Cheap Lighting for Video

What is the best and cheapest lighting for
your YouTube videos that’s super easy to use and set up
We are going to talk about that in this video Hey what’s up Sean here talking about my favorite
cheap lighting for YouTube videos that looks incredible is very affordable and its very
easy to set up and hey ill post show notes and links and
other helpful information everything I talk about in this video in the YouTube description
so check it out there now let’s get into the video so lighting can make all the difference in
the world when it comes to your videos and as you can see here
this is a great looking shot with a few videos that I was shooting with my wife
but watch this as we take the lighting away even on a good quality camera with a good
lens the pop and the vibrancy of the shot drops
so of course you know that lighting is super important and can make the difference in your
video so what lights am I using for this video ?
let’s check them out so this is a neewer cn-160 LED light that
means 160 bulbs in it and to power it we use this npf 550 batteries
and those go right in it and I love this light because a couple things
first of all because I think it’s about 25 or less dollars just for this light
and it comes with a nice feature to test how much battery power you have these batteries
are able to pop in and out and you can add double AAs I believe if you get into an situation
emergency you cant charge up your battery you’ve got the ability to control brightness
which is pretty critical that’s that’s something where you could go
you know way too much and so you are able to soften it up
a little bit and then it comes with two different filters and so when im inside here using kinda
like warm color temperature house lighting then I can match and help filter this light
with that warmer filter so that you can get good light in your YouTube videos if you were outside and you want to do a fill
light or you are just combining helping out your window light you could just use something
that is more in that outdoors color temperature lighting
and then I recommend getting just a couple cheap photography lighting stands
its nice because if you get a stand you can screw it right on with the attachment on
the bottom and you can also adjust an angle the light just with this nice nob right here
to get that perfect lighting set up so again you could see that these lights can
create a very nice result just in a simple set up like this where you
can put them kinda on the left and the right if you were to get the two stands off of Amazon
a couple of the lights and then I like to buy extra batteries and chargers
you can get that all for right about a hundred or less dollars or if you buy a couple extra
batteries you bet about 125 and so you can pack this up quick and easy
and travel with them always get four batteries always have one charging and so your in a
situation where you have different color temperatures you can
do a lot of dynamic you know lighting situations they’re so small so they are gonna fit in
places this is just a great solution cheap quick easy then I also like to get pieces
like this that you can add on to the hot shoe of your camera
then you can mount the light just on your camera and go kind of hand held and have a
light that is available right on the camera so to sum it all up grab you neewer 160 these
the only another thing you could do is grab an extra light stand and an extra light and
you could go three point lighting meaning you put one behind the subject for what would
be like a hair light but you grab a couple of these grab I think
there’s a cowboy studio pack you can grab a couple of cheap light stands
get a couple extra batteries and chargers and then if you want you know some other pieces
like this so you could mount you know maybe a mic receiver or shock end
mic and your lighting on top of your camera you’d be good to go
so thanks so much for checking out this video let me know what you think and some of your
ideas for the cheapest and best lighting for YouTube videos in the comments
hit the like button and then remember to check out the description for extra information
links to all this stuff as well to other videos other resources and things like that we will
talk soon Think Media Tv helping you further faster
in media Adios muchachos
Get this post is very sturdy Listen to her little
Get this right here

100 thoughts on “Cheap Lighting for Video

  1. your videos are amazing thank you for taking the time to help us out 🙂

  2. Thanks for the video, I ordered the 2x Stand/ Softbox / battery pack for 125 on amazon.
    Hoping this helps my videos pop a little better, I've just been using a Polaroid Ring light that works pretty well, but I'm unable to go wider then 24 MM on my nikon without it being in frame, also looking directly at the light even on its lowest setting isn't ideal.

  3. really cool, seeing your recommendations from a few years ago. This light seems to be a reliable and cheaper option. Thanks again.

  4. you can get a single light off Amazon that comes with a tall tripod (of course you can adjust it), a light bulb, and an umbrella for $30. Or you can get 3 lights by the same brand that comes with, the tripod, the bulb, and the umbrella, for $40 off Amazon. Still like the vid though.

  5. Going to be buying these soon! It will help so much making videos in the evening! They are a great solution. Thank Sean. Keep Grinding.

  6. Hey thank you for the awesome video. I am trying to find the shoe/converter to use in order to attach those lights on this kind of stands ( ) do you have any idea how this is called?

  7. Thanks for the advice. We subbed and cant wait to watch more. Btw your tag selection is great. We have a lot to learn when it comes to tagging and light.

  8. Hey any chance you (or anyone) can recommend another cheap lightning stand? Searched for this specific lightning stand but they don't ship to the UK. Thanks in advance to anyone who comments!

  9. This is great, thanks! Do you think a soft-box is needed for this type of setup or does the dimmer feature pretty much cover that?

  10. "Hundred or less dollars". Hundred dollars or less. Sorry, not to be annoying, but I'm a college professor. Guess I just can't leave it alone. lol . But I thoroughly appreciate the information.

  11. Very helpful and informative video and I'm definitely going to buy at least one of these for my channel!

  12. Hi! We've recently started our channel and we have been learning a lot from you! Thank you! We have a question regarding our cameras… we can't seem to get it to focus correctly (Vixia HF R72). We mainly have to shoot at night and have one 160 led light (Kodak SL1600) and two led worklights (Husky 2500 lumens). We hope you can drop by (Postres Don Fede TV). Any advice will be highly appreciated. We'll be posting videos in English very soon but for now we are still learning. Thank you for your awesome channel!

  13. bro – thank you so very much – you just made the lighting for season 2 AWESOME – once i hit 5000 cred fo sho!

  14. I have like a sealing light 3 spots can I just put some led light bulbs in them and all point them to the place I make the video? Will that help? 🙂

    Edit: I bought that stuff dude. Good stuff according to another friend. Ps: the best result is your wife… so happy for you man. 😉

  15. Honestly, I feel like it's overexposed. The natural lighting from the room looks fine.

  16. These are good stands to help with green screen lighting too, might need three for a back light, glad i found this vid

  17. I have 2 different battery sets for these and be mindful that they only give you 100% light for up to an hour max and then start dimming down.

    Great videos man, pretty much the best content in your niche in my opinion!

  18. I am going to be doing no twitch streaming with a green screen will it look better with a light and if so is it worth it to purchase it

  19. Helps to have a great looking subject too!!! Her: YEAH!!; You: meh! You still do good videos though. 😉

  20. i haven't started videos yet but i got two daylight lightbulbs right out of Walmart for almost $5 each..i use them in my desklamp wen im doin my nails and they're nice and bright just like the ones u have in this video

  21. Thanks. I have been creating videos for my corporate clients for some time now but have never been too thrilled with the lighting, I'll give this a shot. Cheers. I love the fact that you can use it outdoors too, which will be fab for catching my #languagenergy ladies in action.

  22. So cool to see this video and compare it with a video of this year. Love it!

  23. hi thanks for the video!. they dont really sell that where i live but they do have the Apature Amaran AL-H160 . would i be able to get the same results with that? thanks

  24. I can't find this exact mount (Fancierstudio Dual Mount Light And Sound Bracket)… wondering if you have any other recommendations of a similar one to buy on amazon?

  25. even a few years later the video is still working! just picked up these lights. pickup in a week!

  26. Cheap to me is like $20 not $100 lol still good tips though! I'm on to the next video..

  27. all of your videos are only to promote amazon products

    im actual amazon is applying 3 times money for shipping and custom duty

  28. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My lighting needs an upgrade but I cannot spend a fortune right now. Perfect!

  29. Will these lights work with any type of camera? I have a camcorder from canon rather than a DSLR camera.

  30. this was great! exactly what i was looking for!! thank you for making an informational video that didn't have a lot of useless filler my only other comment would be I wish you had more shots with different filters to show the difference, but no big deal this video was great!!!

  31. I dont care if its cheap, i dont care if is easy, i only care if i can find it without ordering online..

  32. Actually these LED lights are more expensive than softboxes in Poland :/

  33. I have this same set up and I think it is the best and most affordable way to have cheap professional lighting

  34. Great idea! Cannot wait to come to the States & buy these. ?

  35. Great video!! Thank you!
    I just bought 2 of the lights, the set of 2 light stands, pack of 2 batteries and the travel charger!
    I'm so excited to try them!!!! Just what I needed! Thank you again!

  36. I like the larger box type lights in your other video, but these are great because I'm limited on space to film and storage space. 🙂 I have them in my Amazon cart now.

  37. I'm using an LED panel but I'm noticing flicker from the lights. Thoughts?

  38. Is it possible to have it too close? I am getting the Neewer cn-160 along with a mount for my monitor so it is near my webcam. Would turning down the brightness make it work when it is very close?

  39. What mic do you use… Like what can you get that will attach to the mount in the camera

  40. Soooo helpful thank you! Lighting is the bane of my existence currently lol

  41. Hey, I really like your videos and I'm learning a lot from them, thanks for that.
    I am starting to make cooking videos (like Tasty videos) in my small kitchen and I need some advice on lighting and camera. At the moment I'm using Samsung S6 smartphone camera (1080p 30fps) is basic camera so I need a decent FHD camera and 2 or 3 LED panels for continuous lighting, I'm on a low budget, please can you make any recommendations?

  42. Hey man, i live in a small house so i dont have much space, the lighting is creating a giant shadow on the wall, any suggestions?

  43. since it takes Double A's you could get rechargeable double A's like the energizer ones with a big charging block for them as well. I dont know how expensive those batterys and chargers are but the energizers may be cheaper?

  44. Your wife is so cute. Have her in more videos! She's funny (at the end). I like how these lights look, especially for being so cost-effective. It seems like these are a great place to start with lighting and then they can be used later to light walls or hair when one can eventually move up to a ring light.

  45. I bought the lights and stands you linked to on Amazon. The lights are a different thread and won't mound on the stands. Now what?

  46. HOLY CRAP! I'm so used to your newer videos… I came across this and didn't even recognize you for 20 seconds.

  47. Guess we have a whole different definition of "cheap", but I guess I could have known that already when you said these lights are actually good quality…

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