Community Weather Alerts

Severe weather can strike anywhere and at any time. Whether you live in a city, suburb or rural area – we are all at risk. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, straight line winds and flash floods can devastate our communities with little warning. You may only have seconds to make critical life and death decisions. That is why it is so important to become familiar with your community’s public alert and warning system before disaster strikes. Visit to find your local office of emergency management and then contact the office to find out about the plans for your community. Many of us have heard the sounds of an outdoor siren. But the sirens are only designed as an outdoor warning mechanism to alert anyone who is outside to seek shelter. Indoors you may not hear the siren. So consider purchasing a NOAA weather radio to notify you of impending severe weather while you are indoors. Don’t let severe weather catch you unprepared. Make your plans today.

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