Climate Crisis in Malaysia

climate crisis a term which urges the aggressive climate change mitigation happening nowadays when stronger storms forced millions from their homes over and over again it is a crisis when lethal heatwaves are the new normalI it is a crisis the climate emergency is the defining issue of our times The Guardian announced that this term
would begin to be use along with global heating there is international consensus
that human activities over the last 50 years have altered the Earth’s natural
climate according to NASA average surface temperature of the planet has risen about 0.9 degrees Celsius since the last 19th century this change is driven largely by the increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions
into the atmosphere in Malaysia, climate change has resulted in floods water shortages and less food in 2017, floods in Kelantan costs more than 30 million Ringgit in damage whereas floods in Penang costs 34 million ringgit in damage despite the evidence of impacts such as more frequent floods debate on
climate change in Malaysia is still muted temperature and sea levels are rising but most Malaysians don’t link this to climate change and yet are complacent Selangor, Malaysia’s richest state is expected to experience more frequent water shortages said Dr. Renard Siew crop yield in Malaysia has declined 10 to 15 percent annually due to the unpredictable weather according to the
world’s leading climate scientists there is only a dozen years to cap global
warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees celcius September 21st 2019, more than 350 protesters marched and held placards, calling for action against climate change in Kuala Lumpur one of their official demands is to raise
awareness among Malaysians about climate crisis Yeo Bee Yin, the new Minister of Energy, Green Technology, Science and Climate Change of Malaysia, said we really need a plan on mitigation and adaptation mitigation refers to
action taken to prevent further climate change while adaptation refers to action
taken to prepare for climate change by adjusting to its impacts afforestation and reforestation should be done to remove excess carbon dioxide emitted
from our atmosphere fossil fuels shall be alternated with solar energy hydroelectric power and wind turbines Foregoing fossil fuels could greatly reduce greenhouse gases emitted from the fuel combustion and allows our planet to be
sustainable for our future generation there is still lack of awareness of climate crisis among Malaysians therefore, government should take up the
responsibility of educating the citizens new laws should be enacted to limit
carbon emission and polluters are required to pay for the emission they produced world’s climate is changing for the worse and humans are responsible for
it let’s act now together we can stop climate disaster.

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