CodeRED Weather Warning system alerts residents of tornado in Thurman, IA

You can rely on the Weather Channel
To bring you in-depth, team coverage Of the tornado outbreak
And our crews are spread out Across the middle of the country
Where storms have been pretty much non-stop As we head into the overnight hours
And let’s take it out to Jim Cantore He is in Thurman, Iowa
And Jim the good news out of Thurman is No fatalities
Oh my goodness When you think about a town
That has been about 75 percent Damaged or destroyed, Jeff
That is phenomenal news Almost miraculous news if you ask me
But this is kind of a testament To this whole outbreak, guys
This was not a March 2nd Where we had ya know these
Long track EF-4 and EF-5 type tornadoes I mean you’re talking about storms
That were more EF-1 EF-2 type damage Woodward may have been an EF-3
I don’t know But at least up in here
This looks to me like EF-1 EF-2 damage They came through here with a bobcat
By the way I talked about this last time How you need to clear out these streets
So now folks can get down and through here The curfew is lifted now
So they can come in any time And then get to some of the homes
You can see some of the homes That have been very heavily damaged
Looks like a single wide Back there that has no roof
And certainly has a lot of tree damage to it
And there’s a ton of tree damage Obviously all the way around and through here
And that’s pretty much What we’re seeing all around Thurman here
I wanna bring in Mason Umphries He is they mayor’s son
And he’s gunna take us back To yesterday afternoon
Mason, you actually alerted your dad Of the tornado warning, right
Yes I did I was sitting there
And I got a phone call from CodeRED alert systems
And it told us we had a tornado warning Well at that point
I had told dad and he left To go sound the siren
Yes yes And about two minutes after
The sirens are done it hit And it hit hard
So you rode it out in the house Yes
Where did you go in the house? My grandparents actually came up
Once they heard the sirens And I got them in the house
And we went down to the basement Me, my grandma, aunt, brother and sister and
my mom Went down to the basement
Describe what it was like As the tornado was coming
It sounded like a train It was all calm just a little bit at first
And then is sounded like a train Was going right by our house
Real quick I mean thirty seconds A minute and it’s over, right?
Yeah maybe at the most Two minutes and then it was done
That fast Everyboy okay?
Yes Damage?
Damage to our house Shingles were gone
Some gaffling A lot of tree damage
Our chimney was torn off For the most part tree damage
So like what you see around here? Yes, same story up there
So how do you feel? Having to be the man of the house
There for a little bit? It’s surreal
It is I went outside and checked
How everything was after it calmed down [Dad] got a ride up to the house
Because you could barely move anywhere In town at that point
And he was just in awe Hoping we were all right
So when you dad went to go sound the siren Obviously there’s a disconnect
When did you touch base with him again After you guys took refuge in the basement?
I went up after the roar calmed down And I told my parents
Or my mom and my grandma That they didn’t really wanna see what was
outside So I went back down
And I talked to them for a little bit And I went back up and ran outside
And really got to experience the damage And I saw my dad get dropped off
And running up praying we were all right It’s just…in awe
You know, hard to see Is it tough to look at your town like this?
It is It’s very tough, you know
I’ve lived here my whole life And I’ve never seen anything like this
And I don’t really think I ever will again Hopefully anyway.
Have you had a chance To talk to any of your friends?
I talked to my few friends Who live north of here
And they didn’t have any damage They were just hoping that me and one of my friends who lives right down here Were all right And thankfully everyone was
Alright, you’re a very good man, Mason Thanks for talking to us
Any time Taking care of his fmaily
While his dad is out taking care of the town Here in Thurman, Iowa
So guys, a lot of clean up to be done But as we’ve been told certainly from Mason’s
dad We’re going to see the residents
coming back in here very shortly We’re going see the power crews
continue to put up the polls Even volunteers will be led in
Around noon time today To get us of course a little bit of help
With the clean up effort So all around good news here
Especially with just minor injuries Amazing
Amazng when you look around And see this damage
Jeff back to you All right thank you very much
Jim Cantore from Thurman, Iowa

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