3 thoughts on “Cleanup Continues In Brooklyn

  1. New buildings go up every day our infrastructure is crumbling we are building bigger and taller buildings where there once was one and two family homes the infrastructure has stayed the same if you remember the summer time they were brownouts all over the city when it was not even that hot well it was not brownouts it actually was shut down to prevent damage to the system because we could not supply enough electricity to those homes safely same thing without gas lines they're just now starting to replace them with a biggest size pipe all over the city at least in Brooklyn the sewer system has not increased in size it has been the same size since those one and two family homes causing sewer backups and stinks in the neighborhood have you ever smelled the newly-developed neighborhood it smells like a sewer especially Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn around New York City these places are smelling like feces because of the sewer backup

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