Coffret détecteurs TF BITE ALARM DAM

Hi everybody.
Today I show you the new Bite alarm set from DAM : the TF BITE ALARM.
It is existing in 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 The Bites alarm are packed in a compact and solid zipped box. They have the most used colors for carp fishing : red, yellow, green and blue and the receiver.
The alarms use 9 volts batteries we can find in every store, and the receiver is using AAA batteries we can also find almost everywhere.
Behind is modern and agressive desing the bite alarm is hiding a unique central button to activate the main functions. By keeping pushed this button, we will switch on the bite alarm, and by pushing several times, we will activate the different sound levels until it is muted. But we can see the detection lights keep on, that will enable to detect the bites even without the sound. The receiver has 2 buttons. By keeping pushed the first one, we switch on the alarm. The volume button selects the different sound levels, as on the bite alarm. By keeping pushed this button, we activate the vibrating mode to keep detecting the bites in complete discretion. The receiver has 100 meter range and is rain proof, the bite alarms as well.
Conclusion, the TF Bite alarm is simple strong and reliable, and has all functions for fishing carps in good conditions…

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