Clean-up mode after deluge hits areas of the North Island

A number of North Island regions
are in clean-up mode today after a deluge last night. The downpour has caused widespread
flooding and road closures. Bay of Plenty reporter
Rapaera Tawhai spoke to a local of a small
town near Opotiki who says his neck of the woods
is always flooded and something needs
to be done about it. It’s gone from being an annoyance,
to a full-blown irritation. Lou Edwards is currently
in clean up mode with his land and street adjacent
to their property thanks to flooding. Lou says it’s the same thing
every time the Waiaua floods, at his place just outside
of Opotiki. At 75-years-old, he’s grown up here
and he’s challenging the council to look into the issue. The river has no walls and thus
flooding spills on to the road. The council were unable to speak
to us on camera. They say top priority for them
is getting roads re-opened first before they deal with anything else. Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.

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