, I can dump her towards it. – I’m gonna just try to stay in this room and get it over with. – So we’re going to pick up the story now with six candles and you are still alive. That is a truth and as
I mentioned, Valerie, your room is flooding in with water and if may be so bold
to paint this picture, I feel like based off what you’ve said, you were casually looking
for something to help Lexi put together and
that was a very automatic and rhythmical moment but as you see this start to burst through and
water start pouring in, you kind of just sit there
and look at the water and just watch as it’s pouring in and the water, it is so cold, this water. The numbing sensation that it gives you is a direct reflection of
just what you’re feeling on the inside right now, the choices, the methods, the place in which you’re in. There is darkness in your heart and it is filling as
quickly as this room is. You three, as you survey the rest of this room, you do find that there is a sliding glass window similar to the last part of the building and as you shine that flashlight through, you do notice that water seems to be everywhere. It hasn’t quite risen
to where the level of the sliding glass door is. It actually seems to be
lower than what it is but there is water outside. That much I can tell you. – So we’re still at the door,
so we haven’t seen this yet. – Yes. – You’re just in the apartment
with the flashlight, okay. I’ve got her. Lib, do you see anything, do
you see a way out anywhere? – All I see is the sliding glass window. – It’s not hard to tell
either because the moonlight, just like on the other
side of the building, is casting a perfectly cut shaft of light into the room right now. – Okay. I think I see sliding
windows that we can open. It’s getting really wet and
the moonlight’s coming through. I think if you guys can get in, we might get a little bit
wet but I think we can– – What, is it raining? – I don’t know what this is. I don’t know what this
water’s coming from. – What do you mean you
don’t know what it is? – I don’t know what it’s coming from. – Okay, okay, okay. Can we move you? Let’s go down the hallway, okay? I start helping her walk down. – So I know that when you
originally kicked this door in, are you going to try a similar momentum or are you going to try to slide it down from where it is?
– Is this something that, a sliding glass door that we can unlock and just open like normal,
like slide it open? – Or do we have to– – No, I mean, it’s– – It’s broken, it’s cracked enough that– – Yes, it does seem like it is locked and when you clip the
latch to let it slide down, it off-centers and it goes (clattering) and it kind of like sticks onto itself with now kind of an obscure angle. – Right, and the angle is not big enough for
us to squeeze through? – Not on this side.
– Okay, yeah. I kicked it out, I kicked it in last time. So I’d have to pull it down or push it up. – And the water in the room is starting to lift up objects off of the water. – Like a pipe bursted or something? – Where’s Valerie?
– I don’t know. – Val’s in the bathroom. – I think at this point, I’m already up to my chest with water and
it’s freezing and it’s salty. – Valerie, Valerie, are– – Oh by the way, props. – Are you okay, are you, are you all right?
– It doesn’t matter. Just go. Just go, just get out of here. – Val, we can’t leave you here. – It doesn’t matter. We’re all gonna die, whether or not it’s in here or out there. – Would you go get her, please? I’m gonna try and get this door open. – Yes, yes, okay. – So you’re gonna try
to kick this door open? – So it’s, it’s to my, it’s above me? – No, it is above you
and to the front of you. – And to the front, okay,
so it’s higher, okay. – And now it’s askew.
– Right. – Like this. – Is there anything in
the room that I could stick into that lock
to try and pry it open? – Let me know. – Okay. – You tell me, if you get this right, you can do whatever you want. There’s two ones and no sixes. – Can I burn somebody
to re-roll those ones? – What do you have on top? – Impulsive. – Roll the ones. (laughing) Two sixes, from both ones. – Oh my god, that was amazing. – Cameron, please tell me how you impulsively get that door open. – So there used to be curtains
over the sliding glass door and they have fallen down
since the building went and I grab the curtain rod that was there and I just jam it in
and I use all my weight to just wrench it down
and pry open the door. – All right, you feel,
as you basically are wrenching this thing,
you feel the metal bend and bend ’cause it’s a curtain rod, right? And you just kinda feel
it and you’re like oh god, please, please let this work. Otherwise we’re stuck here forever and right before you’re about to lose all of your momentum from
the entire weight of it, you just hear this thing go
(thudding) as it slides down and slams down at the
bottom of its full arc and the give that this door does kind of makes it so that it kinda comes back up and hits you in the face and you kinda feel it as it hits your eye. But you’ve pried this thing open and you look out, Cameron, and after you clear it from your
eye, you look around and the first thing you see
when you look out is the moon and you see it and I want
you to hold your hand up like from elbow to finger,
when you look in the sky, that’s how big the moon is as you’re looking into the night sky. – That’s… Okay.
– And the door is open. – Okay, okay. Ta da, the door’s open. Let’s get you out then. – Do you need anything? I mean you’re bleeding. – Am I? – You got cut. Yeah, I mean it’s not
her kinda level gash. – We’ll deal with that
when we’re outta here. I need to get you up top. Are you guys coming? – Lib?
– Yes. – So I go into the bathroom– – Wait, Valerie, did you shut the door? – Did I shut the door to the bathroom? No, I did not actually.
– Okay. – So a lot of the water is billowing out right now and it’s actually over my head and I’m kinda fighting to stay in actually but I’m holding on to a towel rack, just trying to keep myself there. – Are you trying to drown yourself? – Yes. – Great.
– Yes. – Lib, you have one chance for this. You have one chance to try to get her out and this is it, no matter what it is, you can see water is
billowing over the side. You get this and we’ll
let you pull her out, despite her own attempt to hold onto this rack as much as she can. You do not and she dies. – Okay. (dice rattling) You just have to make it
interesting, don’t you? And I didn’t pray to God before this. (groaning) – One failure.
– Bro. – One failure, no successes. One failure, what do you have on top? – Dishonest. – Can you find a way to play that into the story to re-roll this one one? Three, two. – Yes.
– All right. Roll one. You already chose. – Maybe you should pray this time. (chuckling) – I thought you were the
one that didn’t believe. – I’m underwater right now. – Look at this dishonest face. Right. Well, I am going to take over
this scenario real quick. Lib, you are watching this water just pour out from this bathroom and you’re crying out for Valerie’s name as you try to push up and get yourself over this lip but the water,
it’s just like a cascade, it’s just hitting you in the face and it’s so much resistance
as you’re attempting to reach around to pull her
and you do feel her hand, you feel her arm, it is
icy cold but it is there and you grab it and you pull
on it and you pull on it and you realize that she is not letting go and you pull on it and
you feel the towel rack give away just a little bit and you yank on it and then suddenly, you feel her hand just drift off as she lets go of it and this cloud of bubbles just erupts out from the top of the overflowing water as you see her body just
slowly start to lift up to the surface and not only that, but her, it just kind of slowly bumps along the side of the main area and the hole that had created when she had burst it out
just flushes in water anew as you and her body
are just swept out into the main room where both Cameron and Lexi have already made their
escape up into the other area. Valerie, you felt this man who you’ve resented and is a catalyst for this
choice that you’ve made and you, out of pure
defiance I would assume, just held on with all of your might. What was going through your
head while this was happening? – Because even if things got
better, we couldn’t be together and I’ve loved him forever and
he’s my husband’s best friend and it’s not okay and it’ll never be okay. – These are the thoughts
that come with you as you accept the salt water into your lungs and you feel blackness descend upon you as slowly you drift into the night. Aryiel, thank you so much for playing. I really appreciate you being here. I’m going to have to ask
you to leave my table. (laughing) Thank you.
– Thank you for having me. – I’ll see you on the other side. – Yeah. – And with that, we darken another candle and we are now left with five, and only three. We need to speak five truths about what is going to happen next and Lib, since it was your failed conflict that led to the darkening of the candle, I would like you to begin. – This was… I… I knew I could save her. – You knew you could save her? – But deep down, I didn’t and I somehow think it was the right thing for it to happen this
way and I don’t know why. – The boats from the harbor are starting to be washed inland. – One of the lights on my
boat, I kept on at all times. – I’m starting to hear what I perceive to be whispering. – Five. – I’m seeing the sign. – The sign?
– The sign– – The God sign? – The God sign. – You’re gonna see it this round. All right, we are back into the story. Five dice, three players remaining. Cameron and Lexi, you are
out of this building now. At least so far as that you can tell, as a slowly climbing water level is now approaching you on this
side of the building. While Lib, after this moment had passed
and this rush of water that cascaded into the
bathroom through this path of least resistance leading into the area. You and Valerie’s body are washed into the next room and you can feel her
corpse bumping against you as you look towards the
moonlight in front of you. – I take her body and I give her one last
kiss on her forehead and tell her that I love her and that maybe in the next life, we’ll be together and then I, as the water rushes, it’s
rushing through the– – It’s rushing, it’s creating
a tiny little whirlpool. – Can I send it out of the, like– – It’s not so far that it’s going out. She will be in this room
for a few minutes still. – Oh, okay, yeah. – I know what you were trying
to do and unfortunately– – It can’t happen.
– It can’t happen. – It would’ve been so dramatic. – Yeah, the poetic ending that you wanted for her is not going to occur. She will be in this room at least until the water starts flowing out through the patio room. – Okay. – The patio area. – In that case, I will do what I was doing and give her the kiss on the forehead, tell her that I love her
and maybe in the next life and I make my way. – And you meet up with
both Cameron and Lexi who are sitting at the top of the ledge, presumably standing on the support beams that are part of the patio at this stage. – I reach down to help him up
out of the sliding glass door. “Where’s Valerie? “Did she, “what happened?” – She drowned. – Fuck, okay, okay. All right, get up, get out, get out. Okay, she drowned. – Yeah. – Was it an accident, was
it something that caused it? Is there something down there? – I think she was, I don’t think she wanted to live anymore. – Okay. – And I couldn’t get to her fast enough. – All right, all right, okay. Okay. We need to keep going ’cause when you said it was wet outside, that was an understatement because this looks like the ocean, here. – Oh fuck. – If you would take the light to shine it across what you can see around you, you can distinctly see on the building to your right, which is the farthest away from, the shortest distance
from where things are, you look down that side, you can see where this building is acting like a large break right now as you can see water pouring in on your other side and whatever it is, it’s filling it around and the water level that is in front of you
is reduced as a result of just the sheer size of
this building right now. – Okay, okay, okay,
that’s something, okay. – Are we still trying
to get to the bridge? I don’t know what we’re trying to do. – At this point, it’s just to get, yeah. – Get anywhere? – Okay, so we can get– – Down, we can get into the water. Otherwise we’re just gonna get like, I mean with the way the building’s– – The way the building is, the floor that was from you on the other side of the
building is now if not at least waist water, waist deep, slowly climbing higher and
higher with each passing second. – Okay, and are we on, the
building’s laying down. We’re on the other side now, not the top. – No. – We’re on the other side?
– Yes. – Okay. – If you wanted to get up to the top, you’d have to climb about five stories up. – That’s not gonna happen. – Do you see anything floating around? – Is there any down there–
– Debris, or? – Maybe like a–
– Who has the flashlight? – You have the flashlight.
– I have it. – I haven’t seen a good Lexi roll. – No, I haven’t had a good roll. Okay, maybe I should pray. Lexi’s not very religious but
she’s gonna give it a try. – One success and one failure for me. I would like, oh wait,
wait, wait, I need dice. Let’s see if I get narrative control or if you get narrative control. – Oh no. – Cool, I will take narrative control with my two successes over your one. Lexi, as you are looking out into the slowly climbing waterline
that is in front of you, you stare off and you’re feeling something right now, what is it? – Nausea. – Nausea, as you are
watching as occasionally just debris, cars, trees, just frothing mud just sloosh out into
the thoroughfare that’s in front of you right now as
the water level slowly climbs and then, you see something. A pinprick of light in the distance, the small candle of flame that is in front of you and you can see it’s
moving as it comes down the right side of the buildings, sloosh and it spins in front of you and you see a light. – I’m gonna grab Cameron
and I’m gonna point. “I’m not hallucinating, right? “Is that the light from the boat?” – I see it. – Do you see what she sees,
what I have described? – I mean either that or
we’re both losing it. – Can I flash the, I
still have the flashlight. – Yeah. – So I flash the light. – It is some distance away. 60 to 80 feet I would say
at least in front of you but that’s still enough of
a spill off from your beam that you can cast and
you see the familiar sail of your boat with the name,
what’s the name of the boat? – The Terminator. – You see the S.S. Terminator laid out on the side of the boat and is your hope on top at this point? Is it the next one available? – Yeah, my moment? – Your moment.
– Yes. – I would say at this point
you have fulfilled your moment. So, the first one so far. So, this light that Lexi so graciously handed you by being a part of this boat, I think this is God directing
you on how to get out of this. Which means whenever you roll the five remaining dice that
are now a part of this, you also get a hope die which
succeeds on a five or a six. – Okay. – And that is now part of your dice, should you go into conflicts. And this is over. – That one’s gone. – Great. Anything else you’d like to
contribute to the moment? – Yeah, so we see the light, we see the Terminator. I believe that this is God shining down upon us, saying that if we can get to this boat, we’ll be safe from it all and I believe that we can because I’ve seen what has happened and what has transpired and I’ve
also seen His light and every time I’ve prayed,
we’ve made it through something. So this time that’s what I’m gonna do and I’m gonna get us– – The meek shall inherit the earth. – Yeah. What do you two say? – So, your boat found us. – Yeah. Yeah. – All right. – What are you gonna do? – From our vantage point, the only real way to get there is to swim? – I would say so. – And how far below us is the water? – Since the last time I
started talking to you. – Yeah. – I’d say about 10 feet now. – Okay, and it’s– – It’s touching your ankles now in the place that you are.
– Right. – It is rising quickly. – It’s now deep, very deep? – It’s deep enough, yes. – I think we jump and swim for the boat. Can you swim, do you think?
– I’ll try, I’ll do my best. – Okay.
– All right. – I mean what if we help
her along as best we can? – Is there any debris in water? – Maybe we can create
like a raft or something. – You’d have to go and swim for it if you wanted to bring debris back. – Okay. – Debris or are we swimming
straight for the boat? ‘Cause it is–
– Can you float? – Sure. – Okay, we’re going for it, we’re jumping. – So you all three jump into the water. It is icy cold, it is
brisk to the point of, have any of you had the pleasure of doing polar diving or ice
diving or anything like that? – No. – When the water is this cold, momentarily, all of your muscles seize up for a moment while it’s
trying to acclimate to the harsh thing around it. You guarantee, I mean this is freezing if
not close to freezing water and you begin to swim and you shiver but you swim. Lexi, it hurts so bad, your broken rib, this is probably every movement, every arm coming above your head to try to get a little bit
of water is just agonizing and I need you to roll
to make it to that boat. – I’m gonna try to figure this out. – Figure this out. (laughing) This is, I should tell you, and this is truth, this could be lethal unless one of the boys
pull you out of this. – I’m–
– It will be a major source of the next scene should this not work. – Going to– – You’re gonna expend your addicted? – Mm hmm. – Roll that one for me, that single one to see if it turns into– – No! – Another one. – It looks like it’s just you and me, Cam. – I’m trying to get the
pills out of my pocket. – And that’s what you try
to do instead of swimming and you fall behind as
both Lib and Cameron do their best to swim forward. It takes a few moment for them to realize that you’re
not anywhere close to them and the pain is so incredibly intense that you are treading water at this point and it’s the best you
can do with your legs as you stay in place. We’re gonna establish some truths now. Before we get to the next scene. – Okay. – Lexi, you get to begin. Four truths. – Lexi’s got strong legs. – She’s got strong legs. Cameron? – I kept the painkillers. – You kept the painkillers. Three. – Lexi, because she was doing so much of this motion and her rib was broken, it punctured her skin. – You are awful. (laughing) – I mean she’s gonna die anyway. – You’re a dick. I didn’t think it was gonna
happen like right now. I was hoping for a little bit of help. – It’s pretty incredible, do
you want to do the next game? You wanna do the next one for me? – Okay. The current is quickening. So that’s four truths. We start our next scene with four and Cameron and Lib, you
both notice after a few very precious seconds
of continuing to swim that Lexi is nowhere near you. You can see the boat in front of you. It is just a few precious feet away. What do you want to do? – Where is she, do you see her? – I don’t know, I thought she was– – At this point, the roaring
that you had briskly heard is becoming so loud, it’s now overpowering inside of your senses, it’s
just, to have this exchange, it’s as if you had to just raise your voice to yell at each other just to get over the immense
sound that is right there. – And we can’t see her, correct? – Well, you can’t see her in front of you. – Okay. – If you look behind,
you can see a bobbing, floating figure in the darkness,
bathed by the moonlight. – And she’s far away? – I’m gonna make it so clear. You could go get her or
you can go to the boat. You could still make the boat with her but if you don’t want to roll, you need to choose. – So you’re saying we
can make it to the boat without her or we can, if we roll, we can maybe go get
her and go to the boat? – You can go back and get her and you’re gonna have to
roll to get back to the boat. – As I said before, I saw the sign, I saw the light. I see what just happened
with somebody I loved. I can’t allow another person to die. – So you’re going to go to her? – I’m gonna go to her. – Boat. – Boat. Great. So, Lib, you swim with all of
your might as you start to turn around and double
back towards where Lexi is. Cameron, you have this
moment where you look and you just start swimming straight for the boat as fast as you possibly can and Lib, you reach Lexi and
you grasp ahold of her waist, of which she screams from the pain but you keep her above water as you– – I’m just– – One arm. – One arm going. – I’m gonna kick, I’m kicking. – Thank you so much. – If that helps at all.
– It does. – I’ll try and bring the
boat back to you guys. – Oh. Hope dice and the regular and no ones. You grasp her and you both swim with every ounce of strength you can as you get to the boat which Cameron has politely descended the ladder. (laughing) In order to help you climb up.
– Thank you so much. – Into where you are and Lexi, this is when you start to notice that you are bleeding not just from your head but from your chest as well too, there is a distinct
blood spot against your lower tank top right now. – Guys, fuck. – Can you, what is it? Oh, ooh. – I’m just gonna pull my jacket back. – Do you lift the shirt up?
– Jesus. – Or do you just see that–
– Yeah, I’ll– – You’ll lift it up ever so lightly? – I just want to see what’s going on. (groaning)
– Okay. – So Lexi, you lift the
tank top gingerly up as you pull the coat back and you just see this tiny splinter of white as it’s pierced right through your skin. – I’m gonna hurl. – You lose whatever moderate amount of lunch you had at the beginning of this whole situation. – Tuna and sardines. – Sardines and you just can feel it and the worst part is that you
don’t even see the whole rib. It’s just a little tiny
shard of it poking through and the bleeding is not
extensive, for what it’s worth. But that also very distinctly shows the swollen area around it as well too. – Cameron, do you happen to have any of those painkillers for her? ‘Cause she’s–
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, here, here. – Just… (laughing) – So you crunch the entire bottle. We’ll see how that goes later. – That’s not what I thought
you were gonna do or, well I did but… Ah, whatever. – You can feel as the tide, and it is distinctly a tide as you’re now lifted up onto the boat and you can hear that roaring, that just incessant roaring
that is close to you. But you are on the boat,
what do you want to do? – The boat’s upright now?
– The boat’s up. Somehow miraculously, it lifted without any issue to come
to where you are now. – We all know what that
was, everybody, we all know. – Here’s your hope dice, by the way. – Thank you.
– Absolutely, it was, whatever. – How else would you have been here? – What would you like to do? Or are we resting on the boat right now? – I’d like to find something
on this boat to tie her, to hopefully at least tie that bone back so it’s not like exposed,
so the wound’s not exposed. So we go around, look
around the boat for– – Yeah, I mean I would presume that you would have a first aid
kit inside of the boat. – Absolutely. – It’s probably not for
intensive breakage like this but you can absolutely treat her.
– At least have like the wraps and stuff like that. – Sure, yeah, you can wrap her waist, for whatever it’s worth.
– Okay. So we do that. See if there’s anything on the
boat, any sort of supplies. Like any food or anything. – The same supply as it
was when you left it. – Which is nothing? – Which is a whole lotta nothing. – Can you check my pack? – Yeah. – See if there’s anything else in there? – So I find her pack. – You go through it, she has some of the canned peaches
that she had talked about. – Perfect. – Some of the small amount
of food she was able to pull out when she was
inside of the building itself. Is that what we’re doing now? – Yeah, so we pop that open. – And you share some
peaches between all of you? – At least between the two of us. – I’m not eating, I’m looking– – He doesn’t seem to want anything. – Over at the, where
the water’s coming from. – Yeah. – Can I see the Bay where we started? – No, you can’t see anything. You see blackness, in fact you’re looking off into the horizon and a fair amount of the stars seem to be gone as well too. – Okay, okay, okay. Okay. – What do you see up there, man? – Nothing. Literally. I can’t see the Bay, I can’t see that far. It’s gotta be clouds,
it’s gotta be clouds. It’s gotta be clouds. We’re missing stars.
– What? – Yeah. “What” is exactly right. – It’s not just like overcast?
– I don’t know. – Are you sure? I mean it’s foggy in the Bay. – The Bay came here. It could very well be that
stars are just going out. I mean nothing makes
sense, I mean why would the water go away and
then immediately come back over and spill
over everything and then come and fill up a
building we were inside of? – Okay, okay, everybody calm down. Okay. If the Bay moved, is what you’re saying, then theoretically so did
other parts of the area. So maybe if we can take, if her boat’s got enough juice to get us maybe to the other side of the
Bay where Oakland is, can we get over there to at least, I mean that’s another area
that maybe we can find shelter. – We can try. – If the water rose up,
the only way I could think that the water
would come in here is if something from the bottom
of the Bay rose up which displaced all the water
which pushed all over us. Now if that happened, it would have gone on to Oakland as well. It wouldn’t have just come to one side unless something did this and just pushed all the water over,
which doesn’t make sense. – Does her boat have
enough juice to get us, we can at least go to
the Golden Gate Bridge. – You have fumes, you can still run it. – In an emergency.
– And we have a sail. – Okay, can we get to
the Golden Gate Bridge? – So you’re gonna turn on that boat and start just motoring it to the Bridge? – I’ll motor it.
– Sure. – I’m driving. – Drive away, my friend. – You guys ready for this?
– Nope. – Okay. – I don’t even know what I’m ready for. – Just take another pill
over there, sunshine. (chuckles) – Oh wait. You’re, by the way, starting
to feel a bit groggy and you can’t tell if it’s
from all the tens of thousands of milligrams of ibuprofen
that you just crunched. (laughing) Or if it’s from the– – Blood loss?
– The blood loss. But you are getting woozy. – I know you wanted painkillers, but you probably should
throw up a little bit. – Oh, yes. – Great. – Again? – Yeah, well ’cause you’ve now taken a lot of painkillers on nothing in
your stomach and that is bad. – I had some peaches. (laughing) – Excellent, you start motoring this thing and before you start to motor, you actually do distinctly
feel the boat start to rise for a bit, like a steady incline and as you start the boat, you probably assess it to you just getting that kind of momentum that goes when the tiller, you know, when the boat’s front goes up because the screw is just
kicking up a lot of water. But you do feel for a moment like as if the water was lifting behind you, almost like it was giving
you a gentle push towards your direction and you go with
surprising speed and alacrity as you attempt to motor
through fallen buildings and cars and stuff that you would expect to see in like an
imminent flood rise, you know? As you’re watching trees
and sometimes you have to make big, big wide turns
in order to get around some of the large debris
that is ostensibly filling up San Francisco
right now as you are motoring towards at least the direction that you know to be the Bay Bridge and you start to see the glistening
cables of the Bridge by the moonlight as you look towards the Bridge in front of you. – Okay guys, I can see the Bridge. As long as we can get to the base of it and we get up top, we can
be above all the water. – The Bridge is up on a hill. You have to come down
from where the Bridge is which means we have to dock the boat and travel across land
in order to get there and unless we climb up a very long ladder from one of the struts that
are coming out of the water, but I don’t know if the water is there any more or if it’s just here, or? – So, struts or ground? – You’re from here, you
know it better than me. – I mean, the landscape has changed
since I was last here. – It’s also about what you mean, to get a good eye on what’s going on, you can take the boat to
either the struts or the– – Right.
– Land as well. – What do you think we should do, Cam? – The land’s gonna be easier
for us to walk onto the Bridge. – Okay.
– The strut’s probably, the Bridge has a lot of fencing and a lot of safeguards for
people who would jump off. – Okay. – So getting on from underneath the Bridge from not the land is
gonna be difficult because there’s not supposed to be a
way to get down from there. – Sure, okay. So we’re docking the boat. – Docking the boat. Great.
– Great, whatever. – Let’s dock the boat. So you motor it up to the land and you kind of are
amazed at just watching slowly the water climb. Almost in front of you,
you can just watch it. By the time you actually hit land and you start getting out of the boat, the water’s already up a few more feet as you’ve gotten there but
you throw everybody out, you get out onto the land and you can, even with an injury like what you have, you can start hobbling at
least up the land quick enough. But oh my god, are you moving again, Lexi. (Lexi groans) – Come on, Lexi. – Lexi’s probably gonna hurl again. – Oh, you throw up.
– Yep. – Well. – I’m just gonna sit here. Double over. – Is that what you’re doing? – Yeah. – So Lexi, as you, again trying to make as much movement as you can going up the hill, you just collapse in pain as you
fall straight to the ground. Lay out and just, it’s just, it is better to just lay
here now than do anything other than move with
what you’re dealing with. Even the numbness and the swimming head. Hell, at this point it’s
not even about the pain. It’s just the fact that you have so much dizziness and vertigo that it’s hard to keep your eyes straight at this point. So we need three truths
on which to establish and Lexi, I’d like you to start. – The ground is moving slightly. – The ground is moving, Cameron? – There are shapes in the water. – There are shapes in the water. – That whirring sound
that we heard earlier when we were in the building
is coming very close. – It’s deafening, I can
tell you at this point. The humming is actually louder as well too because you can see one of the obelisks in the remaining starlight
not far from where you are. Three dice. Lexi, I know the pain that you must be going through right now as you are here. This is just as much about
what you want as anything else. I need you to tell me right now, are you wanting to go forward or do you lay down here and
accept the fate that you are in? It will determine how these
two do their next actions. – I’m gonna get up. I’m gonna move forward. – All right. So you fight through the pain as you continue to just gasp and even the gasping is painful
but you climb and you move and both of you are
comforted to see that Lexi is still behind you, even if she is moving at a slower pace than you are and you see, Lib, as you climb up to the
Golden Gate Bridge, you see a graveyard of cars laid
out in front of you. Just all lanes filled as if people were attempting
to do everything they could to cross this Bridge
and at various parts, you can actually see where
the cabling has failed and the cars are half-tipped
onto the structure of the Bridge, precariously poised and there’s a rumbling
underneath you and this rumbling both makes the Bridge sway as it is prone to do in an earthquake. But it is also making these
cars begin to move and slide, not unlike the ocean
that’s laid down before you as a few cars tip over the edge and you can hear the loud (splashing) as they impact the water. What would you like to do? – I’m at a loss here, guys. I thought getting to the highest ground we could possibly get to would be something that would maybe
help us out of this situation. – It doesn’t make sense, if the water is coming up this high, it should be going around and flowing down because the ocean is there and I don’t, the water shouldn’t be able
to come onto the Bridge. So if we can stay up here, the water shouldn’t be
able to get up here. But if the Bridge is broken,
then we can’t go anywhere. – Do you want to go
deeper into the Bridge? – Yeah, I gotta see what we can do. – So as you continue to walk slowly and now that you’re not
climbing vertically, the pain is not so bad but you do start to feel like you’re
losing consciousness as you eventually get close to
one of the climbing struts that’s right where you are
and Lexi, you collapse. Just you can’t move any more
and it’s not because you don’t want to, it’s because
you are physically unable to. Both Cameron and Lib, you kinda hear her as she crumbles onto one of the cars. – Why did you take those pills? – It hurt, it hurt. It still hurts. I can’t… – Can you keep moving? – I’m trying. – Do any of these cars, I mean, are they just jam-packed into each other? – Yeah, they’re packed, they’re packed tightly like sardines. – I’m gonna try and, look, can you carry her? ‘Cause I’m not gonna get far– – First can I smash through
any of these windows, look for anything in the car,
smash the car windows out? – What are you looking for? – Anything to help her ease her pain.
– What would help her now? – To ease her pain. – You can spend time to go
through these cars, absolutely. If you’d rather have that than climb up the Golden Gate at this
moment, which is fine. – Okay, no, no. – That’s all right, you’re welcome to it. You have your hope dice, so. – It’s either that or is she gonna? – I don’t know. You think I have control of this story? (laughing) – Yeah, okay. – Maybe you could just, maybe if I just lean on you. – I’ll carry her. – Okay. So, you give her an arm as you
continue to just move through. Lexi, you’re putting all
of your weight on him at this point and
eventually, you do pass out as the blood loss is now so intense and the medication is
absolutely through your system and you feel her going from a small amount of weight to a significant amount of weight as she just drops like a
sleeping cat into your arms. But you do make it to the base of one of the spires of the Golden Gate Bridge. – Have we gotten to a part where the Bridge has collapsed yet? – The Bridge has not collapsed. – Or the cars are tilting?
– They are. – But they’re still all the way through. – They’re still, the cars are still there. They are swaying and
tilting and at this point, you can start to actually
feel the rumbling of the ground as it was getting closer and the vibrations are now so intense that the cars are now starting to slowly push you as they are
shifting from side to side as what appears to be an earthquake is shaking this Bridge.
– Of course. – For what it’s worth. Okay. – Okay, we can’t stand here because these cars are gonna
push us off the Bridge. – Right. – We can either climb one of the spires because there’s a ladder that goes up. – Okay.
– When they paint the Bridge. Or we can head back to the mainland and try and wait but that’s all freeway and it’s not
gonna be stable either way with an earthquake like
this if this continues. But neither is the Bridge probably, so, (sighing) where do we go? – Just give me a second to think here. So if we get up this staircase– – We’re just on one of
the pillars of the Bridge and that’s just sitting there. – But it’s pretty strong,
it’s pretty sturdy? – The Bridge is meant to withstand earthquakes but nothing is indestructible. Or we go back to past
the toll booths to how one used to drive into the city and we hang out there. – So double back essentially. – Try to wait out the earthquake
before we cross the Bridge. – God is up. If you want to be closer to
Him, who has given you hope. – He has given me hope. I would like to think that this
Bridge is gonna support us. You know, San Francisco’s
had many earthquakes. The Golden Gate Bridge is very strong. – Are you carrying Lexi
up, over your shoulder? – Yeah, well if she’s– – She’s out. – Yeah. – All right. – As he starts going up– – The ladder.
– The ladder, I’ll watch him. I don’t agree. – You don’t agree? – I don’t agree that
up is the right answer. I think that up means that he falls into the Bay when this goes down. So I don’t say anything, I just start walking and doubling back. – All right. – And heading back towards,
there’s a toll booth area there, then there’s
a building there attached to the toll booth area
but it’s on the mainland and if the earthquake’s going to continue, the Bridge is gonna go
before the mainland does. – Roll to not have him notice you. – Okay. (chuckles) I will burn whatever’s on top. – What is on top? – Ingenuitive. – Roll. Just you. So you continue to climb up, Lib. Lexi, as you drift into this
place of unconsciousness, we talked about the pain and
what it was doing to you, you start to feel that pain
drift away from you slowly as your body becomes cold and you feel this sense of something, what is it? – Something very… What Lexi interprets as spiritual. She is having almost like
a religious experience with having the pain leave. – And climbing higher
and higher and higher. – She opens her eyes and then she can see how big the moon is. – It’s so big. – But she’s not exactly
sure why she’s rising. – Right, and as your body
lifts up one rung at a time, you open your eyes briefly for
a moment to see this giant, beautiful moon laid in front of you and it’s so crystal clear, the craters and the various
pockmarks that are on it and it is as if you could
reach out and just touch it and you could live there
and there would be no pain and that everything wrong would now drift into sleeplessness and that feeling of being
able to touch the moon as you raise your hand
out is the last thing that you experience before you die, right there on his
shoulder from blood loss. Erika, thank you so much for playing. – Thank you. – I appreciate it, that was, I’m so sorry.
– No, it’s okay. – Thank you again. I’m going to have to ask you
to leave my table though. – That’s okay. – Lib, Lib and Cameron, there was no failure here but there was neglect. It took you this long to even offer her a shoulder on which to lean on to get up to here and she spent most
of it climbing up herself. She succumbed to her wounds and as you climb up, Lib, you climb up the spire and you go into it, you just think about
everything that’s happened to this point and it doesn’t
ever occur to you to look back, to look down towards where
Cameron would be, should be and you don’t notice anything about Lexi and the fact that she has
slipped off from unconsciousness. But you make it to the top, you do. You get all the way up there and it’s so high and the moon is so bright
and it looks magnificent. The sea that’s laid out around you as you can see most of San
Francisco is under the water now. Cameron, you’ve been
hopping from car to car. You’ve been moving, slipping through. You make it to the toll booth. What do you want to do? – I’m gonna, is the water
still rising up the hill? – It is. – Shit. Okay, okay, I’m gonna go see if there’s, the station
attached to the toll booths, I’m gonna go inside
and just see if there’s anything I can find in
there that is useful, that is worth anything, that is something that’s gonna help me
out in this situation. (dice rattling) – One one. – One one. – And no successes. No, you don’t find anything useful. But you do find something else. Let’s speak two truths, two last truths before the story ends. Cameron, let’s start with you. – There’s something in here with me. – I recognize that Lexi’s moved on. – Cameron, as you sit in this toll booth, you just are wrenching doors open
and pulling anything apart. You’re tearing this booth
apart just for anything, anything at this moment that
might take you from this. It’s familiar movement, it’s safe. This is okay, this is just about you. You need to be able to
make it through this. This is what you’ve always
done, you’ve survived. This was supposed to be your purpose, this was
supposed to be your meaning and you lament the fact
that you’ve gotten this far and yet they never came,
it never occurred, what? You’re going to die here
because the water is rising? You had hoped at least at
some point that the dignity of them would at least take you and it’s this awful feeling that descends upon you when you
feel the ground (rumbling) shake down from underneath
you and that terrible fear, that awful, terrible
fear that you have been holding onto, that you’ve been avoiding, that you have run from
for your entire life and you attempt to throw yourself against the toll booth room in order to get out and you bang against the door but somehow you’ve managed to close it in the meantime and you keep throwing
your body against it. You need to get out, you need to get out. You need to get out and you get– (laughing) Out, somehow you get out
and you wrench the door open as you can feel the ground
beneath you start to slip. (crackling) As you start to scramble
in front and you pick your legs back up as you continue to run and you feel something, a whip, a lash, just (slashing) come out
and like the snap of a whip, it just cracks and it
slacks you across your ankle and you feel barbs sinking into your ankle as you look behind you and you see it. You see them and you look at it. It is this crystalline disc of teeth as these 12 beady black dots lift themselves out of
the ground for a moment and you can– – Why?
– Try to get away. One single dice. And you feel as this
tentacle pulls itself up and you can see it’s long,
it’s long, what is it? Is it an insect, a worm of some sort? Is it some kind of ancient, prehistoric creature? And these moments are drifting into you as both the terror and
the curiosity overcome you and the warm embrace of these muscles slipping, pulling you and engulfing you and blackness overtakes
you and there’s this warm, terrible feeling of these
small muscle movements like a snake just pulling you in. It didn’t even crunch down upon you. – Where did the stars go? – The stars have gone out. Alex, thank you sir so much.
– Thank you. – If you had lasted a little longer, you could have had your
hope dice with it but– – Not everybody gets their hopes. – Not everyone gets their hopes. Leaving us with one candle left. Lib, as you mentioned in the truth, and there is only one truth to speak of and that is the world is dark, that is the only one I
can speak to you about, you lay Lexi next to you as you climb over this crested horizon and you kind of sweetly lean her almost like if she was a doll, you prop her up as you both sit and see as for the first time in so many days, the crest of the sun as it seems to be peering over the horizon and something’s going
through your mind right now. What is it? – It’s time that I meet my maker. – This goes through your head as the perfect rays of the
sun that start to crest into and spill over the now submerged San Francisco Bay area, it illuminates what has
been hidden for so long. A wall of water, a wave so many miles high. It is taller than the monoliths even. This giant skyline of water that is in front of you and you can see that it
has already hit the Bay and it is moving and it is a perfect, cleansing wave that you know will
be here soon enough and this moment of the light sun coming across of the water as you and Lexi
and her tiny fallen form is nestled against you
and in another world, in another place, in another dimension, this could have just been you and your kid sitting and watching
the sun rise together. Jeremy, thank you so much for playing. – Thank you. – I’m going to have to
ask you to leave my table. And that just leaves us
one final thing to do and that is to play the final messages of our dearly departed characters. – This is Valerie Velacourt. I have no idea what to do
or what’s gonna happen. I thought I was brave but I’m not. Just everything happened
so quickly, you know? It just became dark so fast and the light, we keep searching for it
but it just doesn’t stay. It just goes away so fast. It’s so fleeting. It just seems so hopeless. Everything just seems so hopeless. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m trying so hard but
I don’t know what to do. (weeping) And I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. If you can hear this, if
you’re listening to this, please know that I’m so sorry and I didn’t mean to ruin
another family’s life. I wasn’t trying to, I’m so sorry. I really, I don’t deserve to be here any longer, I don’t. – Hey dad. It’s been days since the spires appeared. I don’t know what to do or if you’ll, I mean I know you’ll never hear this but the water is low. All the fish are gone. I know you would say it’s time to move on but I don’t know where to go. Your advice has gotten me this far, so I guess it’s not the
time to stop taking it. I really should have
listened to you sooner. I’m sorry it took the actual
end of times for me to. Maybe I could have actually saved you. But I just feel so useless. Why was I the one to survive? Why me? Maybe I’m supposed to use your
advice to save someone else. I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m gonna do but I’m definitely just gonna try, I’m gonna try and make you proud. So, it’s time for me to leave the boat. – Hi. I don’t know if you’re gonna hear this. I don’t know if you’re still here and I know we haven’t
talked in a long time. But I thought I should say something. I’m still here in San Francisco and we’re going to go out and search for food. We don’t have any any more on the boat. I don’t know why today’s different but I wanted to record this today. It feels different. I didn’t feel like I knew
what I wanted to do when, how things used to be. I just kinda waited for life to happen to me. I never realized I was wasting it but when everything happened,
when the monoliths came, I found a purpose, I found, survival became my purpose and that made sense. It made sense to keep
going, to keep living and then I met everybody, everybody else on this boat and it got more complicated. But I always knew I could go back to just surviving. Anyway, I don’t know really
what I’m trying to say. You probably won’t hear this but I’m sorry I never called you, mom. I miss you. Bye, I guess. – Not really sure if this thing works or who will even hear it if it does. My name is Livingston Moss. My family and my friends call me Lib. Well, they used to. The day they came, everything changed. Not the change my grandparents back in Mississippi used to say. “Boy, “change gonna do you good.” Nothing about them is good. I had a life. I had a family. I had a house and a career. What does it even matter
what I’m saying to you? Whoever you are, you’re
all dead just like me. So congratulations to them. The sun is darkened. The moon doesn’t give the same light. The game is over. You’ve won. All I know is the vultures have gathered. The last trumpet has
played its final sound. Our world, your world is forever changed. I can’t lose my faith. I can’t. God, be with me. (somber electronic music) (ominous electronic tones)

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