Come to CATARATA RIVER!!!🤘👀🇨🇷

Of course people We are going to a very beautiful place known here as “The Cataratas” (sound) But before, as you can see, we stopped on “The General Viejo*” bridge So we are going… So we are going to visit it and take some interesting photos and a video for you people for you Yeah people we are on the summer station in Costa Rica So… That explains why today is a hot day! and an opportunity to take vacations on Waterfalls and rivers. So well people, we are here on the bridge in a river called “General superior” So people we can see an undulation of a piece of the structure of the bridge It remember us that we need to be careful when we are driving in wherever we are Well people…in this season of Costa Rica (I mean the summer), the quantity of water of the rivers Very often decrease So probably you want to know what do people like to do on this place Local people very often visit this place to go fishing. You can find here some different species that people very often catch for example “rovalo”, “machaca” “guapote” and “roncador” Well people, we are here on the waterfall known as “La Catarata” (that is part of the river “Catarata”) Look that look that! Green and yellow! Green and yellow people! My short yeah!, because I will refresh myself with the waterfall!!! Yeah people we are near by their waterfall! Of course what a beauty of nature!!! As you can see some visitors make campfires to cook and have fun Yeah, I found a fishing hook and a piece of fishing rope Yeah man! Subscribe to the channel! I love to stay here! 😀 And what a beauty of waterfall people you need to come here!! Yeah, this is life!!! Cannot leave this beautiful place without feel that cold water!! Ready. Let’s go to do it I feel very excited… because of this adventure!!! I’m Aquaman xD! Happiness, peace… freedom. You can feel all this in this incredible place and it makes you think about how great it is to surround yourself with nature Remember people like to this video Turn on the bell* notifications and don’t forget subscribe De Tiquicia!! Pal’ mundo”!!!

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