Choosing To Be Here – Matt Kahn

as we begin tonight we’re just gonna
take a breath and that’s it and just knowing that our only job is to just
fully be here which we’ll weave in nicely to the teaching tonight’s teaching might be most
appropriately called choosing to be here and the reason is is because what we
find living on a planet going through a global awakening process and depending
upon how rooted you are in your soul will be the depth of what positive
things are happening on the planet vibrationally that you’re aware of and
the degree to which you’re still absorbed or influenced by the density of
unconscious conditioning becomes the view and perception of how awful of a
planet we live on and so when we are choosing to be here we’re literally at a
fork in the road and we’re choosing to align fully with the light instead of
battle with the darkness because anytime you battle with the darkness you are
under the assumption or impression that the darkness is of equal power up to the
light which is what gets people into fighting it but when you know that the
darkness is not as powerful as the light we demonstrate that knowledge by not
fighting choosing to be here is such a simple action it’s so simple but it’s an
action that needs to be taken and when you do it will literally determine the
difference between a spectrum of happiness or a spectrum of unhappiness
in your life a lot of people know the phrase happiness comes from within we
all know that we we sell it to people we see on the streets but how do you actually cultivate
happiness from within most people just walk around and just tell themselves
that the outside won’t make them happy so they walk around deeply desiring
things while telling themselves how disappointed they’ll be when they get it
it’s very Charlie Brown but happiness comes from within but the question is
how do you actually cultivate that what is the mechanism and process of actually
finding happiness within yourself and it’s what I call choosing to be here it
is one of the many tests of an awakening embodied soul in human form and it’s a
test that 90% of the world innocently fails and as I walk you through it you’ll find
what is true for you within it but when you’re not choosing to be here what
happens is you have a relationship with reality to where you see something
outside of you and you say based on what I’m seeing
so Sioux economically politically in my relationship in my family in other
countries what I see on the news whatever that is
based on what I see this is proof that I’m not safe to be here and why it’s
actually safer for me to shut down and check out and the reason why this
teaching is gonna be so important and really helping us navigate this journey
of Ascension and I’ve talked about this before but it’s worth reviewing again
there are three waves of Ascension if you’re here in person at this event on
YouTube hello YouTube we love you so much if you are spiritually oriented if
you desire being a part of creating peace on earth if you your desire is to
return home without necessarily leaving your body first you’re part of the first
wave of ascension first wave of ascension are the anchors of unity
consciousness our job is to anchor the light we have the ability to anchor the
light because in this lifetime in other lifetimes we’ve worked so much on the
inner domain that we’ve integrated so much of our shadow we actually become
human vessels where light can pour through into the planet we become living
vortexes and portals of awakening consciousness now the only downfall of being a part of
the first wave of Ascension is that you will have other people in your life who
are a part of the second and third wave of Ascension who will accuse you of
being way too passive when a world like this is what it is how could you just
anchor light when there are people being tortured and all these things and you
have to be willing to abide by the laws of the universe even at the risk of
believing or fearing that you’re not doing enough there’s a belief in the
unconscious construct of the shadow that says if I am not at war with the people
perpetuating war I’m not doing enough to stop it but the way we stop war is by
anchoring the opposite frequency so the first wave of Ascension are the ultra
energetically sensitive not that you would have any resonance with that
statement people-pleasing again not you especially not on youtube
maybe someone you know codependent here’s how you know you’re in the first
wave of Ascension you’re someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly but you’re still
afraid of your own power you ever had that you ever had that you’re not the
one that abuses power and hurts people you are who people who abuse their power
hurt and you sit around and still feel threatened by I don’t want to misuse my
power the only way we as the first wave of Ascension misuse our power is by
being afraid of it being afraid of your power is a misuse
of it so we’re gonna have to get a little gangster
because life is getting gangster with us so first wave of Ascension we are
anchoring the light second wave of Ascension are people who are going to
enter the light of unity consciousness but they haven’t worked out enough of
their shadow and they need external conflict to work out and exhaust the
energy within themselves they need to be the whistleblowers they need to take to
the streets and they need to call BS on the things that have never worked in our
government and our socio economical system and these are the people that
through revolt and protest are going to help shine a light of consciousness on
the broken systems that I’m not even gonna call broken because broken infers
that they used to work these are not broken systems they never worked we just
didn’t notice they didn’t work well they work for a few people like five people
out of billions nonetheless the second wave of ascension are people who need to
protest up rise and organize and that’s just as important on a human level as
the energy were anchoring but the reason we’re anchoring energy is to help
influence the second wave of ascension so that the uprising and the organizing
and the using our voice to anchor what we’re for isn’t matching the same
unconsciousness with more unconscious behavior but only in the name of
something more spiritually righteous so we’re all working together and then
there’s the third wave of ascension who are the last group of people to come
into the trajectory of awakening and these are people who before they can
rely on consciousness as their only reliable technology instead are merging
with technology to become their conscious
this these are people and I call these this type of group technology zombies
because it’s a real thing where people are looking down at their phones more
than they’re looking at life even though if you compare this is a much bigger
screen and if you think if you think your phone looks awesome this it’s quite
a screen saver quite a screen saver so there are three waves of Ascension and
we are a part of the first wave of Ascension and when I talk about choosing
to be here it’s for you to fulfill your role in being a part of the first way to
dissention to bring all of your power and capacity to reality to support the
awakening of the other two waves of ascension but not holding your breath
and waiting for all the world to wake up before you dare to shine what gets us
there is choosing to be here now the mesmerizing thing of how this confuses
the ego is because the ego is under the impression of a couple things first of
all the ego thinks if I create reality I should be able to change outcomes at
will it thinks that if it’s going to activate the law of attraction I should
be able to stop my fingers and I can change anything in my life now that’s a
theory and that’s an idea but it isn’t necessarily reality and the reason that
is true is because to be initiated as a co-creator of reality you have to learn
your part in creation and you have to learn spirits role in creation and in
the beginning you’re going to have experiences where it doesn’t seem like
you are where you want to be and you’re gonna try to
recreate things at your own will and it’s not gonna work because you’re
actually a part of a deeper initiation an initiation called surrender and in
surrender initially spirit governs all outcomes and the biggest dilemma the ego
has is it says if spirit creates outcomes what’s my choice how many of
you have brought this to my attention will Matt if everything’s already been
created what are my choices primarily your choice is choosing to be here you
are where you’re at but you may not have chosen to be where you’re at and you
might mentally be in a place that goes yeah I’m here but I’m planning for the
next phase whether the next phase is the next relationship where am I gonna live
what’s my next career and it’s all about moving out of this moment towards
something new that creates a state of displacement and the first symptom of
displacement is it unground your root chakra and as soon as it unground your
root chakra a message is sent to your subconscious that says you are not safe
and that tells your conscious mind through your ego to go look for evidence
that proves why you’re not safe so if we choose to be here we actually find the
safety that is always within us we’re able to dwell safely in a world that
looks the way it looks and then once you are safely rooted in the present moment
then you will receive feedback of why you are as safe as you’ve chosen to be
so there is a large percentage of the world right now
who are exactly where they’re at but not choosing to be where they’re at and to
the degree that you are where you’re at but have not chosen to be there fully is
the degree of stress that you will process in your nervous system to the
degree of stress you process in your nervous system will be how unsafe you
feel in your body how it adds you perceive the world around you and how
unconscious you remain and so ultimately our goal is to awaken to the light of
consciousness before the world wakes up to be the first ones to turn the lights
on and choosing to be there is how we get into that trajectory and you can
just feel the energy in the room there are degrees to being here if I can put
words what is depression depression is what it’s like when you are where you
haven’t chosen to be the minute you choose to be exactly where you’re at
depression becomes solitude and it’s literally a half a millimeter away from
one another there are levels and degrees to being here
from a baseline of barely still being in your body to the embodiment of light and
form the first level of being here where you’re just existing in a body may be
thoughts of taking your life but you’re still here somehow and in that initial
being here level it’s a level of judgment and not a judgment where you
judge yourself for judging but a level of judgment where you realize I only
judge others or judge myself because in that level of judgment where you’re
barely being here you’re steeped in the plague of
unworthiness and what cultivates worthiness to take you from one level to
the next from judgment to non judgment is a very simple realization the
realization is it’s not a matter of you thinking that you chose to be here on
this planet worthiness is remembering that whether you think you chose this or
not you were chosen for this lifetime some of us walk around the belief of I I
chose to be here sometimes we say it in this kind of defeated spiritual
resignation right like shit happens to you you go oh I chose this I hate my
life I chose this like has that ever helped anyone
even the person saying it it is is a such a state of helplessness Mike was
told this is gonna work it’s not if you don’t remember being in heaven choosing
to be here under these circumstances don’t go with you chose this because
your ego wasn’t there for that meeting so you don’t remember it you want to
remember it we all want to remember it no one remembers it at all no one
remembers it so instead of thinking you chose this what’s actually more helpful
is I was chosen for this and that gives you the individual purpose and passion
to actually want to be here because you may not know why you’re here but what
chose you to be here knows and it’s going to share with you why you’re here
not all at once oh no no no no because if you were told all at once while
you’re here then you’d want to change that and your ego would think that it
can create reality with a snap of the fingers let’s call that the flaw of
attraction I like that one too I was moving in my
new place like haha that’s funny I’m gonna do that that’s funny the flow of
Attraction I mean it’s not what we were sold I can create anything I want sounds
good but what you’re really here to do as a co-creator is choose how much of
you is willing to be here because when you choose to be here and it’s not this
conversation of am I in the present moment am I not in the present moment
all that kind of stuff presence is the degree to which you are contributing to
the moment and even if you don’t feel like you have anything to contribute
maybe you’re tired maybe you’re exhausted right you’re going through a
stage that I’ve labeled recently called light work or fatigue like no one really
knows where that is they go I think I have that light worker fatigue right
where all of us were there painted chakras and all of our crystals and
we’re all like screw this place let’s just shake the etch-a-sketch and
start over light worker fatigue which is I’m here to anchor the light but I’ve
been doing it through my ego unknowingly and it’s exhausting me so here’s an
unofficial rule if you’re anchoring the light from your soul it does not exhaust
you kind of like if you you do something nice for someone but from a mildly
disingenuous place and they don’t thank you
you get resentful right you open door for someone you’re welcome they’re
teaching you where your where your good fortune came from so when you’re
anchoring light and it’s from your soul your capacity is infinite and you’re
also not looking at the world for a proof that it’s working that’s another
proof that you’re anchoring through the ego and in order to start anchoring
through your soul versus the ego it happens through the degrees of you
willing to be here and your willingness to be here is how much of you and your
essence you are contributing to the moment and even if you have nothing to
give one of the baselines of being here is the vibration of non-judgement to
where even where you have nothing to give the world at least you’re not
passing along the unconsciousness of conditioning you’re not in a state of
taking whether that would be taking an advantage of an opportunity taking
advantage of someone’s innocence taking the time to say not nice things on
social media behind a cut keyboard at the very least when we choose to be here
when you have nothing to give we abide in non judgment non judgment says I may
not have anything positive to give but I will take nothing from this moment I
will be a space of peace and if I have nothing to give then I’ll focus on
loving myself so when in doubt we go back to
non-judgment and we sit and let the moment remain undisturbed so at least
were anchoring peace so the first level I talked about was judgement from
judgment we realize I may not have chosen this but I was chosen for this
mission that builds self-worth that takes us into a level of non judgment
from non judgment we start to pierce through the veil of density and to a
state called openness where were open to I have something to contribute to this
moment there’s something that I can give that can actually make this moment
better and there are people here to reflect to me the gifts I’m here to
share and then from openness we go to gratitude where we’re so open to being
where we’re at that we can be grateful for what we’ve been given even if it
differs from the things we’re hoping to create and attract and then from
gratitude it goes to enthusiasm to where you realize your primary role as a
co-creator in the beginning instead of trying to find that secret cosmic
Nintendo controller and trying to recreate your reality your job is to go
where life guides you to be and your job is to bring the enthusiasm for being
there and in order to make it authentic you can be enthusiastic for any reason
you imagine including no reason but saying spirit put me here this is not
where I’m gonna be forever but as long as I’m gonna be here I’m gonna unpack my
bags I’m gonna choose to be here as if I created it and I’m gonna bring the
enthusiasm until the world explodes into light or you can build a resentful
relationship with the universe like a parent who doesn’t give you what you
want but the spiritual path is not about necessarily just getting what you want
although that is a part of it and along the way many things will happen that
you’ll be pleased with but the spiritual journey is actually about discovering
what in you is always beyond your personal desires and one of the most
mesmerizing things about the spiritual journey in this modern-day times is
there’s a kind of a big standoff with people and the standoff is if this
doesn’t give me what I want then it doesn’t work and that’s not necessarily
going with life’s plan which is life’s only going to dismantle your will and
make it seem like you have no choice because the only choice you need is
choosing to be where you’re at and the more you choose to be where you’re at
the more you lose sight of where you think you need to be and all the
feelings you think they’re gonna be over there are gonna start showing up here
when we fully arrive and if everyone on the planet stopped right now and chose
to be exactly where they’re at the consciousness of this planet would
explosively awaken and there wouldn’t even be enough time
to arrest the secret people in charge they just wouldn’t exist anymore there
would be time for arrests and court hearings and having those four six
people’s heads on the news so what do you think about this what do you think
about this everyone wants justice on this planet ever wants to see the people
who have propagated negativity to be brought to justice do you want to know
what their justice is gonna be ceasing to exist gone they will be gone when
consciousness shows up and consciousness shows up when we show up and we say I’m
here I’m in this reality I didn’t choose it
but I am willing to be here fully even if it’s a career that isn’t the end-all
be-all for you right now even if it’s in a relationship that you
know it’s not the end-all be-all for you right now even if it’s living in a
circumstance that you know is not your long-term plan take whatever life is
giving you right now and challenge yourself what if I chose to fully be
here with enthusiasm because when you bring enthusiasm to the moment you are
actually activating the light of your soul and you’re shining it towards
someone who is ready to receive the remembrance of their divine origins and we must be willing to cross a
threshold that says I have to be willing to totally be here on a planet that does
not look the way I want it to look in order to activate an energy that makes
it into the kind of place I want to live and the transmission I am putting out
right now is to every Lightworker empath earth angel who as you sit here
and as I speak about what I’m about to say you will feel at your body that
there are so many of us that have stepped in to represent the light of
consciousness during timelines and during eras of reality where you
standing for the truth of your light led to persecution abuse torture rape and
death and there’s a part of us subconsciously who are the brightest
lights on the planet who walk around with this fear of I don’t want to be
abandoned again I stood for the light and the density of the world got me and
it hurt and that’s a part of a deep initiation or you have to be willing to
stand for the light under any and all circumstances it’s an initiation into
Christ’s hood it’s what the depiction of the crucifix
is all about that you have to be willing to die for the truth in order to live as
the truth that you are but we’ve all come back to this lifetime because this
is the time and place we’re standing for the truth and speaking the truth will
not get you killed but your cellular body thank you thank you thank you here’s not being
killed yeah it’s positive thing cheers Cheers
at Kahn’s videos now drinking game Cheers but your cellular body doesn’t
know that your your nervous system doesn’t know it so your nervous system
is responding to the rejection or the judgment of your family members like
someone who’s about to hurt you and so this is where we have to really make
peace with the past so that we as the brightest lights on the planet which
doesn’t make us better than other people it just means we have an opportunity to
shine a rather extraordinary light into this world by daring to be more
enthusiastic than is reasonably called for in whatever way feels authentic to
you and it and it’s something you cultivate I do it all the time and just
natural for me like at a store a clerk says how are you doing I’m doing
phenomenal because I’m doing phenomenal that’s truth it wasn’t always that way
but I had to cultivate it and it goes in stages I’m doing phenomenal oh that’s
amazing phenomenal Wow and the light in me is already starting to do its magic
and again even if you’re not doing phenomenal
what’s the baseline non-judgement even if your date isn’t phenomenal but you
say so and so how’s your day I hope it gets better thank God I’m with you and
then you pass along that blessing so when in doubt we always stay with non
judgment which is I may not have anything to give but the one thing I’m
not gonna do is take I’m not gonna take I’m not gonna take any world where it is
socially acceptable to take and people call that empowerment I’m going to allow
and I’m going to receive and I’m surrender to the will and perfection of
the universe a universe that is holding every single soul in the arms of the
Divine Mother and the Heavenly Father throughout every breath and each
atrocity of what happens on this planet from the beginning of time to the end and being willing to open up and each
and every day if you’re gonna have a fight and I don’t like that word fight
but if you’re gonna fight you’re gonna fight against the mediocrity of this
gravitational force called the collective unconsciousness where you
wake up in a world where everyone is walking around without an intention and
judging and just shaking their fists at this and that and you wake up and you
fight the pressure and the gravity that pulls you into that state nearly upon
waking up and you fight the good fight by setting your intention or starting
with a moment of gratitude thank you for this breath thank you for this day it’s
gonna be amazing why is it gonna be amazing cuz you’re here you may not have
chosen to be here you were chosen to be here be the chosen one that’s what a
messiah is the chosen one but here’s a newsflash
we’re all the chosen one right for all the chosen ones that’s
that’s how you know light worker fatigue is real right you’re the Messiah maybe I can just paint the sets I don’t
know if I like being the Messiah kind of seems painful I hope that cross isn’t up
ahead that’s gonna suck it’s gonna suck bad each of us are the chosen one and
when each of us become the one that was chosen for this life and shines at full
capacity we all are brought together through a process called entrainment and
our vibrations add together and it’s not just the universe of one it’s the
universe of all coming together to shine the light to wake in the akancha sness
of an entire planet and like I said it’s not like there’s going to be this grand
all the bad people get arrested and then they go to trial and all that stuff it’s
literally gonna be things that affect this planet negatively will disappear
and goodness will start manifesting but what we have to actually do is take the
time to be here so fundamentally and enthusiastically that we stop looking
around for proof of it’s working because that distracts us we have to be here so
full on that evidence and proof beyond your wildest imagination is given a room
to manifest and the only way for that to happen is if we stop looking for proof
because the people that are looking for proof and evidence of what’s wrong are
in the second wave of Ascension who need a fight and that’s not wrong by the way
because there are people that would watch this video and they would they
would think a lot of things about me because their fight hasn’t exhausted
them enough the people like you and so many others in YouTube land that
resonate right that press thumbs up not the ten that do thumbs down not those
people you’re you’re already so decisively exhausted and you’re so
beaten down by the strangeness of reality and the spiritual journey that
what I say and transmit energetically is quite helpful and lovely and so when
people hear this they go I don’t know about that guy oh no no that’s okay
you haven’t had enough of a fight yet that’s okay and life’s not gonna go 12
rounds no life no life is the inventor of time it has all the time that you
need to break down what needs to be broken down until mr. Care Bear energy
starts to feel rather invigorating to you so it’s okay some of us have a fight
inside of us but most of us that are here right now have been so exhausted by
the fight you want out of the fight and you want out of a fight because deep
down you know you’re here as a bringer of peace and unity and love so this is
where we all as the love revolution stop the fight now
we stopped the fight with others we stopped the fight with ourselves we
stopped the fight with our past and most importantly we stopped negotiating with
the future I’ve made this point at a retreat I taught at recently and I said
if all of the energy you’ve been putting into creating your reality was effective
wouldn’t it show up by now we’ve all been focusing on creating something for
so long and the reality is there will be a level
of consciousness where you can I speak from experience a lot of you’ve had this
experience where you can tap in and create reality but primarily the first
level of reality that we create is in our own viewpoint and perception the
second level we create is actually a different reality for others where it’s
the light that awakens within you shines outside of you and starts to allow other
people to reflect back your consciousness to you and once you start
using the power of co-creation to create greater realities for others not just
for your own personal interest at that point you then start accessing the
ability to co-create on a personal level because at that level you’re at such a
level of consciousness you’re not going to be influenced by the forces of ego
and so at that point you’re only gonna create personal realities that are
equally beneficial for all there is a process to this and if we try to rush it
we’re just gonna bump and collide against the nature of this journey and
all the while the lesson at hand is choose to be here or endure the rough
waters of life’s clear trajectory of expansion so we are all on the point of
this journey where we can say okay I may not know what works I certainly know
what doesn’t work and that’s all the crap I’ve tried
I tried I gave it my best shot best shot now I surrender and I actually choose to
be exactly where I’m at that for your soul is very relieving and nourishing
and it is completely devastatingly disappointing for your ego the minute
you say I choose to be here your ego goes walk walk walk because by
you choosing to be here that part of you that only operates in conditioning that
only operates through struggle and conflict and discord and separation and
duality that part starts to wither away so we are all anchoring the light we are
all going through the process of a dissolving integrating ego and we have
come to a point in history where as the love revolution we have to stand in the
light of our highest ideals we have to stand in the light of our highest
morality and you have to risk enthusiastically anchoring the light of
well-being in goodness even when it looks like you’re on the planet where
that doesn’t exist that’s part of the initiation and the delusion is you look
into the world you go I don’t see light in this planet well of course you don’t
see light because any light that you would see would just be a reflection of
the light you are casting because you are the light so one of the fundamental
rules of why we live on a planet that looks this crazy is rule number one is
you’re not gonna find light out there unless you see it as a reflection of the
light you are casting you are the light that you will see and when you don’t
recognize the light of yourself you’re not gonna see light in the world
in fact no matter how dark the world looks the only reason you can visually
see others is cuz you are the light illuminating it so don’t look for the
light in other things necessarily just abide in the state of non judgment that
you are the light that allows everything to be seen you are that light and when you are witnessing from a state
of non judgment a world of awakening souls and I say this with respect and
dignity to the atrocities of this planet someone once asked me recently they said
how do you if everything is happening how do you live and I said I live
emotionally there isn’t a day that goes by and I say funny things and I teach in
a very interesting way but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t cry cry
tears of joy for the opportunity to be here with you to leave this love
revolution for the well-being of the planet tears of sadness for children
that are treated and harmed the way they are whether we’re talking about things
at the border human trafficking any cross-section you want to talk about and
there isn’t a day that goes by on this planet that when I’m not with you on
stage every single day I am anchoring blessings for all human
beings that’s what puts me in this position is because when I’m not with
you like this is not my spiritual practice this is my offering my
spiritual practice is I anchor the living shit out of the vibration of
light as if the power of how deeply I anchor the light will spare a child from
abuse and return them home to their family
that’s my level of commitment to all human beings and it requires all of us
to step into this kind of commitment in order for things to change and you you
cannot be mesmerised by the things that you see because the more mesmerised you
are by the unconscionable things that are happening you are then playing the
game of unconsciousness the unconscious game is a very simple one all that’s
trying to do is startle you within is that Bates you into hatred and the
minute you hate someone for what they’re doing you are equally going to exhaust
all the energy that could have been spent being here and radiating
well-being to shift the paradigm of this planet and the minute you hate you will
immediately or soon thereafter become apathetic and unable to be a part of the
solution because you spent too much time judging the problem reminds me of a conversation with my
parents many years ago when I was a kid asking questions questioning things
upset about what I was learning in school when I was in school I learned
about something called the Holocaust when my ancestors and I’m sure all of us
have ancestors that have been persecuted and hurt and as a kid I learned about
the Holocaust and had no idea why that was allowed to happen and I went to my
parents and I said I don’t understand why this is allowed to happen I said
won’t Matthew these these things happen and of course as a kid I went into kid
self-inquiry but why you ever want to see your parent
or someone your family see how close they are to ego play the but wide game kids are good at it oh why am i question
my parent says how come people didn’t assemble on this country and go over
there and protest and at least create a likelihood of trying to stop this and
everything my parents said god bless the no fault of theirs was about their
negative thoughts about Adolf Hitler and then a bell went off in my head and I
didn’t realize it for many years because when you’re that young you can have a
realization and not even know what it means but years later reflected back and
I went oh my god people didn’t assemble to try to raise consciousness about
what’s happening even just to attempt to stop it
peacefully because they were too busy hating Hitler for what he did and in
this day and age how many people are too busy hating donald trump to actually do
something productive to stop what is happening to innocent children and other
people alike so the minute you hate any unconscious force has you and has
manipulated you into being there say person because as soon as you hate
you’re gonna go to all your friends and talk about the thing you’re hating how’d
you hear about what happened and it’s not are we going to assemble
let’s peacefully do something about it let’s anchor the light let’s visualize
the children all going on back to their families it’s you being a salesperson
further hatred and just passing along the vibration of judgment that numbs
everyone out of the energy from doing something productive and that’s how we
get manipulated by hatred because it relies on conscious beings to be their
salesperson and the only game they have is I’m gonna show you something shocking
and you’re not gonna know what to do about it and you’re gonna hate and as
soon as you hate now you’re my salesperson but what we have to learn to
do is when we see something shocking and atrocious on the news or in our lives is
first of all if you see something right in front of you if you see something in
front of you that you can affect affect it in the most positive and peaceful way
I am only for peaceful resolve that will never change only peaceful resolve and
anyone can call me a pacifist that’s fine I’ll take off I’ll take it
nothing stranger that being persecuted by those people who think they’re
standing for justice weird but what we learn to do is immediately we see
something atrocious we go into the anchoring of an even higher vibration of
goodness if I’m seeing children being affected made those children be brought
home made those children be taken out of cages may the children and the people
who live in the underbelly of tunnels be set free and return home you want to
show me atrocity I will bring salvation and each of us have an opportunity to
start living like this but we have to choose to be here
that’s why some of us in my first book whatever Rises love that you loved
yourself and you’ve a lot of times ah feels good FRA nervous system and
sometimes you go yeah I loved myself know if I felt anything because in order
for the love that you send yourself to actually transform you you have to first
choose to be here because how can you love the one that’s here if you’re not
choosing to be with that one you must choose to be here just feel
that feel the energy in the room when you choose to be here you are suggesting
it is safe to shine your light when it’s safe to shine your light you then open
up and you say to the universe subconsciously I allow any and all of
the goodness that is here to be seen and all of the goodness that I have to share
can be given so when we choose to be here we are being a space in which the
vibration of heavenly perfection can enter this planet for the will being
evolved and if we are going to wait for positive things to happen before we
start shining our light or just going to empower darkness and be under the
delusion that darkness has more power than the light this it’s the only reason
why it seems like the light doesn’t have as much power is because it’s still
waking up it’s still waking up like a volcano you look at a volcano go oh
that’s not really doing much of anything oh it’s it’s still in the process of
waking up and then when it does not so pass a visit so the awakening of consciousness will
happen like a fury of grace our job is to be the bringers of that light and
when you see something atrocious we anchor something even more miraculous
and we one up to make it another benefit is when you choose to be
here the energy of other people’s negativity density and conditioning
doesn’t overwhelm you doesn’t stick to you doesn’t pull you down because the
only reason why people trigger you even though they may seem different than you
is because what you may have in common with other people is that while they may
be at a drastically different level of consciousness than you’re at they may
not have read all the books you have read but what you may have in common is
you may not have chosen to be here like they’re not choosing to be here and that
brings two things in common and that’s why their energy can affect you so if
you’re in the presence of someone who is stressful hostile or angry and I’m
saying this with the exception of not putting up with abuse and being
someone’s welcome you know emotional doormat but if you’re just around
someone who is stressed out short-sighted impatient it’s proof that
they’re existing in a space where they’re not choosing to be they haven’t
gotten there yet and to help shine the light that can transform them and purify
your field so you don’t take on their density you simply do what they’re not
doing choosing to be here and if you can choose to be here harder and deeper and
more gangster Lee first of all gangster Lee just made it up if you can be here more gangster Lee
than their inability to be here you will transform them now I’m gonna tell you a
funny story and it’s funny because it’s true and it’s involving my relationship
with my mother my mother was a lovely soul I’ve had lovely interactions with
my mom and my father since their crossing over everything with my mom and
dad we healed and we had a great relationship and who’s even better at
the end I help them both leave their body and it was magnificent
my mom lovely woman dedicated but had this kind of Judge Judy energy this
energy of like my mom was like four feet tall and you don’t you didn’t mess with
my mom right I didn’t tell my mom about half the stuff that happened in hit
school because I didn’t want to watch her march down to my school and
embarrass the hell out of me but during the end of my mom’s life and she was
debilitated my mom had to be without the use of her her arms and limbs and she
had to rely on other people in order to surrender my mom was a fighter and boy
she put up a fight and when I would come to town my mom would be my mom which is
puts on a nice face but there are these little comments little snippy comments
to kind of just go under the radar and then it kind of builds up and builds up
and I would visit my family and maybe and this this is this is something I
transformed at the end maybe like you ever had this where you visit your
family first five minutes you are anchoring the light first five minutes you are in Eckhart
Tolle land we always talk overly formal because we’re truly afraid of being age
regressed back to being 12 in fact I think we top so formally because we’re
actually preparing for it hello mother father how art thou which is which is
subconsciously a way of saying I’m so about to lose it and I’d sit with my mom
and I’d have the same experience my family my parents would beg me to come
visit I’d come visit hero’s welcome five minutes after I arrived I am now sitting
with my family in front of a TV set watching the People’s Court unvoluntary wondering why did I come here why did I
come here what is this I said to my mom once I go mom I came to visit why are we
doing this why am I even here and she goes well when you’re here I
don’t have to miss you that’s sweet okay that was sweet right that was
soothing for like five more minutes read it five minutes and my mom would always
be snippy with my dad my dad always took the brunt of it god bless his soul god
bless us all and I remember once I had this realization of I’m gonna choose to
be here more than my mom is choosing not to be here and she would always choose
not to be here by lashing out at my dad and I Bray looked at my mom once after
she said something really not nice to my dad now it’s my mom
and again not saying you should do this in your life I’m just saying what I did
I tried my mom after she said something kind of not nice and I said have you
ever a thought of writing greeting cards cuz I think you’d nail it I think you’d
do it and she looked at me she goes I know what you’re doing I said good cuz
I’m not gonna stop if I’m messing about people’s court with you then work then
this is gonna go down a very specific way I’m not gonna listen to this I’m not
gonna fight you but I’m gonna be nice about it and then I’m like couple hours
later she was okay and then she said something else too like another relative
of mine not very nice – did I mom and I fought have you ever thought of writing
a blog like a motivational inspirational blog that other people could benefit
from cuz I just think that that’d be really really awesome and she looked at
me straight face daggers looking through me I know what
you’re doing good good I choose to be here I’m here or gonna watch People’s
Court and every single time you are doing what you do I’m gonna do what I do game on game on then the next time I was
about to say something stupid she stopped just looked at me and I just smiled ah now you’re choosing to be here gay
mom and she became different because what I didn’t do is I didn’t need to
have a little come to Jesus conversation with her I just anchored the light in
the way that I anchor it sometimes with humor sometimes a sarcasm that always
authentic to who I am and even sometimes my mom would like say not nice things
and I would know my mom is saying not nice things because she has needs and
she doesn’t going to ask for help and so I turned my mom and I’d say is there
something you need help with I’d love to help you and I would do it with
generosity or I would just turn to my mom after something not nice and I would
compliment her you look beautiful today I never once my mom said to me I don’t I
don’t feel beautiful today and I said maybe that’s why you talk to people the
way you do so I’m gonna be here and tell you how beautiful you are so maybe we
can raise the vibration of these conversations you can feel better about
who you are and then you can feel better about the role you play in other
people’s lives and feel better about the behavior that you bring forth I spent my
entire life in my family watching all of this saying nothing and then a certain
point I thought I am going to transform the vibration of this family I’m not
gonna I can’t force anyone to change I’m just gonna put the light out there the
family is like the first community I’m going to transform here we go
and all I’m gonna do is when I’m in town when I’m around we’re gonna be nice and over a process both my parents went
through the deepest most gut-wrenching surrender and that’s what they needed and what they showed me was the instinct
within me to be the one not to carry out the conditioning but to be the
transformer of my family’s conditioning and for all of us that sit here in this
room and on youtube-land the reason we are so affected by our
family is because we are actually the ones that carry the consciousness that
is transforming our family and those that are transforming the family are the
most sensitive to the conditioning that’s why it upsets you but then you
sit down with the people who are conditioned and you try to talk to them
you know I mean you can try or you could just be the light be the light or as a
lot of you know as the I am another way to think about the I am the I am that
holds space for the light even in the presence of conditioning the I am is not
a person the I am is not a location the I am is the choice to be where you’re at
so think of the I am not as in freedom is something that you a person controls
you are not a person who has something called freedom you are freedom
masquerading as a person and that freedom always has the choice to choose
to be where you’re at and to not wait for a safe environment where everyone
agrees to talk about the light and be one because in a world where everything
is already one what purpose do you have to uplift it you’re going to be around people who are
denying renouncing or avoiding this and you have to shine your light or you will
lower your vibration and match them and take on their conditioning and have more
things to clear out of yourself so we have to shine our light and maybe you’re
not going to shine you’re not gonna do it as hilariously and audaciously as I
do in my family sometimes that’s just the way I that’s just the way I am but
it’s always about feeling into the moment and seeing what’s appropriate and
only you will know what’s appropriate but what’s always needed is in every day
always choosing to be exactly where you’re at even if it’s not where you
want to be imagine the freedom that says I don’t want to be here but I’m here for
a reason there will be time plenty of time in the
future where I can move myself into a different reality but if you don’t have
the power to move yourself where you want to be then there’s a reason why
life’s not giving you those options it’s because you have light to anchor exactly
where you’re at so why not do with enthusiasm and turn your life into the
strangest Jim Carrey movie they’d be willing to watch here’s what’s funny if
you admitted how terrible you felt with enthusiasm your body would not know the
difference between negativity and joy someone says how’s your day and you go
the worst ever the worst ever the worst ever I mean really terrible and the
cells in your body go oh my god but they’re saying it was such commitment
this must be a good thing and your cells would actually wake up and joy would
flood your system so you can be honest about how you feel about where you’re at
in your life you can be totally honest about it here’s a list of all the things
that I want for my life here’s a list of all the things from that list I have in
my life a list of 25 things over here nothing over here here’s what I want
here’s what I have couldn’t get worse but with enthusiasm your body goes I
feel okay I feel safe I feel grounded and it opens up what shuts us down is
not being negative what shuts us down is when you pull back when you pull back
when you shut down when you pull back and hold your light hostage because you
say it’s not safe to shine my light I’m just gonna be at the vibration of
everyone else and wait for it to be safe for me to shine but the state of the
world is strangely the best confirmation that it’s safe to shine your light
because it’s your light that’s gonna transform this so if you needed proof of
when is a time for me to shine my light isn’t this world enough proof maybe it
only looks like this because I’ve been holding back what if I didn’t what good
things would come to life let’s see because in order for the news to be what you call the news you have to
shut your light down sit on your couch look at a screen and assume what you’re
seeing to be real it’s just distraction technique for an
evolving light being but if you want to transform this world
then it’s time to awaken the light by being here with enthusiasm passion focus
intention and purpose you might be thinking so is there like a
repeat after me that could help with this let’s make one
up just make it up right you watch the news a lot of things seem made up so
let’s make something up it’s beneficial just try this out loud
I accept that the more I choose to be here the safer I feel the safer I feel
the more grounded I am which allows the light already within me space and
capacity to shine out and uplift the lives of all only to be received by
those who are willing to receive it the more I’m willing to be here the better I
feel about the world the better I feel about the world the more I’m holding
conscious intention that the end result of this journey will be a positive one
for the world and then the universe will have to figure out how to get us from
here to over there rather quickly I don’t need to worry about that I’m just
here to be unreasonably passionate and to shine my light so bright whether it a
bliss or nauseates people to raise the vibration of this planet
to bring the world together where we can live peacefully where more than ten
people can have money where everyone can have food clean drinking water and we
can all meditate without fearing attack and what’s gonna create that kind of a
world is my unreasonable enthusiasm and if I don’t bring that enthusiasm life
will confirm the holding back of my light through moments of unworthiness
and depression and if I don’t want to feel unworthy and
depressed and it’s time to shine my light a light that is a million times
more powerful than darkness where it only seems like darkness is more
powerful because a bunch of light beings our staying shut down gathering together
in social media and typing away I can’t believe what’s happening amen
a woman Amen I say this because to a lot of people it’s gonna sound very
altruistic and ridiculous that enthusiasm and
energy and visualization and intention can actually help shift things there’s a
lot of people that think we have to go to war in order to stop the conflicts in
view but because the world is created out of a seasonality of polarity day
becomes night light becomes dark we have to look at the opposites and so we’re
not gonna fight unconsciousness with an equal amount of darkness that just has a
righteous point of view we’re actually going to overthrow whatever false power
darkness thinks it has by bringing to it what its real enemy is what is the real
enemy of darkness the real enemy of darkness is what it’s the most afraid of
because darkness only fights the thing that intimidates it and it’s the most
afraid of the light because darkness is afraid when I step into the light I’m
gonna lose my identity I’m gonna lose the facade of my separate individuality
and I’m going to be annihilated and it is darkness hiding and fighting for its
life pretending that staying the same and not evolving is where it’s true
happiness is even though darkness lives out non-stop conflict and misery not
knowing the light is here to rescue darkness
and send it home to the truth like a parent that is trying to wake up their
child from a night terror to show them that they’re safe you imagine if the
child was being woken up by a parent saying honey it’s okay you’re just
having a nightmare but then that child thought the parent
was the monster in the dream and the child starts running away from their
parent I know you’re trying to get me and the parents just saying no honey
it’s me I’m your father and your mother this is the standoff the light has had
with the darkness for a while and we’ve gotten to a place in history where the
darkness is equally exhausting itself and the light is ready to fully wake up
this is not a standoff between light and dark this is a standoff between dark and
its darkest fears and ideas and what’s going to happen is that
darkness is going to inevitably on a collective an individual level
surrender darkness will surrender individually before it surrenders
collectively that’s why you have a story of the buddha under the Bodhi tree once
it’s under the Bodhi tree reaches enlightenment then that enlightened one
lights and ignites the spark in each person individually darkness surrenders
a collectively it’s a little bit of a longer Dam
and so we awaken the light in ourselves by choosing to be here
loving the experience we’re having allowing that darkness in us the
sub-sites that we become a doorway through which the light can penetrate
this planet and then we start surrendering the collective shadow now
that the individual shadow has been resolved and what we’re playing on this
planet is a game of enlightenment or once an enlightened individual has been
awakened that enlightened individual is going after the same game on a higher
level oh this individual has been awakened and
enlightened what’s next awaken and enlighten a planet and only
one who actually knows the power of their light has the audacity to do so
the chosen one which is all of us and we’re at a point in history where we
either anchor the light or we have our asses handed to us and we get shut down
by the unconscionable actions of others or we step forward and we fight not to
oppose we fight as in representing the opposite reality to what other people
are perceiving I don’t need other people to know what I know
I just need other people to stand around still enough for my light to penetrate I don’t need a world to awaken because the
world’s already awakening I just need the world to withstand the blast of my
light and whatever remains will be the new reality we’ve all been waiting for and at the very least become immune to
being a salesperson for negativity not consciousness where you see something
atrocious and then you pass it along impassable and impassive alone at the
very least you see something atrocious stop and counter that vibration with the
opposite energy I developed this practice when I go to the gym the gym is
the only place I see the news because when I’m on a treadmill there’s always a
TV in front of me and it’s always on the news there’s a couple different games I
play with the news because I go never I don’t tune in to the station to hear it
I’m always like reading the subtitles and sometimes I don’t agree the
subtitles and I just project on to what I think they’re saying there’s two
people debating some political thing and I’m like oh my god you look beautiful
today you look beautiful today I’m so grateful that you are here to reflect my
light so thank you oh my god let’s go to Joe who’s who’s on the street with a
report yeah it’s the vibrations crazy over here love’s in the air back to you
the studio I do that the other thing I do is when I see a story and you see the
picture of an assailant and you hear and you read us something atrocious and
murder something unconscionable I then counter
what I see with and may the soul of that perpetrator be transformed may their
lineage be healed may all victims be healed and redeemed and may we live in a
planet where we don’t need darkness to inspire our life every single time
that’s what I do at the gym because we still live in a world where we need the
darkness to pull us into conscious action that’s why the first couple days
after 9/11 there was such peace for a moment people are coming together
we needed that level of darkness to bring people out of their individual
agendas to bond so the real conversation we should be having is why do we need
such atrocity why do we need dictators in the political system to get up to get
ourselves off our asses and to come together as one and when we can come
together as one without needing it to be in response to something atrocious we
will live in a planet that no longer tolerates
that kind of behavior and that’s what I want for the world that’s what I want
for our children that’s what I want for the future generations that’s what I
want for all of us and I know that’s what you want we all want that but the
question is what are we going to do about it and there has to be a bridge in
the spiritual conversation because so far there’s been this really interesting
gap there’s the gap of we come together in the spiritual journey to better
ourselves because by bettering ourselves we contribute to the planet and that’s
real but then there’s people that are wanting to better the planet or not
necessarily being very self-reflective and that can be very messy there are
people that are very self-reflective and not necessarily taking action in the
world and it becomes a very self-absorbed type of journey so we have
to learn as we do the inner work to create enough space so we have more to
give for the well-being of all we have to bridge the gap we have to do our
inner work and we have to also be a part of creating something different for the
world and knowing that if we are effective enough as lightworkers on a
daily basis the first sign that you are making a powerful contribution to this
world is you will stop feeling overwhelmed by the things you can’t
control you will stop feeling overwhelmed by other people’s energy in
darkness he will stop feeling like you’re living in an insane asylum and
you’ll start seeing bleed throughs and you’ll start seeing through the veil and
you’ll start seeing through the matrix and everything that
seems so solid will become vibrationally translucent and you will see through
reality and only the truth of existence can do that and then you will realize it
only had the power I chose to gave it and you will no
longer give your power away to the things that aren’t real I’m not sitting here saying we should be
in our happy-go-lucky spiritual bubbles and that’s not let’s not look at what’s
uncomfortable I’m also saying let’s not look at what’s uncomfortably so in such
an audacious way that it shuts us down from being the solution there’s a middle
ground and the middle ground is I choose to be here
no matter what I see no matter what I witness I choose to be here I choose to
be the solution I choose to be the resolve I choose to be the light
awakening this planet I choose to be the force of reality that makes the world
different and at that point the conversation and narrative will change
on itself we at that point are abiding as the I am the I am that is not a
person place or thing but is simply the choice to be exactly where you are and
all you have to be willing to do for one day for half a day for five minutes for
two seconds for two weeks one month stop trying to change reality don’t change
reality transform it and the way you transform it is you stay still and you
blast your light at it and when you have no light to give the
things you see you turn inward and love what arises and refill yourself with
self-love refill yourself with gratitude for the role you’re playing in awakening
consciousness the enthusiasm to know that you came here to be a part of a
celebration of awakening consciousness and you along with all of us has the
chosen one our waking this planet up the proof that you’re already waking the
planet up is that ego gets very skittish and gets very Wiggly because it cannot
withstand the light so if you look around the planet you see a bunch of
crazy acting people it’s because you’re light it’s pushing eagle out and ego is
just gonna fight scream on its way up because that’s how this goes down that
within you that was been conditioned to fight will fight till the end so when
you walk down the street and you see people shouting out of nowhere and
honking at people consciousness is awakening and anchor your life someone asked me Matt what’s the purpose
of these 5g things the fighter G cell towers the Wi-Fi I said to bring people
together to bring people together to say enough is enough when do we do that second wave of Ascension are the people
that take to the streets and do that that’s the civil rights movement of
awakening or ascension we are the anchors of light consciousness makes it
very easy to know what role you play if you’re ultra energetically sensitive and
sometimes so exhausted you can’t even get off the couch it’s probably a clear
sign that you’re not gonna be on the front lines of a war yeah you know I was gonna be on the
front lines of that war but then I ate a friend dieter cracker hasn’t gluten or
something think I made it been smoosh in a factory with some shellfish or
something and I was gonna be at that war but then I muscle tested it and yeah
well we’re not the fighters we’re too tired for that we hate you tired we are the anchors of the light we are
the ones directing the light to wake up in people and the people they need to
fight and be in conflict can do what they need to exhaust the shadow and it’s
our anchoring of the light that helps to direct their actions into the highest
most appropriate outcome and if every single day you are doing everything that
you can to anchor the light you will start noticing how different of a world
you live in because we’re all living in variations of the same world but we’re
all living in much different realities in order to know what is really
happening on this planet if I be tional II energetically emotionally spiritually
trans personally in order really understand that there actually is an
ascension happening and it’s not just happening when good things happen
because ascension is a word for transmutation transmutation is the
process of change and expansion in existence it’s what happens to form when
heat and pressure is applied and oftentimes the experiences we have
during that transmutation process is not pleasurable because the amount of
intensity we have to endure to transform that quickly is rather intense who will
you become at the other side of it will be rather Pleasant and all the pain you
went through to get there will be forgotten once you become the cookie
you’re meant to be and you’re fresh out of the oven the oven door will open you
bake oh my god that cool breeze it feels awesome oh my God look at my chocolate
chips oh my god melted crunchy on the outside soft in
the middle nailed it but being that cookie dough in the oven that’s a
different experience you’re just like cold cookie dough on a tray in the oven
going I thought it was gonna like this oh you will eventually not as the dough
you got to become a cookie when you see there go well when do I become the
cookie but isn’t that a question only the dough is gonna ask and the ovens not
gonna talk to the dough the ovens just gonna heat the dough and it’ll say
you’ll know that when you’re different and the cookie dough says let me out
right now and the others I’m so sorry I only take
orders from cookies I will let cookies out you are not a
cookie so you stay in the oven it’s a very good analogy and the dough
says let me out right now oven doesn’t move and then while the
dough is becoming a cookie oh my god this is so unfair I cannot believe this
I’m never coming back here ever again and then Dean and the oven says you were
saying and the cookie is now born Oh cookie this is great if I had only known
but the dough never knows only the cookie knows the chrysalis is for the
butt is for the butterfly it’s not for the caterpillar the caterpillars job is
to surrender and dissolve to allow the butterfly to be so we have much respect
for integrating egos much love and respect for our egos that put up a big
fight and we say honey I understand it sucks being the dough but you’re
becoming a cookie and may my love be like the confection
fan in the oven that cools you off while the heat and pressure is transforming
you into something different we are all becoming something different and what
you and I and everyone needs in order to become that different is whatever’s
gonna happen the last thing you want to do is have a standoff with reality
because spirits job is to put you exactly where you need to be and your
job is to remember that you have the choice to fully be where you’re at and
in order to remember that choice you will fight you will negotiate you will
bargain you will barter you will tell yourself all the things that people tell
themselves no but if I just get to a higher vibration I think everything’s
gonna be totally different no if you get to a higher vibration you’re just gonna
be more resilient higher vibration means you’re gonna see all this for what it is
and be even more willing to be here but if you’re already not willing to be here
higher vibration is just gonna make you want to be here more and that’s not what
you want if you want to check out so this is a game of wanting to be here imagine how therapeutic it would be if
you said to yourself I have to want to be here so what do I need to change in
my priorities and my behaviors and my choices in order to make that more
resonant that’s actually a very clever way of giving ourselves back into
alignment oh my god I have to want to be here I have to I don’t want to be here
what’s out of balance that’s a proper level of introspection you’re already here all you have to do
is choose to be where you are already at and the Eagle will stay but if I’m
already there why do I have to choose that because you have to choose to
acknowledge and accept that where you are is for a very higher purpose so that
that higher purpose through your will can actually shine through the universe
is ready to shine through you but you have to give it the green light because
you are the freedom of will you’re not a person with freedom you are freedom
dressed up as a person and you have to choose to be where you’re already reminds me of a story if something
happened to me recently you will laugh when you hear this so for the first time
in 15 years I got pulled over I got pulled over guys oh my god is just
entering too much light and just so I got pulled over and I didn’t try to talk
myself out of the ticket I just said you know what I did that
I’m really sorry really sorry driving my car drunk with power moment got away
from me a little bit I’m really sorry thanks for bringing me back
reeling me in’ I totally took that and he gave me a ticket totally fine
so then I had to go and take like four hours of traffic school to take it off
my record so I got to go to traffic school for like four hours
which I found highly interesting and I showed up I thought to myself what
material am I gonna gather here isn’t it great it’s exciting and it was so funny
because I got there and the instructor was trying to like talk people out of
things like he’s asked me I didn’t I told him I did he goes or speeding
whatever he goes oh but you probably weren’t really speeding that much
nothing no I I did it no I was excessively speeding and I was breaking
the law and I totally did it he goes well you probably weren’t really
speaking no no I know I I did it guys it’s okay I did it oh yeah everyone’s
trying to prove they’re innocent no I did it I’m here I just I I choose to be
here and this one woman was so put out that
she had to be a traffic school and she she was so put out that she didn’t think
she needed to be there that it was so ridiculous that she actually started to
get herself sick and then she’s and then she told tricked her I’m sorry I can’t
contribute I can’t be a part of this I’m physically sick because in her mind
subconscious I’m watching this whole thing she wanted a reason to refuse to
fully be there and being sick was well it’s not my fault I can’t help I’m sick
and I watched her mind manufacture it I actually watched it energetically just
for her to have her protest with I don’t want to be here and all you have to do
is be where you don’t want to be with any amount of conviction and you will
see through reality in a split second that’s all you have to do it’s the simple deduction of I wanna be
here life put me here so I’m going to just be
here for a moment I won’t be here forever but I’m gonna unpack my bags I’m
gonna settle in and I’m gonna bring the enthusiasm until everyone pulls their
resources together puts all their dollars and pennies together and raises
enough money to move me away that might work you just have to choose to be here to
try to settle out if I choose to be here it will get better and it only gets
better when I choose to be here if I choose to be here it will get
better but it only gets better when I choose to be here when I’m judging I’m
not choosing to be here when I’m fighting when I’m negotiating I’m not
choosing to be here choosing to be here is giving the gift of enthusiasm and
even when I see things atrociously with enthusiasm I can anchor the opposite
vibration so to call into reality the very solution to whatever problem is in
view so this isn’t a fake it till you make it this isn’t inauthentic this is my
willingness to fully be here among people and a planet they don’t know the
power of choosing to be here and every time I choose to be here more and more
people remember that choice and as more and more people remember that choice less lives are taken more innocence is
spared and more dignity is restored for the well-being of all so if I wish to
live in heaven on earth how much enthusiasm do I need to bring until the
world in view becomes the perfection I’m anchoring only my most boldest actions
will answer that question and no matter how often or infrequently
I choose to be here may I love myself every step of the way knowing the more I love myself the more
that love awakens in all hearts and the more that love awakens in all hearts the
more others remember cooperation instead of competition oneness instead of
conflict peace instead of war generosity instead of greed wholeness perfection in a sense beauty
fulfillment that is already here that comes to life at the rate in which I
choose to be exactly where I’m at I made the world be set free through my living
example for the well-being of all I am the light the light I am I am the light
the light I am I am the light the light I am I am the light the light I am I am
the light the light I am I am the light the light I am you you

100 thoughts on “Choosing To Be Here – Matt Kahn

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    Today I took the time to watch your video. I cried and laughed from the beginning to the end. I had so many realizations. The biggest one was that I was overthinking about everything in my life. Keeping me stuck and frozen and not being here.
    This is the 3rd video of yours that I've listened to. So many things that you said resonated with me. Similar experiences. I just want to thank you for this video because it woke me up. I choose to be here!! Much love and gratitude to you!💖🙏💖

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  12. Thank you Mother Earth & Father, prime creator, for giving this beautiful experience to me! I am honoured! Thank you Matt! ❣ YouTube love you… I have been at level 2! I'm anonymous, humanitarian! Level 3 has merged with level 1 and 2, to awaken the masses! To help the sheep! I am now level 1! I want to go home now? To see my real family, is that possible? I'm alone…

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  14. I gift you a new emerging word/concept free for you to enjoy have fun adding your definition for the word. Jeffree of the lovevolution
    Lovevolution Love – vo – lu – tion {luhv = vuh – loo – tuhn} a noun
    Your definitions: fill in the blank for this new word 1.________________
    Examples: 2. Unites science and spirituality philosophically into a holistic concept of purpose.
    3. The process in time of bringing together or gravitating energy or information, towards higher order and coherency and lower entropy creating ever more complexity via information feedback loop towards love. *
    4. The light of light emerging developing as an expanding network of connected information of light into higher orders of consciousness and real love.
    * see and Cosmometry by Lefferts

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    Ps… Am interested in the LOA detox.. where can i sign up?

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  19. You are so blessed Matt for presenting so eloquently and compassionately supreme True teaching – very similar to the Infinite Way. JOEL S.Goldsmith started the World" s Work (meditations for lifting the World's consciousness) back in 1940's. Your language is in tune with our time, so much needed. Blessings and Aloha. Greetings from Serbia.

  20. "If I m not @ war with the people perpetuating war I'm not doing enough 2 stop it"
    This has definitely been my belief

  21. Hi Matt, could you shed some light on the fact that why many people on a spiritual path are still in cognitive disconnect when it comes to veganism and animal suffering?

    As for me personally, after watching videos of horrific animal suffering in the meat, dairy and egg industries some years ago, I went vegan instantly. Why is it that so many spiritual people who have become aware of animal suffering "choose" to continue participating and causing animal suffering by consuming and buying animal products?

    I try very hard to see if there is a higher spiritual reason for this….

  22. I asked my Angels to show me what to do for God… Your videos popped up. I am so grateful for you and the things you are teaching!!❤️❤️❤️

  23. "We either anchor the Light, or we have our asses handed to us".. 1:18 so true
    I now experience toxic people dissolve into peace, they just stop. It is a spectacularly chill process. Just…wow.

  24. So thankful for this message. Wish the techs would proof read and correct the misspellings and words from the voice command before posting.


  25. how do you open your heart again. I over the years have become numb I used to feel things so deeply for all our beautiful Gaia humanity especially the wonderous children animals sea creatures all beings sharing the surface of Gaia in her grace. But received the call such a strong pull can not be ignored. Peace is the most important way no other would ever be exceptable. anyone says diffferent doesnt feel the truth bless all and thank you matt for speaking the truth that has been speaking in the silence begging to be hear i am the light i am love i am i am

  26. Kids in cages can go home anytime, when their parents want, they Just dont want it! Trump is Not the bad guy ! People that use those ppl. for their own gain are guilty!

  27. I soooo get this! It so utterly makes every kind of sence to me…and matches and conferms and suports my experience…


  29. I can absolutely relate to the People's Court TV show on at volume 49 level!! LOL!

  30. will you have any gatherings in arizona i want to be a part of service listening to you shines such a bright light thank you for answering the questions my soul has been asking bless you thank you

  31. the children born with autism need our help i dont know what i am being asked to do

  32. wow thank you i have two autistic grand babies i need to focus on helping them and not all of the children and shine my light were ever its called ill be thrilled to unpack my bags and claim this life

  33. i thank you for the knowlege of my own strength to come out of my room for i have Agrafobia my heart felt shattered i can share my light knowing angry mean and nasty people are in as much pain as i have been i thank you for that

  34. Thank you Matt.
    And here's what Trump is fighting to stop, so don't hate him.
    from one who was placed by the border.

  35. As one Pisces empath to another–you really got in goin' on brother. I have been binge watching your videos. Love you and All

  36. And that's the way the cookie crumbles 😍💕💝🐛🙏🏼🦋💝💕😍

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  38. If you can affect something in peace…then do it
    You have been chosen to do this
    Only the chosen knows why you were chosen
    Hold the light for others

  39. You know matt…i stopped watching your videos 2 years ago because they didn't work for me…but these new videos are really good.

  40. I have not been shining my light, so good to hear about this. I have been shut down.

  41. “The only way to dissolve a soul contract that no longer serves you, is by leaving, – remember that”
    Matt Kahn

    Is there any "smoothing it out" with a narc ?
    “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.' The quote is most likely due to writer and philosopher George Santayana, and in its original form it read, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

    George Santayana

    The Negative Alien agenda NAA is to force the planet to serve another multiple species Controller agenda, through imposing false replicated time fields using bio-warfare technology such as Holographic Inserts, AI and Mind Control, namely created under genetically “reptilian based” Archons extraterrestrials, at the expense and life force of the human race and the kingdoms under human domain.
    The NAA can be best understood as a Psychopathic personality or identity profile with a Lack of Empathy that has no feelings of remorse.
    See the timeline in the Ages of Humanity From the Ice Age in 10,500 BCE
    See Galactic Wars

    “NAA – Ascension Glossary”

    Google it

    There may be a life sucking Narcissist near you, and when you get the picture:
    Tibetian words of wisdom Borrowed  from hand writing and translated.
    Please write the title of the book, if anyone knows.

    Sit calm and concentrate about the “human”, while a picture of it appears in your mind. Direct the thought below to this human, while you say it loud either 3 or 9 times.
    Let all blessings flow to You.
    let self-knowledge flow to you
    I take the Power back, you have taken from me.
    It is mine, and it is my right to take it back
    Let Love and good times flow to you now.
    Now as I am speaking, are you no longer a problem to me.
    Your difficult energies are desolving in wisdom.
    You regard me with respect.
    Finally you clap 3 times very loud with your hands to seal your supplication.

    Supplication (also known as petitioning) is a form of prayer, wherein one party humbly or earnestly asks another party to provide something, either for the party who is doing the supplicating (e.g., "Please spare my life.") or on behalf of someone else. WIKI.Sending you Peace, Light and soo much Love.

  42. I really enjoy your videos, your words… it all resonates with my being! Thank you, Matt! ✌

  43. Thank you so so much! I was praying to get guidance on right action and this is exactly what I needed to hear! I was feeling that I needed to be responsible and take direct action, but my sensitivity wouldn’t support that. Thank you!🙏🏻

  44. I can't stop smiling I'm so great fully thank full to Matt for his fabulous talks an light an the words that just keep flowing flowing from his light .my life his been transformed in such away that feels so right love you all an so many thank light is on.💃🌼✌️

  45. I enjoyed you up until the Trump bashing and the talk of children in cages.
    I wonder for those who have visited The Great Wall of China if their thoughts are how to tear it down.

  46. Wow this man is batshit insane. How does anyone listen to this without going nuts?

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