Christchurch’s tsunami evacuation zones

We’re lucky in Christchurch to have some
fantastic beaches and coastline that we all enjoy. However, living this close to
the water means we need to be prepared in the event of a tsunami. Our tsunami
evacuation zones are changing based on new modelling so it’s important to know
how this affects you. There are three tsunami evacuation zones on our map: red,orange and yellow. The red zone covers all areas where you could get strong
surges or currents. If you’re in this area and feel a long or strong
earthquake, get off the water. Leave beaches and move well inland. The orange zone shows low-lying land that is likely to flood in a large tsunami. If you feel
a long or strong earthquake, hear the tsunami sirens, or you’re told to
evacuate by Civil Defence leave this zone immediately. The yellow zone is land
that could flood in a very large tsunami. You don’t need to evacuate this area if
you feel an earthquake but if you hear tsunami sirens check media channels for
an official evacuation warning. Find out whether you’re in a tsunami evacuation
zone at

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