CodeRED Weather Warning system “saved lives” during Texas tornados

On Wednesday when 16 tornadoes
Tore through north Texas Many people got more warning that usual
About what was coming The town of Granbury
40 miles southwest of Fort Worth was hardest hit
Our Anna Warner is there Residents headed in today
For their first look of their devastated neighborhood 97 of the 110 home in
The Rancho Brazos subdivision Were damaged by the tornado
Six people died But officials believe the city’s warning system
Called CodeRED Saved many lives
The same system is in place in Cleburne 30 miles away
Where no one died Scott Kane is mayor
People call us a miracle city But there was a lot of planning that went
into it Wednesday night at 7:59 p.m.
The first CodeRED alert went out To nearly 2,000 residents
Warning of a severe thunderstorm It’s an automated system that will automatically
go out With robocalls, home phones, cell phones
Whatever we have in the data So that night before the EF-3 tornado hit
Cleburne That first call was followed up by two more And the city activated outdoor sirens three times It means the difference between life and death Minutes and even seconds
But even with the warnings Not everyone knew what was coming
Moments before a tornado sheered off The second floor of their house
Alton and Carol Flynn were sitting at home reading
We did not hear the siren go off We didn’t know anything
We just knew it was storming and there was a big wind
This weekend they along with many others Are trying to get back to life as usual
Back in Granbury Saturday afternoon A soccer team made up for third through sixth
graders Played their final game of the season
Half the children on the team Live in homes struck by the tornado
They’re excited about it And it does help them get back to normal
They won 4-0 Ten years ago
These cities would not have had much In the way of any warnings
The CodeRED warning system was adopted Here in Granbury in 2004
And in Cleburne just three years ago

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