Charli D’Amelio Breaks Down TikTok Fame and Teases Upcoming Tour

-For those that don’t know you or don’t know TikTok, can you explain?
What is TikTok? -So, TikTok
is a very creative app where there’s not one thing
to put it in a category of. It’s 15- to 60-second videos of really doing
whatever you want. Sometimes I vlog. I mostly dance. A lotta people do comedy. There’s a lot of art. It’s really all over the place and you can just post
whatever you want or you enjoy making. -I just wanna run down
some numbers here. In less than a year, you have almost 35 million
followers on TikTok. [ Cheers and applause ]
-[Laughs] -That’s crazy. You have over two billion likes. Billion. Wow! [ Cheering and applause ] You have nine million
followers on instagram and you were actually featured
in a Super Bowl commercial. This is less than a year. Wow!
How things have changed. [ Cheering and applause ]
Congratulations. -Thank you. -I love that. When did you realize
that it was actually clicking, that people were watching
what you were doing? -So, for me, I actually had like
the one video to go viral that kind of started it all. -Yeah.
-It was a duet of this woman, @movewithjoy,
who makes easy dances. And it’s her voice speaking and you just copy
whatever she says. So I dueted the video that she
did and it was just like, “Step, step, hip, hip,” like stuff like that,
very simple. It was like eight moves
and I posted it. I was on my way to some
summer dance camp thing. -Oh, okay. -So it was —
-You go to dance camp? Yeah.
-Okay. -So it was about an hour
and a half away from my house. So, I posted it before I left
and then, I got in the car with my mom
for an hour and a half. -Sure.
-And my phone kept going off and I was like,
“Mom, like what’s going on? Like why are people liking this?
This is so –” -Like, how many likes
were you seeing? -I was like, “I got 90 likes.” -Yeah!
[ Cheering and applause ] “Yes!
I got 90 likes, Mom!” -It was like 90 likes. -Yeah.
-And then it was like 500 likes. And then it was 10,000 likes. And then it got up to — before I walked into dance
class, it was about 50,000. I was like, “That’s it.
I’m famous. [ Laughter ]
Don’t talk to me.” [ Applause ]
-Yeah. -And then I was like,
“Wait, what do I do now? Like, I can’t post — I can’t post what I
normally post now.” -“I can’t post just anything. I gotta do something special.
-Yeah, I need to put time and effort into this.
-Up my game.” -And then, my next video,
I went back to, of course, posting me dancing in my room,
or in my bathroom, by myself. -Do you always videotape —
just — were you always
into dancing and just — -Yeah, I’ve actually — I’ve been training in dance
since I was three. I actually started competing
when I was five. -Wow! So this is —
-Yeah. [ Cheering and applause ]
-I mean, from what I just saw, I mean, it’s perfect
for this app. It’s just like perfect.
-Yeah. No, dance has been a part
of my life since ever. There’s videos of me dancing
like before I could walk. -Oh yeah, right.
-Yeah. -Is there a favorite place
to film a video for you? -Okay, so this is like
really, really weird, but I’ve noticed me
and all my friends always film in the bathroom. -Why? Just ’cause the mirror’s there? -It has the best lighting.
-Ah! [ Laughter ] -Like, we’ve realized,
a bunch of my friends, like we’re always like,
“Oh, let’s make a TikTok,” and then we just all walk
to the bathroom and we’re like, “This is so weird.”
-Yeah, why do you all go in there? Yeah.
[ Laughter ] For those who are watching,
is there a secret to making a video? -You just have to be authentic. Like you can’t fake a smile. You have to do what you
actually enjoy. That’s why,
when I’m not feeling like — “I don’t wanna
make videos today,” I’ll just be like,
“Okay, I won’t post today. Like that’s fine.” -And do you invent your stuff
or do you — Can you copy other people?
Can you — -That’s the fun thing
about TikTok, is there are so many new trends. There’s probably like
a new trend every day. -Yeah, and challenges
and all this stuff. -Yeah.
Someone will make a dance video or a little comedy bit that you
can add your own twist onto and — I mean,
I’ve made some dances, but a lot of people,
like Hailey, Jalaiah, like Addison, Avani, Madi,
like all my friends, we love it so much
that we’ll spend like 20 minutes just coming up with a dance
and just being like, “Oh. Oh,” and then all
of our friends will do it and it’s like a trend. It’s so cool to just see -That’s really fun.
-how it works, yeah. I also like what you’re doing
with all this. [ Cheering and applause ]
I know. You — [ Cheering
and applause ] Listen to what you’re doing
with your — with your fame. First of all,
how is your sister doing? Didn’t she have —
-Yeah, she had her wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, so.
-Wow. That’s a big deal. Dixie, we’re sending you
vibes, buddy. [ Laughter ]
But, what are you doing together with your sister, with UNICEF? -So, we paired up with UNICEF
for Internet Safety Day and talking
about how cyberbullying really can affect people. And I feel like
it’s very important to raise awareness about that
’cause a lot of people don’t like talking
about the hate they get. And I know, especially me,
I get a lot. And —
-You get a lot of hate? -Yeah.
-Wow. That’s crazy, huh? -Yeah, so, I’d rather use
the platform that I have now to talk and raise awareness
because, yeah, it hurts when I’m getting it — like from me, but it hurts
the same when I was like in school and someone would
comment like, “Oh, you’re ugly,” under my like instagram post and I had like, what,
40 followers? -Yeah.
-It hurts the same, so I just feel like it’s very,
very important, raising awareness about that
and just showing everyone like it’s okay to not be okay. Like you just have to know that these people
aren’t worth your time. [ Cheering, whistling,
and applause ] -It’s so unbelievable. You won’t even remember this
part of your life when you’re older.
It’s a blip. I totally agree with you. What is next for you? -There’s a lot of stuff
coming up. I can’t give all the details.
-I know, but can you give one detail?
-Yeah. So, [ Laughter ]
we have something planned for the summer,
where I’m going to, hopefully, be able to meet a lot of fans
and people that follow me and — -Like maybe a tour? -Yeah, maybe something
like that, over the summer. [ Cheering and applause ]
Very exciting. So, yeah, I mean, stay tuned
for updates on that. That’s gonna be fun. -That’ll be so exciting. Stay tuned to hear
all the good stuff like that. Charlie D’Amelio,
on the way out, do you wanna do our
“Ooh, na na na” -Yeah.
-one last time? Alright. We’ll be right back
with a performance from Haim, everybody. One, two, three.
♪♪ [ Cheering and applause ]
♪ Ooh, na na na ♪ ♪ Ooh, na na na ♪ ♪ Uh na ♪ ♪ Uh, uh ♪ ♪♪
[ Laughing ] -[laughing] That was so fun. We’ll be right back.
Come on back, everybody. [ Cheering and applause ]
I was like, “One –”

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