Clip An tuong Chua Hang

Hang Pagoda is more than 3 km north of Thai Nguyen city center. It is one of 100 typical Vietnamese pagodas. According to legend, this is an ancient pagoda dating from the 11th century and was classified as a national monument in 1999. We are proud of being students of Chua Hang II Junior High School. Let us admire the ancient pagoda. Hang Pagoda is named after Kim Son Tu, also known as “Tien Lu Buddha Dong” Hang Pagoda is named after Kim Son Tu, also known as “Tien Lu Buddha Dong” Hang Pagoda is named after Kim Son Tu, also known as “Tien Lu Buddha Dong” located in the center of Chua Hang town, Dong Hy district, Thai Nguyen province. Hang Pagoda is located in the heart of three big mountains, located on flat land, in front of the winding Cau River The middle mountain is named Huyen Vu The two sides are two majestic Thanh Long – White Tiger peaks rising majestically,. Three tops connected by a saddle strip of about 1000m, the foot of the mountain is about 2.7h It is said that the Hang pagoda dates back to the Ly Dynasty – 11th century. The legend told that Ly Thanh Tong had a magical dream. In The King’s dream, the Buddha showed him a terrestrial masterpiece. The King retold his dream for Yuan Phi Y Lan. Yuan Phi Y Lan immediately made a sightseeing trip to Thai Nguyen. Seeing the charming scenery, magnificent mountains, vast caves, she decided to set up a cave to worship Buddha and the name “Kim Son Tu” was named after that legend According to the plan, Hang Pagoda will be built and restored into 5 zones including cave systems, namely Tam Bao Palace, the ancestral church, Hoang Phap lecture hall. Stupa, bell tower, empty floor, inner and outer pagoda With all the historical values inherent in this place and the wishes of the abbot and the entire people The temple is a spiritual cultural heritage, raising the value of monuments to create a beautiful landscape Many inscriptions rich in inscriptions on the walls of the cave praised the unparalleled natural beauty. We are very proud of the cave pagoda relic, which is considered a famous landscape in Viet Nam. “Phong cảnh thiên nhiên duy đệ nhất
Danh lam nhân tạo thị vô song” “The only natural landscape
The unparalleled Artificial landscape” if you want to go to Hang Pagoda. You should go on Tet Holiday to experience an unforgetable festive season. Nhóm phóng viên nhỏ lớp 8A. Trường THCS Chùa Hang II- Thành phố Thái Nguyên.

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