COLORFUL Night Photography using a REVOLUTIONARY LED light

last week a French guy a young French
guy just 20 years old contacted me on Facebook and asked me if I wanted to
test his new invention A revolutionary LED light what is really
great about these lights is they are really really small small light just I
mean it’s light as a feather and it’s really easy to pack to put in your
backpack to just carry around revolutionary because any other kind of
lights that is this strong and this and this qualitative will be five times the
weight and the price of this new light this one is just a prototype Charlie who
made this LED is still working on it he is trying to create a RGB version that you
can even change the color of the light directly inside the lamp this is just a prototype, you can’t buy
it yet, but Charlie with the creator of but Charlie with the creator of the lamp is working on a new version
with RGB capability, so you can change the colors while you should and
if you want to learn more you can go in the description and go to his site to
have more informations so I’m really interested to test the new version of
this really cool LED lamp and I will do new videos with the new generation he
will create you can subscribe to my channel visit my Instagram and check my
other weird experiments

65 thoughts on “COLORFUL Night Photography using a REVOLUTIONARY LED light

  1. I would love one. Small, light and versatile, ideal for street portraits. The alternatives are rather more cumbersome. Love it.

  2. it really depends on what price it's going to be. If it's something like 100 euros, then obviously it's overpriced. I already have something similar like that. Made myself, just with the rgb led's. cost me to make about 15 euros. Programed it myself it isn't that hard, but obviously it's not as nicely packaged as this one is. The biggest problem with rgb led's is that it's difficult to make pure white colour, but for any other colour it's pretty amazing. So for a 'real' white light I'd say people should buy this instead of upcoming rgb light.

  3. They are already for sale at your photography shop or if you like the cheap ones go Aliexpress
    Try Icelight 2 from Westcott

  4. Great video as usual Mathieu !
    it could be great to have the details of the pics… ex: iso 800 – f/1.2 – 1/30 … and the kelvins of the strip.
    I already done some test with standard LED and to have a proper FStop, i must 2-3 of thoses bad boy. 🙂

  5. Man, I must say, I love your videos! You add such a fresh look into each one of them and you introduce something interesting every time! Thanks Mathieu! Keep it up!

  6. Hello, I'm so exited and y really love the idea.
    I would like to speak with Charlie and "monitor" the progress of the project.
    Do you have a social media ? 😄

  7. Wow those shots looked stunning! This light seems like it's gonna be pretty amazing! 🙂

  8. what is the difference with $13 closet led bar with integrated rechargeable battery ? . programmable at reasonable price would be great for video because there is a $300 kickstarter right now that looks great but expensive

  9. "Stop playing with that before you hurt somebody…" A blast from my past of my Mom!! Great light and I want one, or maybe 3!!

  10. Looks great, much smaller and neater than other products like it. I have made something similar myself, with some cheap RGB strips stuck in some plastic conduit that has a clear plastic front. Then I used a 20,000mah battery bank to power it with a 5v to 24v variable boost converter so I can dim the light too.

  11. Those where some amazing pictures the light made for really cool effects! Good job on the video!

  12. That is a very novel idea. I've been using a smaller setup with just two 6 inch strips for lighting inanimate objects for macro photography.

  13. Seem not to flicker also for video… If it doesn't cost a leg, it may be useful….👍

  14. Looks interesting, I wish that it could bend into a circle and be able to straight somehow.

  15. the few last pictures with triangle catch light are just awesome. A bit to bright some time I guess not to close to the subject. When properly set it's definitely a great tool…. best when you have an assistant 🙂

  16. Was looking for a soft RGB light that's portable.
    Hope it will be affordable. Tnx for sharing man :]

  17. I did'nt read all the other comments, but seems someone is "already" selling these lights in a more advanced way:

  18. Off toppic, but whats is the name of the song (can't ear the entire site to find it)?

  19. it's not very new, i found this on amazon and do the same job :

  20. Love your videos! I love using vintage lenses! Question, the Porst 50mm lens, is it sharper than the Canon FD 55mm 1.2 lens?

  21. This is REVOLUTIONARY! Actually, these lights have been being sold for a very long time.
    I have made them myself. All they are is accent lighting for in homes. An RGB version would never work because the diffusion material is too close to the lights. It would also drastically cut back on the power of the lights.

  22. Hello, just a quick notice to say that the link of the LED website is outdated, and doesn't not work (error 404 page introuvable) it would be nice to have the new website link ! Thanks !

  23. What is the thing which u use for. Changing color of light to pink and green.. Please tell

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