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Hi everyone so it’s Holly with Missouri
River Soap and today I am making a batch called chasing rainbows it’s going to be
a new rainbow so first thing I want to do is put in the coconut milk I’m
splitting this batch into three because I’m using one of my larger molds it’s
gonna be a layered design so I thought that would work out well as I want to
have time between each layer so that’s the coconut milk and I do want some
titanium dioxide in this one so I’m going to add a little bit to the base
also I’m wanting a white base when my fragrance is quite yellow and it may
still end up being a bit buttery color you know add in lye solution my base
oils are just a hair warm today I had to reheat my base oils so a little bit warm
I’m hoping that will work with me with this bottom layer I decided it would be
best to pause for a moment bring over my mold add in just a little bit more
titanium dioxide I don’t want it to crackle but I really do want to lighten
it up a bit so in with the fragrance oil and it is a
mango tangerine with a touch of peach and a touch of citrus strawberry type
fragrance I’m not even getting a trace yet my oils weren’t really too warm but
my coconut milk was a little bit cool so that helped to bring down the
temperature and my lye solution was cool so what kind of brought us back to
a room temperature I don’t feel any heat now at all I want this to be thick enough that it’s
going to solidify fairly quickly but I need it to be able to spread also in the
mold I recently remade my rainbow shop with all the layers and the purple layer
I let it be a little bit too thick and it the fragrance accelerated a little
bit more than I was expecting and so in the long run it kind of didn’t spread
very well and I had to had to use like a bench scraper to kind of smooth it flat now smack this down usually try to strip
the container before I smack it down in this situation you may pour this in
towards an end in case it decides to be a bit on the lumpy side oh it’s still
going to absorb it but we’re just at that stage where it’s starting to get a
little bit lumpy instead of smoothing out so I definitely
should have stopped and poured that a little bit sooner I don’t think that
little bit is really going to be very noticeable what I can do like I was just
talking about is take this bench scraper and just very lightly lay it on the
surface for the most part it turns out okay I don’t think I’m even going to
mess with that anymore so I need to wait just a little bit because I want to be
able to pour on the top of this layer without it’s sinking it at all so I
really need it quite solidified so I’m going to take a little break between
this layer and the next and that’s why I split it up into three batches okay so
it’s been about thirty minutes so I took a little break and now I’m going to
start at the middle layer which was gonna be the rainbow layer I did a batch
like this kind of before it was orange though I think on the top and the bottom
I was trying to find a picture of it earlier today and I could not find my
picture to see how that design compared to what I’m doing today that was my coconut milk we do just want a touch of titanium
dioxide in this to kind of create more pastel colors I just a bit more than that one more
spoonful and now I’m going to put in the lye
solution I do have some lye lint on these today but since it’s fresh in
small pieces it’ll incorporate just fine I don’t worry about it I don’t want this to go too far I am
going to blend it a bit more in a little bit I really just want to emulsify it and now
with my fragrance oil I don’t know about you guys but the little rings that I get
from you know when fragrance oil and oils and such those little rings just
drive me nuts I have got to clean them up I’m bringing in my handy containers but they don’t have six of the smaller
ones at the moment I can’t see what that is okay about one liter is what I’m
doing and then I’ll add to it if needed have to take a little away or just
make one color not quite as quite not as much that’s pretty much left in the
bottom though so I am going to have to pour some out I do just have dry mica
well well I’m wearing the dry mica it’s such a small amount that it’s a lot
easier to mix in though it does go everywhere though I’m hoping that’s going to be enough color
okay so I’m gonna do yellow it is quite pastel but we’ll say looks
like I want a little bit more color all right so now just good drizzle in
this layer it’s starting to get a little thick but in my experience when get a
little bit thicker gonna be better because it’s gonna hold the color
differences as long just get it all in there this is one reason why I don’t use
dry colorant because I end up blending too much so I’m probably gonna quit
doing that I decided to give it a try for a while and sometimes it works for
me sometimes it just doesn’t so I think it’s more convenient to mix it with my
colorant with my base oils well what I had done is I had mixed these particular
colors up for several batches so I didn’t want just to use you know I
didn’t just want to mix it with oil since I was using these particular
colors for different batches if that makes sense
I love these pastel colors this is making me so happy and I love this pink oh my goodness this pink
is amazing okay it’s starting to get a little bit
hard on my hands I’m cleaning the edges off I’m debating what
I’m gonna do about this batch here I would like it to be flatter or more roughed up
I have to decide what direction I’m headed even though it’s not thick I am
pleased with the fact that the colors are all separate I think that in the
long run is prettier then pouring it too thin and the color is getting mottled so
I know it’s going to be gorgeous inside so I’m pretty excited about that because
when you start mixing these rainbow colors together they can go muddy very
very quickly all right well I’m gonna just turn the camera off and I’m gonna
think about this for a minute all right so you decided that I’m gonna smooth it
out just a bit this isn’t going to make a huge difference to my design by
smooshing it a bit it’ll just be on the top of that layer because my soap is not
very level these bench scrapers can be very handy you can see the colors are not really
mottling at all and if anything it’s just this top pinky pink orange yellow
layer which looks very nice still but I still have some air pocket-y spots I am
so excited about this soap looks so nice just wanted it to be fairly flat
I’m having to like kind of soften it up and cause it to fill those like those um you
know kind of gaps as it’s still thick but I think I will like this so much better
so I could do this all day that’s the problem so I need to just finish I’m
really just barely touching it but it’s creating these grooves that I kind of
want to get rid of those all right so let’s finish this soap batch up in with
the coconut…wow and the coconut milk good golly it’s
splattery all of a sudden and then I’m gonna go ahead and put in the titanium
dioxide last time I did five spoonfuls so I want it to match now for the lye solution fragrance oil well good grief
I’m not used to making this big of a mess I want to be able to pour that in and let
it fill in the unevenness of my attempt to evenness the last layer so it is not
even at a trace actually I guess I blend it a smidgen more oh it’s getting heavy okay here we go pour in this beautiful lusciousness of soap it’s getting thick quite quickly a lot
of stick blending happen shimmy and smack it down release air
bubbles pop I let this set for just a little bit well it’s kind of nice
actually I want it to have a little texture on the top it is probably okay
caue I don’t want it to be too high with any peaks because this is already a
pretty big batch and then it probably won’t fit in my soap boxes won’t be a lot of room
to spare I should say so I can’t tell just kind of swoosh it up a bit okay I’m just gonna put on a little bit
of iridescent glitter just uh just a nice little sprinkle it’s not very iridescent-y though so I might grab some other ones it is really my favorite but it’s a
little bit silver but if I just am very gentle with it
it’s going good I just don’t want a whole bunch just a little bit of glitter this stuff can come up really fast all if a sudden all right so I’m gonna call that good I really just wanted just a little
hair of glitter just a smidgen now here we have the chasing rainbows soap
and I will be back for the cut okay so I’m back to cut chasing rainbows soap and
I could not be more pleased with this batch I’m pretty sure isn’t that just so
pretty I love love how it turned out I can add it a couple more loves
onto there this turned out so neat I can see where oh we don’t fit here
moving forward a hair um I can see where some of my layers weren’t exactly even
but I don’t even think it matters in this soap I’m gonna cut off an end
always like to cut off the ends to get my because well look at this see how
the end has some weirdness and this is where I was I scraped the edge of the
mold I just use these as samples I did have just a little bit of ash I sprayed
it pretty good again the next day or when I unmolded it what about I love
rainbows and I love this rainbow soap anyway I did spray it pretty liberally
and it did kind of I don’t know what the good word for that is anyway it
definitely took care of the ash there’s just uh just a hint of it in a
few spots but I think it worked well with it so this scent is super good I am
crazy pleased with this blend as you can tell the
batter did end up being quite yellow and it’s not white which is totally cool
it is the buttery yellow I just think it works great with it but also because the
scent is such a citrusy blend it actually turned out very similar to like
a rainbow sherbet type only I think it’s better and that’s a very citrusy just
super-sweet type of a fragrance gosh I just I love this it is almost has like a
landscape in some like a rainbow-y sunset landscape one of my subscribers
not a subscriber someone on Facebook one of my customers said that it
reminded them of a Southwest theme and you know what it does it’s pretty cool makes
me think of like pictures you see of Arizona and all the wildflowers and like
Sedona I want to go to Sedona someday I’ve never been to Arizona and one of my
my bestest buds ever and some very delightful customers also live in
Arizona I send a lot of product Arizona but we’d love to take the 5th wheel out
there someday my husband has a conference to go to out in Arizona and
only in Phoenix but we were thinking wouldn’t it be fun if we could take the
fifth wheel and we could all go I mean I guess we’ve sort of recovered from our
Colorado trip my ex-brother-in-law always called it Coloraydo so I actually
do tend to call it Coloraydo let’s butcher that kind of like calling
Missouri how is it that the old timey Missourians
they say at Mizzurah I don’t really like it that way I’m sure people cringe when
I say Coloraydo but I don’t know it just makes me think
of him and I laugh so that’s the story with that but we were thinking it would
be awesome to take a trip out there and I definitely want to go to Arizona
there’s just I feel like Arizona has a lot to offer and it would be great fun
to go someday it’s gonna be a heck of a journey to get there from Missouri
though so I don’t know I’d love to go out to Lake Tahoe and let’s see some
other places we have some family that is going to be out in the Tahoe area
but it’s all quite a journey especially by land so I don’t know I don’t know
that that’s ever gonna happen well I don’t know that it’s gonna happen
anytime soon it will to my best of my abilities happen someday to the best
abilities have it someday my husband and I think we’ll travel quite a bit when
the kids have flown the coop but I don’t know I like to think about it anyway so
these are some pretty nice samples really I actually have a whole lot
because when I use this particular mold I get let’s see I get five loaves out
of it and I do slice a bit off each side so I get a bunch of samples which it’s
kind of awesome for me so I still have some loaves of my rainbow soap to cut so I
thought okay maybe I’ll add that in here on the end this batch was made just a little
while prior to the chasing rainbows so it’s quite a bit harder and
we have a couple of the loaves cut up already and some them are even cleaned up
because I’ve been taking pictures there we have the new rainbow soap and who knows
what making rainbow soap means for me that means that confetti blossom is
coming up next and I do have plenty of people that love confetti blossom let’s go
let’s go over here and then we can look at it so pretty I got my layers pretty
good I notice blue is just a smidgen thicker and some in loaves it’s
alright this one is scented in our classic pear scent it smells amazing it’s just one of those things that I have stuck
with pear being the scent for this particular soap sometimes I switch it
around like the neon rainbow but this one has stayed the same
just is just looking so pretty love it I would love to keep more rainbows soaps in stock all the time but it’s just that they’re very labor-intensive and it does
hurt my hands quite a bit to stir so many pots of color all at once for one
batch so we just have to let them be special for special occasions I do have
another almost rainbow plan we’ll see if I am able to get that one accomplished
okay so I’m going to cut this this is pretty big it’s right at a bar size and that actually
looks pretty good there on the back so I guess I’ll keep that we’ll just clean
that off so it’s just a well it’s just right at a bar but maybe a sliver off
so that’ll work we’ll do that I don’t know if I’m going
to be able to I kind of get from a space closed it on oh I messed up my row
okay well we’ll come back we’ll fix that in a minute always gotta have the straight lines my
husband tells me he’s like your OCD is showing put that away
yeah I didn’t always used to be super particular there was a very defining
moment a couple of defining moments in my life that kind of I don’t like the
word triggered but you know kind of caused me to think about certain things
a little bit more one was up all our dogs got out at one time and that was when
had five at the time and it was very traumatizing for me being an animal
lover and all our dogs we’re missing and that was just because I hadn’t done the
lock right and so I was a little particular about locks for a while I’m
kind of over that for the most part especially since everything is technology
related anymore you know your cars beep at you and security systems tell you
that everything’s locked but anyway so that’s probably just TMI I’m
sure a lot of you can relate to such things this is just looking great I’m
super pleased with this batch I slice just a sliver off the back end of this one
and here is the rainbow batch it looks great all right guys I’ll talk to you
later bye

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