City at Work – Parks Clean Up

(upbeat pop music) – So as you know, we had
a very significant amount of rainfall hit McKinney, and that had an impact on our parks. So our maintenance team has been spending the vast majority of their time cleaning up the park system. There’s a variety of parks that were impacted by the flooding. The Al Ruschhaupt playground
equipment was impacted. A lot of the flooring, in fact, there, the covering there was torn up, so we’re working on
fixing that right away. At Bonnie Wenk Park, at present we’re working on
the all-abilities playground, and the amount of rain there actually has set us behind quite a bit. In fact, the electricity
there is still out because of some impacted
transformers in the area, so we’re still workin’ to fix that issue as well as some pedestrian
bridges that are knocked out, and ordering some new equipment that was actually damaged
in the flood rains. Above and beyond that, the
vast majority of Town Lake, the Grady Littlejohn
baseball/softball fields, impacted as well, so again, thank you for your patience, everybody, as we work through
correcting those issues. So after the rain event
we’ve had in September, our crews spent about 700
hours the week afterwards cleaning up the various parks
to get them back in shape so the public can use them, but they’re still doin’ special projects, and still cleaning up areas. In Parks Administration, we recognize that and want to give back to the
Parks and Maintenance team, so we actually took on a special project. It’s painting the wrought-iron fencing along a certain area in the city that’s a special project that
our Parks and Maintenance team wants to get to, but right now, we’re havin’ to focus
on the flooding cleanup. So this is our way to give back, and we really appreciate the
Parks and Maintenance team. (upbeat pop music)

2 thoughts on “City at Work – Parks Clean Up

  1. great update.
    I frequent Town lake park and they have done a great job at cleaning things up quickly. Walked a few laps last night in fact and other than a few mud areas to avoid it was back to normal. Well done and THANKS

  2. That bonnie wenk park is such a great idea, but why was it built in a known flooding area?

    Either way, Thanks to you all for taking care of our beautiful parks.

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