Color Kinetics: Floodlighting (application)

Flood lighting. Exterior flood lighting applications include facade lighting
, monument lighting, general area lighting, and signage lighting. Fixtures include Reach powercore family , reach compact Powercore family. North Ankara Amphitheater, Ankara turkey. Phillips Color Kinetics LED lighting solution was ideal because of the long life, color-changing abilities and high quality light output. They used ColorReach Powercore in a variety of beam angles to cover the immense curved shape of the open-air amphitheater. The amphitheater now displays dramatic light shows as part of a citywide beautification project. products used were color reach power core. christchurch international air traffic control tower, christchurch new zealand
. airport managers sought to ensure an easy view of the airport for air traffic controllers. Philips Color Kinetics partnered with lighting designer Kevin Cawley to create a cost-effective lighting system that follows airport safety standards. Only four fixtures are used so that minimal light shines toward the sky which could distract air traffic operators. the system achieved annual operational energy savings of almost seventy percent. products used ColorReach Powercore.

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  1. what does it have to do with kinetizm? or kinetic forces, because its does not . so ?

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