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TV Royale is back, and the next update for Clash Royale
has tons of great features, including Pass Royale… Tower skins… We’re kicking off
Season 1 of Clash Royale! It also has two new game modes… And a brand new card… Let’s get into it. JULY UPDATE Welcome back to TV Royale! I’m Drew. – I’m Daria.
– And I’m Seth. Remember to subscribe to the channel
for more Clash Royale Season 1 news. Let’s get right into it,
and talk about Pass Royale Season 1. Pass Royale is a new way for you to get
more rewards for what you already do. Pass Royale is going
to start with Season 1, and continue
with a new Pass Royale every month. Here’s how it works. It starts off with a Crown Chest change. You will no longer be limited to only
having two Crown Chests at a time. Every day, a new Crown Chest will unlock, and players can save up as many of them
as they want throughout the month. For Pass Royale players, there will be an additional reward
with every Crown Chest you claim, meaning that you can get
really cool exclusive rewards, like tower skins, emotes, and more. And we’ve replaced
the final Crown Chest of every month with a Legendary Chest. You know what that means. Free Legendaries! And that’s not all. Also with Pass Royale you instantly
unlock a unique Pass Royale name effect. You can set up your next chest
to start unlocking automatically. Each Pass Royale chest
becomes a Lightning Chest. Each strike gives you more chances
to get the card that you want. Unlimited entries and continues
to Special Challenges. This is a big one. If you lose a Special Challenge, with Pass Royale, you can just re-enter
for free without having to pay Gems. Finally we are adding
tower skins to the game. A tower skin is a prize
in Pass Royale. Each season is going to have
a unique tower skin, and in Season 1 we have… Shark Tank! Both emotes and tower skins
are exclusive to the season, but once you get them,
they’re in your collection… forever! You can get Pass Royale
at any point during the season, and all the Pass Royale rewards
will become available for you. Season 1 will be bringing
The Flood to Clash Royale. The Flood will be bringing a new look,
a new arena, and a new troop. Fisherman uses his anchor to hook enemies
and pull them towards him, stunning them for a brief period,
and then give them the old fish slap… Fish slap! …and do some damage. Fisherman can also use this
new unique grappling ability to pull himself to enemy
buildings and towers, dealing damage in the process. Fisherman is a Legendary
that unlocks in Hog Mountain. His hook mechanic is something
we’ve never done on a troop before, and he’s going to unlock
a ton of fun new combos. Fisherman will also be bringing
his arena to Clash Royale, the Fisherman’s Float. Fisherman’s Float will replace Legendary
Arena for the entirety of Season 1. Get ready to battle on a boat. The first time you’ll see
Fisherman in the Flood is the newest game mode
called Wild Fisherman. WE RENAMED IT
will include special challenges that match the theme of the season. So when your arena gets flooded,
where do you go? You take to the skies! Keep your eyes out for Flood Hounds
coming this month. One change coming to Special Challenges is we are removing the base chest reward
that you get for wins and taking those rewards,
putting them into the milestones. You’ll get the same amount of rewards,
just structured differently. We’ve heard your feedback
about many of the more difficult quests, and lowered the requirements
on quests like “Play buildings”. We’ve also made it
so that all battle quests can be completed in 1v1, 2v2,
Challenges or Global Tournaments. The goal has been to make quests
more accessible, easier to complete, and not restrict you
into what game modes you like to play. We hope you enjoy it. That is it for TV Royale. It’s a huge update coming soon,
and we can’t wait to share it with you. Don’t forget to like and subscribe
to our channel. And get ready for Clash Royale Season 1, starting very soon. Thanks for watching,
and I will see you next time. SUBSCRIBE!

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