Chasing the Big One Snake Lollie Fishing Burnett river Paradise dam EP.369

okay I’ve got a slight problem I just
hit a log and let’s put a hole in my sidewall of the tire that tires now
pretty much bogit I think and very flat I’ve got one
sphere ah this is not good I’m also not in a good spot here yeah it’s not flat
ground at all and jacking it up I might have to put some rocks under the tires
hopefully that’ll stop it from rolling but no no flat ground along here I think that tell us pretty much plug it
after that I’m not gonna go any further there’s road ends in the water that’s
cool I’ll just show you what I’m talking about enough you saw that because I pull
that pretty quick right deaf lens right there that’s it no further than that
yeah as you’ve seen it’s a bit of an ordeal to get here it wasn’t quite the
place I wanted to go to but I’m at this a bit of a lake here
and last time I fished with snake lollies to catch catfish and I’m gonna
do the same thing again but I’ve come back to try and catch the monster with a
live bait so I’m gonna catch my bait with this hopefully my dinner as well
with this and then I’ve got a big rod and yeah show show you what it was see
see what it was for myself and I’ve got the canoes set up on the wheelies makes
the trick the water better I don’t have to do like carry the canoe carry the
gear yeah it just makes it so much easier it takes like 20 seconds to to
rig it up so that’s really cool all right I’ve looked it pretty light so
I might fish in the morning I’m not sure yet yeah I was pretty exhausted after
the driving around getting lost I didn’t show you most of that but I yeah the
tire was a bit of a pain after you don’t get that fixed because I’m meeting
people to do a collaboration with soon so Jimmy turtle and Rodney from Roca
kittens so yeah keep a night for those episodes but we’ll get in this and now losing daylight fast I’m gonna go to a
spinnerbait that these vibrations will excite the fish more I might try the
snakes later on or in the morning but I just want to get a fish tonight cuz I’m
I’ve been eating all that much on the road just sort of doing lots of
traveling oh yes oh my god Oh little catfish that’s perfect for
bait all right what I’ve done is I’ve put two hooks in
this little catfish is skin and I’m just gonna drop him over the side he would
just be on this big broad and a couple of metres behind me
I’ll persist with the spinner bait a little bit longer
some fishing pretty slow at the moment I’ve been here an hour and I’ve only
just caught that one fish it was some big fishing yeah some big fish see if we
can get the same amount of work with a small catfish as a big catfish now he’s
dead played a bit bigger actually I’m gonna keep him yes I’ve got some dinner
not too bad oh yes that is a good fish my certainly
a catfish any little fish he was fought very hard as you can see them try
another spinner bait I’m just trying to figure out what these fish want at the
moment yeah nothing seems to be going really really well any a little fella
all right off you go very good last rays of sunshine on the hill back there and
moving there too I’m gonna call it a day for you guys
I’ll fish till it’s really dark but feel much more anymore I’m very pleasantly
out here actually swish the fish for body and bit harder they were going off
their head last time nothing’s had a touch of that started firing so there’s
something I didn’t expect the winds come right up I don’t know if you can hear
that but yeah it’s too windy Dover for it’s not safe so I’m just gonna cook
that fish in my frying pan on gas burner yeah won’t show you guys that there’s no
point hopefully the wind doesn’t stick around tomorrow if it does I probably
won’t film I’ve had my breakfast canoes really go
from yesterday and time to catch some more fish hopefully they’re a little bit
easier than yesterday but we’re gonna give it a go I’m gonna try and go back to the snake
lolly just on a weedless hook with a split shot because they were Fisher just
tapping it you’re not you’re not hitting it properly they might be eating the
blades on the spinner blade so we’ll give that one a shot again oh yeah in my live bait I think okay
I’ve got two hooks in mr. catfish I forget yep make sure that’s got a nice
light drag so one snake to the fish and one snake to me hmm I like it any my
bait mm-hmm yummy just catching no lon rig up another that’s only used half a
snake quite a lot of gallons snakes soft plastics I’ll set it before in the past
but they is so environmentally friendly I get hungry I can eat them go fishy ate
some there’s no no hassle the fish will just digest the Aloha oh yeah there you
go oh yes I’m sorry baby go it’s any to
curse after the last one I think snake lilies out of the way to go yes Lee no
monsters okay so we get a bigger one soon okay ease off so while I caught a
bunch of fish it wasn’t like last time and I’m I think
it’s good as winter fish are less active in winter and I had the live bait line
out pretty much all yesterday and all this morning but nothing nothing’s come
and even looked at it so I’ll have to come back yeah
that’s fishing but if you haven’t subscribed subscribe check out my
playlist so I’ve got plenty of cool videos snake Wally fishing catfish mini
fishing jungle barramundi blue water pop of fishing mangrove jack
you name it anyway I’m going to get on the road I’ve got about five or six
hours drive and then hopefully next episode will be Timmy turtle and me you

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