Chennai Flood Relief 2015: An Impossible Living in Kotturpuram Area

You are the first one to come here No one came for help here All help was given the other side The water was above roof-top Will you be cleaning these ? No, these have to be disposed off Do you live alone ? Yes, I underwent an eye-surgery recently I don’t have anyone to care for We don’t have anything to wear, there is filth (mud slush) on all our dress>No power…No water supply….>There are always some good hearted men If this calamity had happened in any other nation, people would have fought amongst themselves Luckily, the kids are OK now>>You cannot proceed from here as there is garbage everywhere>To eat, we need some rice and spoons Now, will you require a kerosene stove ? a vessel ? some rice ? for making rice and gravy Kids…they stayed…2 days without food Two (or) three kids would have died… On the terrace, they gave some rice soup Ok, whatever we (from Ramakrishna Math) can do, we will try to do What are your essential requirements? If you can give us rice and dhal, that would be a great service! Reason….we don’t have a job…. for last two days, someone gave rice… but today no one gave, we are starving…. We will try to do whatever we can Thank you

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