Chevy Colorado 4 Corner Vehicle Strobe Light Kit

How are you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George with Wicked Warnings, your number one source for LED strobe lights for
cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, caution and emergency equipment and everything else related to safety. What we have here is a brand-new 2020 baby truck, the Chevy
Colorado. What we have on the front of that is our Thin-X in a TIR series in
amber, on an alternating 75 flash per minute pattern. That’s a split pattern.
This is build to spec, owner’s requirements, so we have four corner
amber on this vehicle and we split the front’s and we alternated the rear with
our LED HAW DUO. This particular Colorado doesn’t have factory fog lights, so we
were able to utilize that blank bezel right in the lower bumper. You can
see right there, how we put it off on a slight angle, which should do this truck
a very good warning when it’s off on the side of the road. This light comes up
directly at about three and a half feet to its brightest point. So when occupants are sitting in a car, it’s working very well to hit them right
in the face, which is I guess what you want to do
with your warning, be bright getting your attention. So as you can see, 2 Thin-X in
amber, TIR series, alternating pattern. You could also alternate if you wish, the
front two lights. This pattern I like. Seems to work better. Keeps moving in the front and then we alternated the rear because most of the danger is gonna be
from behind in this vehicle, so we kept the full alternating color in the back
and went a little bit subdued in the front. Let me show you a
little bit about the back. As you can see out back, we went ahead
with our LED HAW DUO in the reverse lens. We’re using the high dome version. You
could use a low dome version as well. The high dome just seems to give you a
little bit more flash. There’s room in this lens but if we’re out of stock a
high dome per chance, you can always replace it with the low dome and this is
amber alternating in the rear. These taillights are relatively easy to
install, so if you do own a newer Colorado like this and you’re a little
nervous, email us in and after purchase, we can
send you some photographs in the back of those lights exactly where to drill your
one inch hole for your hideaway light and you can have the same style hideaway as this in any color you want. We’ve got amber, white, red, blue and green, all in-stock all the time, no waiting here at Wicked Warnings. The blue, red, and green are low dome only but as I said, they will work fine in this lens. Let me show
you where we did the switching. There’s not a whole lot of accessible area in
this vehicle and it is a fleet vehicle. We wanted it clear and present, so we
didn’t drive around all day long with our lights on. So we chose the dashboard
right here. There’s a void behind it. You can drill a nice 3/4 hole, pop a switch
in and what we did, is we removed this to get access to the wiring, as well as this
side panel and then you can- it makes it much easier to wire and to pass the
wiring through the firewall on this particular vehicle, you just drill a hole
right there. As you can see where we did right there. Put yourself a grommet in
and you can pass your wiring right out through the firewall. So once again, this
is George at Wicked Warnings. Thanks again for watching. We’re your number one
source for construction and emergency safety strobe lighting and equipment, as
well as any other safety equipment. Again, the products used in this video were our
Thin-X and our LED HAW DUO. See you on the next one. Thanks again.

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