Coach K, Doc Rivers & Joe Torre weigh in on Bill Belichick’s greatness | NFL360

Where do you think Bill Belichick lies in the Pantheon of great coaches? Bill Belichick I think stands alone as far as greatness. Hes right there with any coach of any sport I think he’s the greatest coach of all time. -In any sport? -In any sport. Tommy you got an eight seconds now. No penalty, no penalties We need another good week of practice, need to keep getting better, theres a lot we can do better Its trust in each other and everybody doing their job I think one of the secrets to his success is the fact that each year he starts out zero and zero He has no rearview mirror He is completely consumed with what that team is trying to accomplish And then he benefits from continuity Lets go put together a drive fellas, we’ll be right in it But then he also gets Brady and the guys who’ve been on championship teams to help teach his culture and that continuity And then you can run back on a cross across the field if it’s like one cover, right? You know maybe have two plays like that in the plan The one time he had me speak to the team, Tom Brady walks in with a notepad and sits in the front row, and he’s writing everything i’m saying and it was unsettling for me because it was Tom Brady doing it And so what does that tell you? It trickles down because if you can coach your players and then they can coach each other and if they buy into the coach then they can police each other The quote from Bill is players win games teams win championships Why does that resonate for you? I… You know I stole that from him Players have to do what they do, but it’s for one purpose Because you’re going to need them all and they all need to work To get things done Personally, I don’t think you can go through life alone Theres somebody that you’re going to need help from along the way even though you may not ask for it I talk about it all the time. Do your job each guy and that’s the Patriot Way I’ve taken that from the Patriots and Belichick and their whole organization Have you ever had Bill talk to your team? Yeah, it was during the playoffs the year we won it He walked in and he stared at everybody He’s like circling the room and he just said “You’re gonna have to kick their asses” and he looked around and then he left and the room went crazy Well that was, uh, that was a good good win for us out there today Good to win, you know we’ve got a long way to go You know, we’ll face another challenge next week We’ll get on to Miami next week Now we’re moving on to Cincinnati Move on to Dallas Move on to Miami We’re done with the regular season, this is postseason What do you make of Bill’s media performance? I enjoy the heck out of it Hilarious You wanna talk about the game, we’re not gonna get a post-game analysis here. I’ve had enough of that He’s gonna be the grumpy old guy with the hoodie on, you know, and not going to give you much My favorite Bill Belichick press conferences is when someone asks him a question, and he literally just stares at ’em. No answer *scoffs* What benefit does it have to the players? Publicly he’s not going to expose them and he also doesn’t expose his plans or how he feels for the next game He’d be one of these great guys, like one of these James Bond guys or whatever they would never give up information And that is it! The Patriots are going to be Super Bowl champions again You have five national championships. He’s trying to become the first to win five Super Bowls What are the defining qualities that lead to that kind of consistency? People say “Well, what more do you have to win?” I have to win with my next team Otherwise I shouldn’t be in it. My goal is to win a national championship Everybody wants to win Not as many people want to prepare to win at the level you need to prepare to win championships. It’s a whole nother level. That’s what Bill has done When you talk about the Yankees the Patriots the word ‘dynasty’ really does apply As a manager or a head coach What’s your role in keeping that dynasty alive? What makes you a world champ or a dynasty is the fact that The expectation is so high and you basically have to get better stay the same You never took anything for granted or celebrated the fact that you were world champ Bill Belichick is football. I know it’s a 16-game season. He’s 12 months a year He’s always going to find a way to beat you

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  1. The Hooded One of the Rings approves this video. The Hooded One will now prepare for the NFL draft so as to strengthen The Establishment for coming wars against the Imperial NFL and it's Evil Worker of Chaos

  2. Belichick in Cleveland… W=36 L=44 T= 0 1 playoff appearance, ZERO division titles.

    Belichick in New England, PRE Brady W= 5 L=13 T=0 ZERO playoff appearances.

    To assume Belichick is solely responsible for Brady's/ New England's success might be the dumbest statement in his history of mankind!

  3. Joe Torre-
    " we bought are 4 championships"

    Don't get salty it's just a FACT

  4. Thank you Bill. To live vicariously through this team helped me through a lot of hard times

  5. Dang, Andrea has aged magnificently. Getting better with age.

  6. Sometimes I watch all these vids, be it Tom Brady or BB, I just have to sit back and look at the moment and say to myself, " Will I ever see this again"? This just does not happen all the time, I am a Pats fan, since 1972 and I have to say that I am so lucky to be alive during this time to see this, see greatness, I am just awe struck. I know the ride will be over soon, but I tell you, I am enjoying the ride and just thankful to see it.

  7. Colts fan here.

    He's the GOAT, no question. It's like Wes Mantooth said to Ron Burgundy. "I flat out hate you….but damn it do I respect you."

  8. Thanks NY Jets.. you had him and let him go.. or made him go either way we here at Boston and New England thank you..

  9. BB "Players win games coaches lose them" take it for what it is but it was a lesson he learned when he defered to the Jets in OT.

  10. Any list of great coaches has to have Paul Brown,George Halas,Vince Lombardi,Bill Walsh,Tom Landry,Bill Parcells and yes of course Bill Bellichick is up there as well.

  11. I know American people are obsessed with their sports and their coaches but the greatest coach of all time? In a sport where it's only played on a high level only in the US? Have you ever heard of a guy named Sir Alex Ferguson? don't joke yourselves….

  12. No disrespect but I'd put Pat Riley over Doc Rivers. NBA Champ with LAL and MIA both as a coach and GM

  13. We will never see something this great and on Lifetime again. Goat coach goat quarterback.

  14. "Stands alone"…..nope!  Phil Jackson > BB and it's not even close. 11 championships with 2 different franchises, 3-peating on 3 different occasions throughout.

  15. players win games > QB's and Coaches win super bowls > GM's create dynasties

  16. I love and respect Coach Belichick, infact I am a Patriots fan because of “Do your Job”.


  18. Belicheat is the coat not the goat. You can't be the goat when all you do is cheat he needed Tommy to win. And tommy is 80 percent why the patriot wins not bill.

  19. Long time Patriot's fan but Belichick is too rigid in his unwillingness to pay key players to keep his winning teams intact. And when those players leave, those decisions almost always come back to cost the Patriot's championships. For example, Adam Vinatieri goes to the Colts and kicks them past the Pats, Wes Welker goes to Denver then knocks out Aqib Talib in AFC championship game, LeGarrette Blount helps Philly beat the Pats in the last Superbowl. Brady to Welker was a great combination he broke up.

  20. He’s literally crazy…but he coaches old school football no name on the back of the jersey…

  21. well it sounds like no-one from the U.S knows who Sir Alex Ferguson is……….hes the greatest of all time full stop, look at his accomplishments and come back to me

  22. Bill Belichick makes Vince Lombardi look like a droopy-eyed, armless child.

  23. Well one thing all you people leave out is Nick Saban said belacheat started his spygate when he was at Cleveland with him and he seems to think few yrs ago that he still spying he did get busted after he was warned for yrs by the NFL but Kraft said just win I'll pay the fine, now seems old Kraft is paying fine in the prostitution once a cheat always cheat

  24. He’s the greatest coach in the history of sports. It’s really not close. Sorry, haters.

  25. The Bellichick trophy is awarded to the player(s) who has the most perfect performance doing their job. One focus point, simple in theory deadly in execution.

  26. I just watched this "tribute" to BB and now I'm laughing because since this was recorded, he's been to 2 more SBs (won 2)!! LoL

  27. I have been saying that the Patriots are the model franchise for over 10 years. They do almost everything right all the time… and when they make a mistake, you had better hope you are not on their schedule next week.

  28. I tell people I know, that whether you're a Patriots' fan or not, whether you're a football fan or not, just admire what you are seeing with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, because when it is over, you'll never see the like of it again.

  29. The greatest dynasty of all sports of all times: The Tom Brady and Bill Belichick's New England Patriots

  30. He knows talent and where the team’s weaknesses are and year to year he finds the players to fill those weaknesses. He almost never misses on players he picks.

  31. BB's Press Briefings piss off most of the country. As a Pats fan I love them. Bill says nothing and his players aren't on the spot answering dumb questions or fueling another team to beat them. Billy The Brain has it all figured out.

  32. He is the greatest coach of all time because winning a SB is the hardest thing to do in all professional team sports!

  33. The reason why the pats are so good is because for one the individual players dont make the difference it matters how the team plays as a unit and how.much they trust eachother is what bill said. Best coach ever hands down

  34. He is truly great but I have to give Phil Jackson some love with eleven championships.

  35. Easy to be the greatest coach ever when you've had the greatest QB ever as your QB since almost losing your job going 5-11 with Bledsoe in 2000 and 0-2 before Brady goes 11-3 and wins the SB as a back up. He can thank Brady!

  36. Brady saved Belichick's job. Brandy's never had a losing season. Bill went 5-11 in 2000 with former #1 pick Drew Bledsoe. His QB made him the greatest cuz his QB is the greatest football player to ever grace the gridiron.

  37. IDK about greatest coach of any sport. Alex Ferguson OF Manchester United has won a total of 20 Championships as a head coach Vs. Belichiks 7 Super Bowl. Maybe the greatest in football, but not of all sports.

  38. Comment #399
    Just do your job 😠
    Now we're on to Cincinnati

  39. great clip. to do what he's done in a Free Agency era is truly unbelievable, and myself or anyone living to see this will likely never see it again in their life

  40. Love Bill, undisputed GOAT, it’s too bad he has Brady as QB! If, he had someone decent at QB, I think the guy would have had 12 SB rings. Just being honest!


  42. Bill belichick is probably my favorite coach besides Mike Shanhan. He's a man that says no to bullshit and continuous to get the job done. As a Broncos fan I highly respect this man.

  43. Bill Belechick is the greatest coach of all time. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time and I'm a Jets fan.

  44. the old statement still rings today." when your great you do not need to tell people your the GOAT, they tell everyone for you."

  45. Hes the greatest football coach of all time..Without question..And when hes done he will probably go down as the greatest coach of all time of any sport…

  46. I know this video is about BB. But heading Doc talk about Brady taking notes is something else; even after all these years

  47. The best owner of all time, Robert Kraft
    The best coach of all time, Bill Bilichick
    The best QB of all time, Tom Brady

  48. Theres no doubt Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick are the best QB and Coach duo of all time amd in my opinion he is the greates coach in any sport by far and tou can't argue with that 6 Superbowl wins and theres plenty of more in the near future.

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