Chevy 2500HD Strobe Lights for Trucks with Wicked Stick

How are you doing? Thanks again for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings here with another brand new Chevy 2500 HD fresh
from the dealer to our door, brought to you by Kunes Country. A lot of
guys are getting their trucks there. Apparently, they must do a good deal. So
what we have in the front here, I want to start off showing is the LED headlight
upgrade for the headlights low beam, as well as an 8-head Wicked Slick Stick
in the grille. We’ve got other lights in here but our
flood mode is also tied into some lighting in the back and in the grille as
well, we have the flood mode active in the
Wicked Slick Stick. As you can see, we’ve got quite a bit of warning going on on
this vehicle. We have a unique install as well in regards to the switches. This
truck has the plow preparation package, which gives you the OEM beacon switch
from General Motors up on the ceiling. So that is what’s activating all of the
flashing lighting. One single switch, original equipped does all the
flashing and to do the steady white, we’re using the OEM cargo light switch
because we also have the flood mode going in the back, so we didn’t have to
drill a switch anywhere in the truck. This entire install is activated using
two factory switches, the overhead beacon switch up on the ceiling and the OEM
cargo switch on the dash. As you can see, we have our 8-head Slick Stick in
the grille. We have our Mirror Mod Kit, as well as our Auto Flasher Kit on the roof,
flashing the front mirror lights and the roof. We also have an Auto Flasher Kit
flashing the rear mirror lights. There’s There’s a little better side view of the vehicle. We did incorporate a small pattern switch, so we can adjust the pattern of
the grille bar. As you can see there, I’ve sped up the same pattern and here’s
another pattern that’s going so fast the camera can’t even pick it up. It’s
basically about, oh I’d say 300 FPM per side, bouncing back and forth and
color swapping. Let me show you what we did around the back of the truck. Alright, out back we went with our LED HAW DUO. We’ve got a HD lens in the reverse and an LD lens up in the cargo. The reason we did that is because
we retain the original cargo light and the LD lens leaves a little bit more
room to remount the original cargo light up in there. So when he opens his doors and he wants to use the regular cargo switch to turn on the original light, as
well as steady burn all the flood, it does it all. We have the alternating
pattern between amber and white down on the Thin-X 28-inch under the tailgate
and you can see the white lights, the rear-facing white lights on the mirrors
that the Auto Flasher module is flashing. As I dim the camera here, now you can
see exactly what I’m talking about on the mirror lights there and here you can
see the flood mode operating when we hit the cargo switch. We steady burn not only
the front grille strip but also the reverse, the cargo, the Thin-X Strips and
also, the mirror lights are incorporated into that as well. So you have a tremendous amount of white lighting going to the back when we hit that cargo
switch to help him with reversing or any other needs. Just to show you flood
mode forward, when we hit the flood mode with the cargo switch going forward, the
grille as I said, whitens out but we don’t lose the roof or the mirrors. Those were
not affected because they’re amber lighting, so we did not affect those with
the flood mode switch. The flood mode works with or without warning but this
is what you’ll get if you hit it with the warning on. Alright, I’m sure you’re
wondering how much light does this back end put out. So we darkened up the shop, you can see there, the flood mode’s off. The flood mode’s back on. Puts
out that much light, so easily lights up the shop. I’d equate this to the ability
to light up about a four-car garage or a long wide two-car driveway, maybe one of
those six-car deep wide driveways. A very good amount of light and to the front,
you can see there, a good amount of light forward as well. Alright, I’m gonna close this video showing you that Wicked Stick in the grille. Yes,
that is the 8-head Wicked Stick in there. I did have to trim just a tiny bit of
the plastic for that mounting and this truck does not have the louvers, 2500 HD
without the louvers for cold weather. If you have those louvers, good luck to you.
I don’t know how you’ll do it because this was shoehorned in there to the
maximum capacity. It’s literally touching the grille on each side and back as far
as I could go without totally molesting the framing back there. So thanks again
for watching Wicked Warnings. Be sure to check out the description for links to
all these products and keep us in mind. We’re your number one source for LEDs
and strobe lights, construction and safety equipment for trucks, cars, vans,
buses and anything that needs lighting.

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