Chateaux, Rivers & Wine Itinerary from Viking River Cruises

– [Narrator] Join us
on a delightful journey through Southwestern France for eight relaxing days
roundtrip from Bordeaux. (bright music) Bordeaux is a graceful port filled with remarkable architecture and
a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On this voyage, you’ll experience the unique ambiance of the region. It’s culture and tasty cuisine. And of course, a delicious exploration of lands that have produced
France’s most legendary wines. You’ll sail along the
Gironde River to Pauillac for a wine country tour
of the Médoc Region. Home to some of the world’s most beautiful chateaux and renowned wines. (bright music) There are plenty of tasting
opportunities along the way including the area’s famous Margaux. At Blaye the beautiful
17th century citadel dominates the landscape and offers impressive views of the river. You’ll visit Saint-Émilion,
a lovely hillside town that dates back to pre-historic times, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From Cadillac, it’s off to
Sauternes Region to learn how the area’s distinctively-flavored
sweet wines are made. Then it’s back to charming Bordeaux, to soak in the history and
beauty of this magical city.

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