City of Newport Beach – Tsunami Evacuation Route

Hi, I’m Katie Eing with the Newport Beach
Police Department. The City of Newport Beach is a low-lying city and therefore
many areas can be vulnerable to tsunamis. During an emergency or disaster, such as
a tsunami, it’s important to know where you live and if you’re in the tsunami
inundation zone. Throughout the city, we have tsunami kiosk to help educate our
community to know if they are in the inundation zone, and if so, how to
evacuate to get to higher ground. During a tsunami event, the Newport Beach Police
Department will be sending out messages through our AlertOC mass notification
system. If you are in the tsunami inundation zone, please evacuate when
asked to and follow the areas on the map. For more information about our tsunami
program, you can go to the city’s website at

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