CodeRED Weather Warning: How it works

CodeRED Weather Warning uses sophisticated
technology To provide the fastest and most accurate
Severe weather notification product available within moments after the National Weather
Service Issues a severe weather bulletin
CodeRED Weather Warning stormed-based technology Begins alerting subscribers within the projected
path of the storm By delivering a prerecorded warning call
The National Weather Service tracks and predicts severe weather
Across of the country 24 hours a day Whenever dangerous conditions exist
NOAA provides severe weather warnings over their satellite network
Once issued these warnings are then retransmitted By television and radio stations
Weather radios and sirens Which require human involvement
CodeRED Weather Warning is different As an automated system that is continuously
monitoring NOAA’s satellite network There is no transmission delay
When a bulletin is issues a CodeRED Weather Warning call is launched
And as a result often arrives faster than any other type of warning
By interpreting the latitude and longitude coordinates
For the storms current and projected positions CodeRED Weather Warning targets its alerts
To only those subscribers in the path of the storm
Unlike broadcast mediums which may cover areas Significantly larger than the actual path
of the storm CodeRED Weather Warning is precise in its
delivery Elminating false warnings to those who are
not in danger And because CodeRED Weather Warning will ring
subscribers telephones They do not have to be watching television
or listening to the radio to stay informed Citizens may select the types of warnings
they receive And can then expect a phone call when their
location falls within the path of the storm CodeRED Weather Warning
When seconds count Count on CodeRED

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