31 thoughts on “Colorado River Street View

  1. Usare #Pegman per scoprire i posti più belli del mondo. Qui il fiume Colorado. Fantastico! #googlemaps  

  2. Into the Wild with @Google Maps   🙂 quick get the 'old town' out i'm off for a canoe trip on the Colorado … ! 

  3. There should be a way to load a whole pathway of street view on Gmaps so you could watch it just like the video.

  4. It would be nice if you could "preview" trips on Google Maps in Street view like this stop-motionesque video

  5. 私も憧れのコロラド川の水をビンにつめてもてかえりました。少し赤茶色ににごっていましたが時間がたつと砂が沈んで透明の水になりました。

  6. Clean very entertainting professional channel .thanks for the ride.

  7. Hey Google, I was just wondering if you guys saw that shit that somebody took on Rainbow and Spring Mountain..? Because it def wasn't me, I did walk by that area and have to tie my shoe right around where it was though.. I just looked down and there was a dump like right under me, so I walked off.

  8. Techniquement c'est impressionnant ! mais c'est le meilleur moyen de laisser les gens rêver leur vie , au lieu de vivre leurs rêves . Là est la subtilité :/

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