Chattahoochee River Tube, Raft, Kayak and SUP Rentals

The Chattahoochee River National
Recreation Area offers a convenient and high quality outdoor escape in the heart
of Atlanta. NOC’s two Chattahoochee locations hosts the best paddling and
floating opportunities on the river. The upper section where Johnson Ferry Road
crosses the Chattahoochee in Sandy Springs provides access to a relaxed
meandering flow trip. The lower section begins at Powers Island near the
southern end of Powers Ferry Road. It serves as the take out for the Johnson
Ferry float trip as well as the put in for a Powers Island to Paces Mill float.
The lower section of the Chattahoochee provides a faster current, small class
two rapids, and some notable landmarks like Jump Rock and the Sandbar Beach.
during busy summer weekends is the best place to cool off and enjoy Atlanta from
a different perspective. Paddlers may choose to combine the two sections by
starting at Johnson Ferry and continuing past Powers Island, then taking out at
Paces Mill. This full day trip is a six and a half mile
adventure. NOC runs five water craft options to Chattahoochee River runners.
All rentals include a shuttle, a personal flotation device, or PFD, and one small
dry bag per group. Fast, maneuverable sit-on-top kayaks give paddlers a great
opportunity to explore the river. Kayakers can easily paddle across
currents and even upstream. Stand-up paddle boards offer an alternative
experience on the water. They can provide a full workout, a relaxing float, or a
nice platform for yoga or fishing. River tubing is the most fun activity on the
Chattahoochee. It’s the perfect choice for a casual relaxing float with friends
and family. Inflatable kayaks, also called duckies,
balance the relaxing comfort of a tube and the control of a kayak.
Duckies provide a great introduction to paddling especially on the easy rapids
of the Powers Island section. Finally paddlers can rent full-size
rafts that accommodate groups of three to six people.
Paddlers are free to take drinks and snacks to enjoy on the river.
The National Park Service prohibits glass so paddlers should bring cans or
plastic bottles and always dispose of trash appropriately. The most popular
section of the river is the Powers Island location due to its close
proximity to Jump Rock. The park service requires a three dollar day use fee to
park at Powers Island. Arriving early in the day is the best way to ensure a spot.
Paddlers with their own boats should call NOC’s Chattahoochee outpost to
schedule shuttles. Day passes and season passes are available for private boaters.
The Chattahoochee River is an amazing resource for Atlantans and we’re
excited to share the physical emotional and social benefits of human powered
outdoor activities with all river goers.

2 thoughts on “Chattahoochee River Tube, Raft, Kayak and SUP Rentals

  1. Completed both sections yesterday. It was an enjoyable experience overall but take some time to understand your route before hitting the water. My best advice is to stay to the right side of the river. The current is faster on the right side. It took us just over 6 hours to complete both sections and we only stopped once for 5 minutes. ALWAYS check the forecast before heading out. We got caught in the middle of a lightening storm and due to the sunlight fading fast we had to stay in the water to finish before dark. The upper section was great, calm, relaxing water. A few sections of debris where you have to kind of paddle away from it other wise you will end up hitting a downed tree. The lower section was the rough part for us. Getting stuck on rocks, not knowing which route to take as the river split two or three different times and the NOC team did not explain which direction to take. Once you pass jump rock you want to follow the main section of the river to the right even though it looks as if you can take either. BIG MISTAKE … we took the left side of the river and on a tube it is impossible to pass. I got out and walked across the jagged rock for nearly a mile even though the water looks fast flowing and passable. which brings me to the next point … TAKE SHOES. I wore a pair of slides and the current is moving to fast and the slick rock was impossible to wear them. I had never tubed down this section of the river before and didn't know what to expect other than watching this video. a couple pieces of advice i can offer is to take your tube to Johnson ferry outpost drop them off and have someone stay with them while you drive your vehicle to the paces mill location, then use Uber to take you back to the Johnson ferry outpost. We purchased a shuttle ticket (wrist band) for $10 but after waiting for 25 minutes and no shuttle arriving i elected to call an Uber X for $12. NOC staff couldn't give me a refund at the time and told me to call the powers island location the next business day to see about a refund. All in all the trip was amazing, other than being a little sunburnt it was a great time and i will do it again.

  2. is this only available for white people? I didn't even see a person from another race.

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