Chevy LTZ Emergency Strobe Lights for Road Side Service Truck

How are you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings here with a nice new Chevy LTZ service body for our
friends over at Arrow Fleet Services. As you can see on this truck, we’ve flashed
the OEM roof lights, the OEM mirror lights, we also have a pair of our Wicked TIR-3s down by the fog light, as well as our Wicked Thin-X LIN series in amber
and white in the grille. This hopefully gives them all the safety lighting and
emergency protection that they need. They do some roadside service for
construction and other vehicles and a lot of highway work as well. Here you get
a little better shot of that TIR-3. We’ve nestled it into the fog light bezel
right there. We synchronize the two front-facing TIR-3’s. We went with kind of
a more wild aggressive pattern with our Thin-X on the chrome belt line of the
grille. There’s a little better shot of how we mounted that TIR-3 and how that
Thin-X is mounted right there on the grille. Let me spin this truck
around and show you what we did around back. This truck sees a particularly good
amount of danger from behind, so out back we went with our 12-inch Thin-X Strip in
amber and white and we went with the alternating pattern where it goes from
real slow to real fast and I elected not to synchronize these. One, because that’s
not a synchronize-able pattern and two, I like a little bit of movement in the
lights. This allows them to kind of change speed and change how they’re
going and it’ll keep people from inadvertently driving into them. There’s
been some studies on that a little bit of movement, a little bit of variation in
the pattern, is actually the best thing. Here you can see a little bit better the
extra feature that we added in. Since all of our Thin-X Strips have flood mode, we
want ahead and gave him that as well. Tied it into the factory cargo light
switch. So when he hits this factory cargo light switch, not only do his cargo
lights illuminate, but the mirror spot lights illuminate, as well as all 4 of
these Thin-X’s to go steady white. And now let me flip the camera around
and show you how that works and exactly how much light that puts out in our dark
shop here. As you can see here, with the lights off in the shop, this is the
display you’re getting. Let me go ahead and turn on that factory cargo switch. An
awful lot of light. Definitely everything you need for backing up and loading
trailers, etc. etc. Thanks again for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings. Be sure to check out our Thin-X Strip Light, our Mirror Mod Kit, our
Universal Park Flash Kit for the roof lights, our TIR-3’s, which are featured
down in the fog light bezel, and our Thin-X LIN series in amber-white, which is in
the grille. Thanks again for watching.

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