Cleaning Up Sleeping Giant

♪>>On May 15th, 2018, we were suddenly hit by the tornado. The tornado tore huge chunks of forest at the Sleeping Giant. What happened afterwards was, month of February and March,
we had a lot of storms. Many of the trees were weakened, branches broke again.>>Today we’re actually going to be running the trails,
mapping out what needs to be cleared. >>When the runners get back they share the
information that they’ve collected such as blowdowns or hangers that may need to be cleared and I just plot that information on a map so it can
be provided to the park association.>>Sleeping Giant park is right here next to Quinnipiac’s campus. It’s actually a wonderful opportunity for us to work together
with the community around us.>>My thanks goes to the runners from the community. They are such a loyal and devoted group. And, everything was done that needed to be done.

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