Check out Bow river and Elbow river for Fly Fishing in Calgary, Canada

This is Bow River If you search on internet, “Calgary” space “Fly Fishing”, will hit on this river “Bow river”. And you can catch big brown trout in the city even if the population is over million people. This is where I supposed to be, Bow River They caught a fish just right now It ’s rare to be present at this moment. This is Elbow River, join to Bow River. A tributary of Bow River. Maybe, we can fish here too. I’m gonna have a breakfast from now because it’s rain today so we don’t fish. just get the license Let me get license I’m in Calgary so I can afford it. I can catch it. There is no need to rush. I need breakfast Lime bicycle “Olympic Plaza” is a park made to commemorate the Calgary Olympics. You can see Calgary Tower That is a public library Food event? Oh Filson store? No, it’s a fishing tackle shop I got good beef and we’ll make a steak hmm with garlic much much garlic

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