College Kids React to River Treasure Hunting (Finding iPhones, Human Remains, Murder Weapons)

– Oh, that’s a pistol. – (man) We found remains of a person.
– Oh, I’m scared. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – Hey, how’s it going, everyone?
Jake or DALLMYD here. Today we’re down at the river. And today, we’re gonna be scuba diving
for some river treasures. – Whaaat? – River treasure? Okay. – I’ve 100% seen this. – He’s the guy who scuba-dives,
and he finds stuff. – (Jake) I think I got this, man. Let’s get out there and have some fun, and hopefully we can find some good stuff. – Oh my gosh. What’s he
gonna find? I’m scared. – Oh, what? An iPhone. – Hell yeah. A phone that won’t work. But hey, we found it. – (laughs) Oh no. Someone lost a phone. – (Jake) Let’s take a look
at what we found. I actually found an iPhone, man.
– Huh. – (Jake) Check that out. – That poor sucker that dropped
his phone in the water. – (Jake) It’s definitely
not in working condition. – It’s a whole $5 right there. – Damn. A fishing rod?! No.
(surfer accent) No way, bro! – That looks like it’s in great condition. – (Jake) The best find of the day has to definitely go to the fishing pole, just because it’s like brand new. – Imagine the people
watch this and they’re like, “That’s my fishing pole.” – So homeboy just dives in and finds shit? – Why do people do things
like this? Is this fun to them? Why would you go in some murky water in the middle of the city? Why would you do that? – Hey, what’s up, guys?
Jake or DALLMYD here. Today I’m in the middle
of a jungle in Hawaii with my buddy Shane. So we are on a hunt
for some jungle treasure. – What are you gonna find, dude? – Okay, let’s see what he gets this time. – What? That’d be so cool, just diving in the water
and finding stuff. ♪ (synthpop music) ♪ – You know you’re gonna find
some good stuff in Hawaii. A pineapple!! SpongeBob!!! – You can’t just find SpongeBob’s
house and just take it. – Oh, it’s like a quarter
of a dollar. He got 25 cents. – He found the rest of the dollar! Okay, now he’s got a full buck. – Do a lot of people go swimming
with money in their pockets? – Oh! A wedding ring. – (Jake) It was really cool
to find all the money. Just money was everywhere,
circling around. – Wow! – (Jake) I think the ring
is the best find of the day. – So he’s a professional treasure hunter. That’s pretty tight. – That’s so cool. What the heck?
I want to do this. – I wonder if any of these are
planted for him though, you know? – I almost feel like he
places these there beforehand, just because it would
be so easy to do that. ♪ (soothing synthpop) ♪ – Another phone? Are you serious? And that one has a waterproof case on it. – With the OtterBox,
so it works perfectly fine. – No way! How do you have so much luck that you’re just always finding iPhones? – (Jake) Looks like I found
a brand-new iPhone, dude. This thing doesn’t have
a single scratch on it. I’m hoping it charges up.
I’m gonna go through the contacts. Maybe I’ll find a mom or a dad. Honestly, if there’s anything that I find that I can give back
to the person who owns it… – How nice. – (Jake) …I will always
be sure to do that. Did you lose a phone at the river?
– That’s nice. – (Jake) Did you lose a phone
at the river a little bit ago? – That’s so nice of him! – (woman) We did, yes. – (Jake) Would you like it back? – Oh, that’s so awesome. That’s sick. – (Jake) Would you like it back?
– (woman) Oh my gosh, surely. We thought that was gone for good. – (Jake) Give me a ring
when you get a chance, and I’ll come down and give it to you. – What a stud, walking up
with a surfboard. “Here’s your phone.” – That’s what he does it for.
He’s picking up chicks. – (woman) That’s all right. It’s Australian wine from the Australians.
So thank you so much. – (Jake) Thank you so much.
You really didn’t have to. – How nice. I was thinking. I was like, she should pay him
or something or, like, a card. I think this dude’s really cool. – That all just looks like straight-up BS. They’re just totally putting things that they know will catch attention. – Either these are fake,
or homey has incredible luck. – I really the fact that he’s actually giving back to the community, because you always get pissed off
when you lose something when you go on
a boating trip or something. He’s a river hero. – So we’re actually gonna
call the police here in a second, but we found remains of a person. – (loud groan) What?! – Oh, I’m scared to see it. What the heck? – What the [bleep]? – Is this real? – Oh my god. (jittery) Oh my god, no. – Are those ashes? – Dude, what if he wanted
to be set into the water, you know? What if that’s his final place, dude, and you’re just disrupting his peace? – (Jake) The bag had a name on it, and it was actually from a crematory. And that was the moment when I realized that I found someone’s remains.
– Oh my god. – (Jake) Calling 911 right now.
It’s not an emergency. I just don’t really know who else to call. – Oh my god. – That just got real. He just
was finding iPhones one day, and he’s like, “Oh, here’s a dead body.” – (Jake) Hello. This isn’t an emergency. – (chuckles) He’s so nice. – (Jake) We were free-diving out here and scuba-diving in the river. And we came across human remains. – (man) Cremated remains.
– (Jake) Yeah, my bad. Cremated remains. – Yeah. Now, that’s so scary. – (Jake) …we could
have an officer come by, and we can do the right thing. – No [bleep] way. – (Jake) We were scuba-diving out here, and kind of a plastic box. I pulled it out, and it was…
– I’m not buying it. – (Jake) I wasn’t too sure
what to do with it. – (officer) Let me
give my sergeant a call. – (Jake) Okay.
– (officer) And they’re probably gonna… – (Jake) Put it back?
– (officer) Yeah. – (Jake) Put it in the box?
– (officer) In the box, how he was. So however you found it, put it back. – Yeah, I don’t think he was supposed to take that out of the river. – It thought it was gonna
be like a skull or something staring at me. I was so nervous. – I don’t know if this is fake or not. – If I go jump into a bunch of rivers, at some point I’ll
probably find something. But to happen to be the YouTuber
who finds that or find things and it happens every single time, I don’t know. It’s just–
it’s too perfect. (water splashing) – (testily) What do you got?
What did you find now? Did you find like an Xbox this time? – A gun? – Oh, that’s a pistol. – A gun. Right, okay. – Oh shit. Be careful with that, son. – Shouldn’t have touched it. – You don’t want to get
your prints on that. – (Jake) Yeah-ha-ha-ha!
– Wow, yeah, you’re stoked. – (Jake) I’m actually gonna have to turn this in to the
police station, ’cause… – Good guy. – (Jake) …what if this gun
was the smoking gun to a murder case or
something, and then, like, they figured out who murdered someone just because I found the gun in a river? – Is this slowly turning into CSI? – (Jake) I’m actually
gonna call the police. – (dispatcher) All right.
I’ll get someone out there, okay? – (Jake) Thank you. Appreciate it.
Have a good day. All right, so we have a police officer on their way over here.
– What a good Samaritan. – This guy’s a good Samaritan, but I feel like he’s gonna
get himself in trouble. – (Jake) Here you go, buddy. – Seems that he has a lot
of run-ins with the police, which happen to be his homeys. – (officer) …run the serial number, find out if the gun’s
been stolen or something, and then we’ll go from there.
– Whoa! – (Jake) So I’d rather keep the gun,
but it is what it is. You know, I decided I think it’d be best to give the gun to the cops. – Okay. Let’s back up for a second. From the first one until the last one, the cut is literally him going down, “Oh my god! What do you know? Right below my feet,
where I ducked my head in, there’s this. There’s a gun.” – I didn’t realize people
free-dove for treasure. I probably wouldn’t
watch it on my own time, but it’s interesting
if someone shows it to you. – It’s so relevant. You can
go into any body of water and find so many things at the bottom. And he just does it for fun, and he’s probably making
a living off of it now. – I think it’s cool. Everyone’s interested
in that “treasure hunting” and that type of thing, because everyone wants to secretly do it. – (FBE) So these were all
river treasure-hunting videos by the YouTube channel DALLMYD… – That is so cool! He just goes on
treasure hunts. I love him. – (FBE) …who, for months now,
has been going very viral with all things he finds
while diving in rivers. – Yeah. Very odd. – (FBE) Why do you think
this series works? – I have no idea! It’s one of those random things
that become trending and you’re like, “Why did this trend?” – Even if it is fake,
he makes it look good, because he does all the right things. He acts very genuine behind the camera. It’s almost like a vlog, you know? So it’s like, “Oh, who would
act out a vlog, you know? This has to be real.” – I’ve never seen someone go out and just find things underwater. – Something new every time. And then when you find something new, everybody immediately is gonna think. Like, a story’s gonna go
through their head, being like, “I wonder how that go there.
I wonder how this got there.” – Almost everyone at least knows someone that’s lost something,
like, when they go on a boat. – It’s kinda like never ending, ’cause just think about
how many rivers there are to go to. And as he gets bigger
and he has more resources, he’s gonna be like,
“Oh guys, I’m in Uganda today. And we’re gonna be searching
this river for what we can find.” – (FBE) Now, with there
being so many videos of him finding things so often, some believe that this may be staged. – I see what they mean. – (raised pitch) That’s
what I’m kinda thinkin’. I’m like 50-50 on it. – (FBE) But this does appear to be real. So why do you think that
some people would automatically think that these things may be fake? – ‘Cause people on the internet suck. What would be the point
in faking finding a broken iPhone? I don’t think it’s fake. – They’re just jealous
of how cool it looks. – I don’t think that he’s faking it. It just ruins the thought.
And if you just think it’s fake, why not just that it’s real
and be excited and, you know, think that it’s really cool
instead of just being, “No, it’s fake,” and being
a Debbie Downer all the time. – His incredible luck
or maybe, uh, unluck is odd. And it’s very suspicious. – It happens too much. Like, there’s been
too many things at once. It’s placed in very,
very convenient locations. – It seems so kind of planned out. It also plays into why
he’s trending so much too, because it’s a big conflict between
“Is it fake or is it real?” Like how they did with the clown thing. Is it fake or is it real? That went trending everywhere. – (FBE) So finally, you could
say that these things could become a trend,
like the 24-hour challenges or the hot knife challenge,
where people start diving into rivers and looking
for things and maybe it’s real. But it could also be easily faked,
as we’ve been discussing. So what do you think?
Will this become the newest trend? Or is this one too complicated
to become a widespread thing? – I think it’s– I think it’s
a little too complicated to become a full trend, because not everyone has access to all the equipment
needed to go underwater. – I think it’s gonna be too complicated, ’cause if too many people do it, then there’s not gonna be
too many things to find. – It could. I feel like if you already wanted
to learn how to scuba-dive– and I feel like there’s a lot of people that are interested in that– then this would motivate them to actually start doing it
and go out there. – It does have the possibility of becoming another hot knife challenge, where everyone just
parodies the shit out of it. And, you know, you’re gonna get people who jump into kiddie pools
and pull out 100 bucks and like, “Hey dude, look at all this.” Yeah, so it’s gonna get parodied. And if not, I’m gonna [bleep] do it.
I’m gonna figure it out. – Thank for watching this episode
of College Kids React. We really appreciate it. – We release new React episodes
almost every day. So if you want to see more,
make sure to subscribe. – Thanks for watching, everyone. – Hey, what’s up, everybody? It’s Dallen here from FBE. Thank you so much for watching this episode of College Kids React. So what should we have
the college kids react to next? Let us know down in
the comments. See ya guys!

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