Chevy Colorado Green and White Emergency LED Strobe Lights

Hi and thanks for watching. This is George here at Wicked Warnings, your number one source for emergency LED strobe lights
for trucks, cars, SUVs and anything and everything like this brand-new Chevy
Colorado. What we’re running here on this Chevy Colorado is a Feniex GPL light
bar, a Feniex Fusion 600 rear stick, our Thin-X LIN series in green and white
in the mirrors and the fog bezels down there and we also in the rear, have our
LED HAW DUO in white, as well as a pair of our LIN-6 in green and if you’ve got
a clean eye there you can catch our shop mascot walking back and forth on the
right side of the screen. Let me show you the control panel so you know what we’re
talking about. Just so you know what we’re referencing when I say what we’re
turning on and off here in the vehicle. We have our 6 Switch Control Panel and
as you can see, we’ve got front, rear. That’s a little hard to make it out
there. Front, rear, air horn- it’s not cooperating.
There we go, kind of. Air horn, power, cruise lights, a special arrow stick
pattern and take down is what I’m trying to show you but failing miserable at
here. So let me go back outside and show you more. So I’m hoping going off to the side will give you a little bit better view of the green and white alternation that
we have on our Thin-X’s. We did an X-pattern, 2 green, 2 white. Kept it a
little bit subdued because we do have that aggressive pattern on the light bar
right above it. So we were able to go inside the mirror and run the wiring all
through the mirrors on this particular build and we also added the ever-popular
take down or flood mode. All 4 Thin-X’s flood, as well as the front 4 take down
lights on that light bar and both alleys. So we have a tremendous amount of white light forward and you can use this with the warning or without the warning
as well. You don’t necessarily have to have any of the warning on to use the
flood feature and as you can see with the warning on, you’re still getting some
of that light bar shining through. There we go. I adjusted the camera so you can see a little bit better, that the middle sections of the light bar are still
indeed flashing. There’s 6 heads in the middle and a head on each side, so
8 total heads still in green warning mode, even with the flood activated in
all white like that. So this vehicle is also equipped with
a Whelen 100-watt PA system for public address announcement and it also
has the air horn tone as well. So you can definitely move some traffic. As you saw
in the cockpit of the vehicle on the control panel, the microphone is right
there and the air horn is right there. So let me show you the rear of this vehicle
but before we do that, everybody wants to see how bright the flood feature on
these lights is. So as you can see, here’s the truck and we’re looking into
the back of the shop here. Let me turn off the shop lights. So what we’re
running right now is our simple front warning switch and we’re gonna turn the
front warning off and let it go totally dark and now we’re gonna illuminate the
take down and that’s the amount of white light that you’re getting forward-facing.
It’s easily lighting up 2,000 square foot shop here without a problem.
So definitely some usable light. That is no headlights. That is, as you can see,
only our take down lights. No tricking. No headlights. Just our take down lights. Go
ahead turn them off. Go back on. As you can see, that’s what we’re doing and we also get the side lights here for the alley lights, which are shining on the
side walls of the shop as well. Go ahead off and back on. Definitely a lot of
usable light. Now we’ll show you the back. Alright, so now we’re out back and you
can see our X-pattern between our LIN-6’s in solid green and our LED HAW DUO in
white. They do sister. They will communicate and X-pattern. In the back
window there, you can see our Fusion 600, as well as the back of the light bar
here and what we’ve done for the customer’s request to match a bunch of
the other vehicles, on this build we’ve done is we put in a nice pattern center-out directional option. We don’t do left or right arrow but when you push the
double arrow button on that controller, you can see how our light bar on the
roof, as well as our back window light bar both start to produce the center-out
arrow feature and that’s in case they need to block traffic. You won’t lose any
of the warning in the back with the Hideaway DUO’s or the LIN-6’s with the
center-out arrow feature and when you take the center arrow off, it returns
back to the standard warning. Let me tone down the lighting a little, so you can kind of
see a better image of that light bar on the roof, as well as the light bar in the
back window. This was build to spec. It seems like a little bit overkill on the
back but it actually works very effective with both the stick and the
light bar and it again, is built to spec to match several other vehicles that
also have a stick in the back window and a full light bar on the roof. As you can see here inside, we’ve kept that light bar extremely tight tucked up to the
very top of the window, minimal flash back and unfortunately we did have to
slice the headliner but it was an acceptable modification to
give them what they wanted, which was the tight fit of the light bar at the very
top of the window and it does seem to have no problem punching through that
factory tint. Light bar’s mounted up on the roof with standard light bar straps
riveted right here into the gutter rails. So that way, you can remove it and there
won’t be any holes for mounting but there is a hole for the wiring. Nothing
we could do about that. Here inside the cockpit is again, our 6 Switch Controller and our Whelen microphone for our PA system. Maybe the controller might play nice here with focus. Kind of. Take down arrows, air horn, cruise feature, power and front and rear. Let me lastly show you the cruise feature
that these light bars have as well. I forgot to mention that.
As you can see, you’re able to light the 4 outside corners in a steady or
alternating pattern. I think there’s 8 or 10 patterns
for the cruise. This particular client likes that steady green, so we did this
on all the builds. That way, when their parking lot patrolling, they can simply
have the cruise on and be easily spotted, easily found if any help is needed. So
thanks again for watching. This is a security build done here in the shop at
Wicked Warnings. Check for links in the description of the video for links to
all these products and more. Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings.

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