Charles Baker on the Cane River dam removal

Charles Baker. I’m with Baker Grading and Landscaping. We’re the stream contractor for this project. You don’t see very many local projects like
this in the area. This was a very unqiue project. It’s also very close to home. We’re a local company, this is a local project. It involves stream restoration which is our
main line of business. And you don’t see very many dams that are
350 feet wide and about 40 to 50 fifty feet high. The biggest challenge with this project was
how to go about staging the removal of the dam itself. I mean where you started and how you went
about that process was everything, all the way down to removing the power house as the
last section. So, I feel like we had a solid plan. I think the weather was very cooperative,
always a big hand in everything, which we’re very thankful for. But we had contingency plans in place in case
that did happen, and, so we tried to everything consciously and the best way we knew how to
safely remove the dam. It has been a challenging project and I always
like challenging projects. And, so it’s sad to see it, it’s bittersweet,
it’s sad to see it end, but at the same time I was very much proud to be part of this

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