Commercial Large Loss | SERVPRO of Denton

– So, there’s a big difference between a residential project
versus a commercial project. With commercial, it’s all
about time equals money. Not just for the building
owner, or the property manager, or the engineer, but for
all parties involved, they care about how long
is it gonna take you to restore my property? The longer you’re down, the
more money that they’re losing. The scope of the project and
how large the project is, whether it’s a $40 million project, or it’s just a few thousand dollars, should not matter to the
restoration professional. You really should get the same amount of project management and attention, and attention to detail, that you get on a small project
as opposed to a big project. The dollar amount of the
project should not matter in terms of the level of
communication that’s needed because it’s still important, it’s still someone’s business, and they’re still trying
to get it up and running. And so, one of the things
that we try to do is bring, as a project manager, bring all of the parties together daily to talk about the loss, the scope of the project,
the status of the project, and how quickly each area
needs to be restored. So, one of the things
is that we really try to help facilitate that communication, as well as, with the insurance adjuster. They are gonna require
certain documentation, they may give certain direction, as well. And we bring that information
back to all parties, from an engineer to a property manager that can communicate with ownership. It really should depend, not
on the size of the project, but actually on the size of the company that you’re hiring to do the project. You wanna make sure that they have all of the proper resources to
get you back in business, and all of the project management tools to get you back in business, because that is the most important
thing during the process, no matter the size of the loss.

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