You bring us some goodies today for the show what I got right here is a southern Specialty, I want you to look here cast iron cast iron crackling cornbread we talking about Mmm-hmm collard greens that got pecans there or is that bacon that’s crackling son cracklings look a there let me show everybody what that look like right there Collard green, collard greens cured salted fatback and collard greens cooked in a cast-iron I ain’t gonna say dutch oven, a little oven thing there it ain’t a dutch oven. That thing there’s been in our family for years and years and years So what I want to do Partake just a little bit. I don’t know if you ever had any crackling cornbread have you? Explain to everybody out there. That doesn’t know what crackling cornbread what that actually means. Crackling cornbread is regular cornbread with pork cracklings in it pork cracklings is little thin Slices of pork rinds. Mhmm. That’s a big ole piece right there. It is a big ole piece. You ain’t got to eat it all, but you may want too but that’s good stuff. That was look like little pieces of bacon in there. It well sort of sort of kinda it’s got a different flavor to it, but That is what that is And get your cornbread out We can’t put it all in there together. Nah huh You bring any pepper sauce, nope, we’re gonna eat just like it is. Just like it is, okay. Man getting excited. I’m getting all excited look a there. Mmm, fresh collard greens out of the garden You bring me a fork or I’m eating it caveman style? You got a fork right here. Okay I’m gonna tell y’all something folks. If you ain’t never had this right here. You don’t know what your missing out on. Now she didn’t strip them collards she chopped them up I say she that would be Mrs. Hoss She chopped them up because that’s the way most people do collards. They don’t strip them now we strip our mustard and turnips and get that main vein out there. I stripped my collards. Do you? Yeah. I have but we didn’t these You can and you can’t Those are pretty good those tiger collards Mm-hmm. That’s uh, that’s fine meal right there. I’m making a mess you are making a mess I have to be careful I’ll forget we shooting a show and just be wanting to eat the whole time. Yep, for you folks in the South that know what I’m talking about. You know exactly what I’m feeling right now. But for you folks, that maybe didn’t grow up in the same time period we did or you may not have grew up with collard greens. This is the new thing you got to try this and I guarantee. It’ll be a regular for you What they say collards is the new kale collards is all popular now and Good reason for it they good for you and they good to eat. Look at that fat back right there. And in the garden, that’s one of the most productive crops you can grow is Collards I would add kale right up there as far as how many Harvest you can get off of them over and over. You plant you a crop in the fall of the year you can eat On them all the way up to summertime. That’s right. That’s right Okay, if you can grow them Around here. I say nine months out of the year And that’s one crop now you can I have planted Two before sometimes in the spring I’ll plant me and go ahead and get me another going sometimes when they get real tall the that stem will rot out on you so I always like to have some backups Yep, if you remember eating collards years ago, and you didn’t like them got to try them again You can try them two or three times. You get the recipe down right that you like It’ll be pleasing to you. That’s good stuff. Let’s say hey to everybody before we get any further in-depth here Hello everyone and welcome to the Row by Row Garden Show. I’m Travis and I’m Greg and we’re excited to have you with us tonight We’ve got a really good show plan. We’re gonna talk about seed starting a little later on. Really? And popular seed or I wouldn’t say popular but Frequent seed starting boo-boos kind of what not to do As far as seed starting goes so we’re gonna get into a little bit of that before we do. We always have our show-and-tell Section where we talk about what’s been going on in the garden and Weather’s been seesaw 80 degrees, 80 degrees and then next week supposed to get down to 30 degrees I’m gonna have to put something I got a rig me something put on my English peas because they just look too pretty To let a good frost come in and zap them so I got to figure me something out old Danny on Deep South Homestead was doing something with his carrots using a little 4-way connector and some pex tubing That worked looked pretty slick and I think I can throw something together pretty quick. I’m gonna try that and One thing with this getting real hot and then switch cold and then getting back hot again made me think and this happened a couple of years ago this kind of weather is terrible for your fruit tree fella And a couple years ago We had this happen where it it struck off hot and everything started budding and then we got a hard frost it was late February or March and it Heavily impacted the fruit crop. Yup, that can happen. So gotta watch out for that It’s been good for a lot of other stuff in the garden, but your fruit trees it can if they start budding too early, it could be problems. Yep, what you got else what we got down here. Well oh we gonna talk about that, we gonna get to that in a minute jumping ahead of myself, these collards have got me all screwed up We meant, we were gonna talk about your guinea nest onions and the multiplying onions but we got hung up on the collards. We will talk about those on next week’s show. Woo they doing good, they growing. I did a couple videos this week fertilizing my onions. We had a lot of people asking how to exactly how to put that EZ-Flo together and so we did a video showing exactly how to put it together how easy it is and Then we got a video or we had a video coming out on Wednesday Showing how to use the ammonia Sulfate and one thing I noticed this time with that EZ-Flo and I knew it had an agitator in there It’s got the water that shoots in there So because I put a hole or tried to put a whole 10-pound bag Of ammonium sulfate in there because I had about 20 rows of onions to fertilize And it was hard to get that much fertilizer dissolved in two gallons of water But what I did notice is that you can you can put I always thought I just had to dissolve it completely before I put it in there But you could if you’ve still got a little bit of granular left in there that agitator will dissolve it on through So it doesn’t have to be dissolved completely really. Mm-hmm So if you see if you do run into a situation like I did where you need to put a lot in there I’m not sure it works with ammonia sulfate because I’ve never tried it but I know with 20-20-20 warm or hot water helps dissolve. It probably would, I don’t have access to warm water out at my well Unless it’s real hot outside. I got about a minute worth of warm water, but It did work through the rest of it. I had a little bit in the bottom. I couldn’t get dissolved in that two gallon So good to know there the next thing I want to mention so To make a little announcement they’ve been asking me to do this for three or four years now and and I’m gonna finally go. I’m excited about going so deep south homestead who is a channel, we’ve been watching and working with from for a long time one of the first ones We we really partnered up with they have this thing every March I wanna say called the gathering over there in South Mississippi where they’re at and I believe Sammy’s wanting some of my collard greens, Sammy done snuck in here and she’s wanting some of that bacon Anyway, so they have this thing called the gathering get-together for all their subscribers and stuff and in South Mississippi there And so I’m be going there this year me and my wife is gonna make the trip. And so if any of our subscribers are in that area We’ll be there. What area is that? Perkinston, Mississippi. Where’s that at? South Mississippi. South central Mississippi if I’m not, south central it’s a little bit About 30 minutes above Gulfport from the research. I’ve done on the map. So I’ll be there We’ll have a few items We’ll be doing some door giveaways and some stuff like that have a little table set up You can come chat with us or whatever so there’s a I think you have to register for the event There’s a little link that they sent me. I’ll try to put that in the comments below on the YouTube Version of this so you can go register there I don’t think it costs anything kind of bring your own lunch deal, but we will be there on March 21st. I will be he’s gonna stay here, but I’ll be there and So if any of you guys are in that area and wanna swing by check out that link and sign up for that How’s that going over there? That’s good, it’s going over there man that’s contagious right there One other thing and related to that so I had a I don’t know What is why but I had a bunch of calls I won’t say a bunch but several in a short amount of time people calling Me and saying why are you work with this channel? Why don’t you work with this YouTube channel? Why are these people using your seeds why are these not? And Just to kind of clear the air on that a little bit that is not my decision. We contact pretty much every channel in the Gardening and homesteading realm some of them have prior commitments that that they don’t want to kind of cloud that and Some of them just some of them are just easier to work with. Amen. Amen. Some of them are easier to work with than others. So If we’re not working with the channel that you like to watch I promise you it’s not from a lack of trying some of them are just kind of anti promoting other companies products on their channels and We just trying to help is all were trying to do that’s fine. And that’s fine I understand that a lot of a lot of these channels do get because I read their comments they get a lot of backlash from promoting or Saying they use our stuff But yeah I don’t really get that but some of them are don’t like that backlash some of them look here you Got to get your seeds from somewhere. You got to get your tools from somewhere. You just well know where you getting them from that’s right and know the people and have a personal relationship all of our influencers We have really good. I call them up anytime I need to Relationships and we like it to be that way. So they like and they like crackling cornbread, too They do most all of them. So if you have a channel, that you like to watch these you think could use our products? Let them know tell them tell them to holler at us and we’ll be glad to work with them. Okay, so Today we’re going to talk about Something that people been asking about for a while is us to do a show on seed starting Because it’s seed starting season it’s seed starting time I had a fella call me earlier today down in, can you set that over there I will, down in Florida and he said that he was Starting his seed I said woah a little early where you live at? He said he lived below Tampa So, you know what it is time for him to start his seed. Yeah and it’s been time for us to start We did a few weeks ago, we started our what I call early spring stuff our cooler weather He was talking about tomatoes and peppers is what he was talking about, but we’re not but a week or so out from starting peppers we ain’t far. So let’s uh, So this got enough room there So this is some Flame Star cauliflower That I just started a week or so ago and I didn’t get 100% Germination on this but pretty stinking. Well, where’s an empty one at? Right there’s one right there’s one Well I’ll be there may be three empty ones there I’m looking about 99% what I’m looking at, anyway so we got these up and going good and What we wanna talk about today is is how you can grow these at Your own place growing. Your own transplants is Its economical you also get to choose of varieties If you go to the big-box store Gonna buy you some collards. You got to get whatever collards they decided to put out there if they got good looking fresh collards. That’s right A lot of times those plants even if they look good when you got there and bought them at some point in time It’s likely that plant was stressed and what you don’t realize is that stressing early in the life is going to affect the long-term performance. The reason I put in a greenhouse was on the count of tomatoes I got tired of buying the Amelia, which was the only thing that was offered here in our local hardware store That was virus resistant. I didn’t like it still don’t like it to this day. That was my only option So I put my greenhouse in strictly because of tomatoes and since then we have branched out, but To grow varieties that I want to grow. That’s the way I was my way out right there. And being outside in the big garden working in their harvesting and stuff is fun but I will honestly say one of the most fun parts of gardening is Doing this right here is is doing seed starting and growing these seedlings and really being a part of the process From the very beginning from the seeds to the transplant to the final harvest I just I really enjoyed I think in my past life. I might have been a greenhouse manager a greenhouse manager, me too It’s one of my things too. So let’s talk about soil potting medium, the seed starting mix. Soil – Seed starting mix. Yeah One of the main things people think in their mind when they get started is why can’t I just dig dirt up out of the yard and put it in there? Well, you can but it ain’t gonna work out well for you is It’s too compact It’s not sterile and it’s just not designed or going to work out well for you in this right here. You’re a lot better off to buy a seed starting mix and the one we’ve used for years and years and years Is Pro-Mix now I know there’s some other ones out there That’s probably just as good but we don’t have access to them We do have access to the pro mix and now Pro mix has come out with a pro mix that’s got the organic fertilizer mixed in with it even makes it more better. Right. So we use Pro mix we’ve also used one called Sun Grow. I think that’s what it’s called Yeah, they several of them out there. It works pretty good. So you want to be careful? Excuse me a minute You want to be real careful going to the big box store buying potting soil because a lot of times what that is just ground up pine bark and that does not lend itself well to vegetable transplants Yeah, so the last thing you wanna do is go buy potting soil and try to start seeds in there and I’ll tell you why What will happen your seeds will germinate and you might get them up and they might look like this They might look real good but what’s going to happen as they grow older. Is that potting soil For some reason those roots can’t form a good root ball around it now You don’t want things to get root bound But you want a good root ball to form so you can pull this puppy out of there and put it in the soil real easily and if you use potting mix as soon as you pull this up Everything’s gonna fall apart I’ve even made back in the day. I’ve even made my own. It’s peat moss, vermiculite, perlite and we use to use a little lime in there. That’s the basic three components of this potting soil is good peat moss, Canadian peat moss, perlite, which is the white stuff you see there and vermiculite and all of those have a purpose within that soil structure there of being porous and Keeping it nice and fluffy and having them watered and nutrient holding capability So you want your seed starting mix to be real fine like this Like he said you want it to have perlite which is completely necessary. That’s the white stuff they actually they crush volcanic glass to make that and the vermiculite is from crush mica and You want to be real fine so that root ball can form on it. So the good seed starting mix you got to start with that. Mm-hmm. Okay, and like you said you want it to be sterile It can be too fine One year we tried some you better give Sammy some of that bacon. She’s gonna get upset. One year we We tried worm castings as a seed starting mix and it seemed like everything germinated But it was so fine that you couldn’t get a good root ball on it and it just didn’t work out so we did a lot of experimentation with this over the years and A good seed starting mix it needs to be labelled seed starting mix is the way to go Let’s talk about watering real quick Okay Now Hold on. Let me let me get this one out of here Let’s put this one back down That baby’s heavy. Yeah, so When you Are going to sow some seeds you’re going to start some seeds in some trays and this is one of the trays from our new kind of smaller scale kits that Seed starting mix there takes a lot of water to get it wet initially. There’s a fancy word for that But it wears water does not absorb straight into it. What’s that? Hydrophobic hydrophobic Yeah, but if you’ll wet it several different times and I like to use a little fine Spray wet it several times Three or four times before I plant my seeds and then get it nice and moist and wet Yeah, so this right here I wet it down beforehand is nice and moist Yeah I wouldn’t recommend planting in it dry because then you just gonna you risk flooding your seeds out and pushing those out and Out of the cells because you got to put so much water on it to get it wet initially Let’s talk about what we use to water here. So this is a Dramm wand, dramm makes some of the best They make good water hoses, nozzles, sprinklers They just make good stuff and there’s two nozzles We use and this one does come with our premium seed starting kit. We as the shower nozzle, which is this one right here Which works really good Once the plants are really young and tender you might want to use one of these mist nozzles. They call it a fogg it nozzle so you can just take This one off and you can put your fogg it nozzle on there and once your plants get a little bit bigger where they can take a little Heavier water you can put the shower on there. Now this comes in our seed starting kit. We don’t sell this right here You can find them on Amazon they everywhere When I’m watering these things, I have a little technique I do the You don’t want to be doing this right here, cuz you’re just gonna blow all your soil wash it all away So when I’m doing it I hold it kind of way up here and I shake it back and forth and what that’s really doing is It’s taking away some of the velocity out of this nozzle head and basically letting that waterfall at the speed of gravity or whatever And it’s kind of dampening that so you’re not splashing soil everywhere. You’re not making a mess. Your seeds are gonna stay in one place. So when you’re watering, you know, be careful with it kind of hold the wand up and let it fall down on there So the next thing we do after we get it nice and moist it’s ready to make Preparations for that seed going in there ain’t it. That’s right. That’s right Now you can do this several different ways Boom boom boom boom boom go ahead, I see people use a pencil dowel rod everything but you take Fingers and that is the quickest way to make you dibbles no matter what tray You’re working with try to get it in the middle of the plant I mean middle of the cell if you don’t eat in a big deal But you can by putting the hole in the seed starting cell kind of Let you know whether your putting your seed in the middle of the tray. And that’s another reason to wet it beforehand is because If you don’t if this is dry you poke a hole in it It’s going to cave right back in if you wet it beforehand You’re gonna be able to form a lot more solid indention there. So let’s talk about planting depth real quick, and I got some sugar pod peas here Which can be quite handy to get started and seeds come up and grow them out So you want to plant on average Twice as deep as the diameter of your seed. Now when we’re doing real small stuff, like broccoli, cauliflower like we showed you earlier I don’t make very deep indention of all at all Just kind of press down on it and then you gonna dust over the top. You’re working with a bigger seed like a pea seed you make a little deeper hole So we’re gonna let me go ahead and put these in there and you can be talking to them about it. That looks pretty good right there.We’re gonna put our pea seeds in here Those Sugar Snaps Now believe it or not the commercial greenhouse To cover this up use just perlite. I’ve never had nobody explain to me why they do that because in my mind it doesn’t make sense, but that’s what they do We however don’t do that because we don’t buy perlite by itself But they have a machine that comes through there and just puts perlite there on top and they get excellent germinate. And they get excellent germination. We just use the regular mix that we put in there and sprinkle it on top. This process you want to make I like to put me some in a cup or a bucket and you want to get it real fine okay, you don’t want any chunks here and You just want to sprinkle it lightly there and One more reason for wetting this stuff beforehand I forgot to mention is you can actually see where your cells at if you don’t wet it down and you just got soil everywhere It’s going to hard to be hard to tell where your cells are actually at So we’re just going to lightly cover these in I don’t want to Cover up so I can’t see what my cells are, that’s pretty much it right there. Yeah, but it doesn’t take much and then will wet that down again, and you’re good to go Now you want wet when you wet this down again. You want a wet, wet, re-wet. Did I say that right there, re-wet? You want to you don’t want to get flood it constantly for two minutes But you’ll wet it a little bit let it soak in wet it a little bit let it soak in you gotta got to baby it to start off now in this case here We do have a bottom tray here. Okay, but until those seeds germinate and a root forms towards the bottom there this bottom tray is Just a water catchment tray Okay so you gotta water this thing from the top to get that seed wet to germinate and Also give it time for a root to get to the bottom there once that root gets to the bottom, then you can start feeding it from the bottom like that but If you just was just put water in the bottom here and not water it from the top You wouldn’t have a lot germinating Now when you’re dealing with crops such as beets radishes things like and you live in our type climate it’s not really that important that use a Heating mat underneath it because those type crops will germinate in coolish type weather If you’re using tomatoes, peppers, or anything, that’s a summer crop It’s important that you have that heat underneath it to help with the temperature For that seed to germinate a lot better a lot better more germination and quicker, you switch gears on me talking about heat mats there, all of a sudden. That cornbread did that to me. Yeah, so yeah talking about heat a lot of people asked should I put it on the heat tray or not? Down here where we are of course we have a greenhouse but The only time we use a heat mat is in the spring really and we use it for tomatoes, peppers, eggplants We now we do our watermelons from transplants. We do our okra from transplants and we do a lot of pumpkins from transplants So those six crops pretty much we might use it on some early sunflowers or zinnias But those six crops are pretty much what we use on the heat, in the fall it’s plenty warm enough We don’t use a heat mat. We really don’t want I didn’t use a heat mat on any of this, no, cauliflower or anything no all that stuff germinates some fairly cool soils. So mostly your nightshades watermelon heat-loving crops we do that with Let’s talk about we talked about planting depth. Let’s talk about lighting real quick now If you’re growing these inside So we grow our stuff outside and the sunlight is fairly equally diffused But if you’re growing these inside and you’ve got lights Ceiling lights right on top of it or overhead of it Then your light intensity is a little different. It’s not as equally Distributed so to say and what’s going to happen is when these plants get up They’re gonna see that light and they gonna try to climb to it. Not only that but they’re gonna get leggy Yeah, we have a lot of people talk about leggy plants 99.9 percent of time it is a light issue Now my buddy Jason over at Cog Hill Farms. He’s got it figured out the cheap way to do the indoor grow light thing So instead of spending a lot of money on expensive grow light kit and all this apparatus what he does you go to hardware store big-box store and you buy led shop lights Okay, they make them in a little on a little rail and he brings them down close to the plant The trick is according to him and I’ve seen him do this successfully You’ve got the bulb color has to be natural daylight can’t be yellow bulb. It’s got to be the real bright white Natural daylight LED bulbs and then he puts a stack up say this is this tray He puts a stack of books over here a stack of books over here lays the light on top of it and then when he the seeds Germinate they start growing he needs to make it taller just adds another book here adds another book here It’s a real simple design and it works really well for him. Yeah, so economical too. Yeah LED shop lights You just got to get the right bulb color. Water and frequency we talked about a little bit about water and how we water one of the common mistakes I see people make is they don’t water these things enough Even if it’s cold outside, they really need to be watered two or three times a day Let me touch on a little something here, while you’re talking about watering. if you look underneath our seed starting both every Kit that we sell you can see there’s a pretty good-sized, I don’t know if you can see it or not, there’s pretty good size hole underneath these trays for the drainage That’s the reason solo cups, got a little cold That’s the reason solo cups And some of these homemade apparatuses don’t work as well Because they don’t have a big enough drain hole down there when that water gets through there You got to get it through that plant and get it out of it So it don’t sit around cause disease problems so you need good drainage, but you need frequent watering. Yeah I would say until seeds germinate if your bottom watering or planning to bottom water. you need to be watering these things at least twice a day until That root can reach the bottom Now once your roots reach the bottom, you can feed from the bottom that’s going to greatly decrease your water frequency But it’s going to take a minute for them to get down there one for me one for Sammy. Yeah. Yeah Sammy snuck in Next time we’re going to have to get some good sweet tea in here. You’re thirsty cornbread working on me a little bit Lastly let’s talk about fertilization. Let’s uh, can you bring that that tray back up here. And I did I meant to bring one but I didn’t brass siphon mixer so these Cauliflower plants right here are pretty close to putting on what we call true leaves So they’re got our they got their first set of leaves right here their second set of leaves Which you can barely see their will be called the true leaves. Once that second set of leaves Becomes prominent we can see them real good. That’s when to start pushing these guys, yeah, I would do it pretty quick Now a couple different ways you can do this You can mix you I like to recommend about a teaspoon to a tablespoon of 20 20 20 and a gallon Watering can and and put it on top of them. I would chase that with plenty of water You don’t want to leave a lot of fertilizer residue on these leaves it can burn them You can do it with a watering can we’ve also got the siphon mixer we use and We’ve even been known if we’re really wanting to push them we’ll just make a real dilute mixture with that siphon mixer and Basically fertilize them every time we water. Now you got to keep in mind these things have just put out roots They’re nice and white delicate, so you can’t over fertilize these babies or you will burn them so you can less is better than more When they first starting out though The bigger the plant gets and the more roots it gets on there the more fertilizer it can stand you can see there those are just now getting some roots towards the bottom there still a good little ways to go. But you’ll be surprised what a good fertility program will do on these right here So good warm weather and good fertilizer these babies will pop. Yeah A lot of times you can push them as hard as you want to push them If you you know, if you’re a little behind and need to get your planting date You can do like we do sometimes to just fertilize them every time you water Just want to do it at a lower rate when you’re spoon-feeding like that if there are any other questions We didn’t answer about Seed starting put those in the comments and we’ll be glad to get to them on next week’s show I tried to cover what we hear most frequently what people ask and what we have success with. Right. Right what we have had success with It seed starting is one of those things How do I explain it you you can’t get to what I call willy-nilly with it There’s a certain way to do it And if you do it that way you’re gonna be successful If you try to go off the radar with your techniques and stuff a little too much You’re not going to have a lot of success. There’s a certain way to do it And I promise you if you do it the way we show on our videos you’ll be successful I can’t remember the last time we had a failure. That we lost a tray that we lost a tray of Plants. Yeah, I can’t I can’t remember and that’s not to be bragging, no it’s just It’s easy. Once you get the hang of it once you realize there’s a certain way to do it Yeah, and do it that way every time you can’t get in a hurry You got to do it the right way and you get good results. Let’s get into some questions let’s get in some questions from last week’s show and if we answer your question on this week’s show send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you a nice little prize Question number one comes from Jesse Scott. Will y’all be carrying any of the balls zucchini? There’s a yellow, medium green and a pale green type they sell well here at market in Coastal, North Carolina. well We’ve got one variety of round zucchini we call Eight Ball squash it is a I’d say it’s a darker green one These things if you’ve never tried them folks out there all you got to do is cut these babies in half throw them on the grill They are fine to eat Excuse me. They’re really good texture. That cornbread working on us. That they there I’d say a little bit bigger than a pool ball They’ll get real big their best peeked a little bit bigger than a pool ball So we have yeah one variety of eight ball squash I can see us maybe adding the yellow ones and stuff in the future. But we do have one of these currently. Number two comes from Jerry Georgopolis and he says talking about cutting and drying potato seed pieces You make no mention of treating the pieces with fungicide to prevent dry rot, etc. Do you use any fungicide? I have I’ve used dry sulfur before and I’ve used fur bark dust before And I just don’t have any problems. I’ve not used a lot but I have used it before and I can’t tell any difference between I use it and when I don’t That being said my ground is on high ground. I don’t have any problems with them flooding out Rotting in soil pretty much I may have lost one crop in 20 years. I don’t have any problems I let them I come up let them sit for a few days hill over and I plant them If you feel more comfortable using dry dust sulfur or a fir bark dust by all means I don’t think it’s going to hurt What the sulfur and the fir bark does does is it lowers the outer surface pH and makes those diseases Makes an environment where the diseases cannot live Makes you feel better or if you think you may have a problem with rot by all means do it I don’t have an issue with it. It doesn’t seem to have a be a thing for me, so no I do not. 90% of time every now and then I will just to see if it makes a difference I haven’t noticed any difference. I would say if you’ve got time to cut them up Let them properly heal you really don’t have nothing to worry about it If you’re in a bind Rain is coming you need to You forgot to cut them up and you’re wanting to cut them and plant them in the next day or two that stuff really helps if you got time to let them heal properly I can see that I’ve always let mine heal up so yeah, I can’t tell the difference in it. Yeah. Ok question number three comes from Anne Grant and she says, where are your 288 seed trays on the website? We got a little surprise for you. Can you can you push that away one more time? So Bring this out people have seen this before. This is our bottom tray for our Same tray I showed you with a cauliflower in our 162 tray That fits in there. Okay. We’ve had these for a while. We’ve just got a new shipment in we can’t hardly folks they’ve been flying out of here. Those things are popular now we just added and I’ll let you hold that one so we can show it this guy right here, which I have trialed and I like this is a 338 cell tray so it’s the same size as the one you’re holding there It is a little heavier because you got more cells you got more plastic there, it is just as durable If not, I believe this one might hold up better the stomp test than that one would because you got more plastic there the cells on these are nice and deep you got nice big holes at the bottom. I have grown so far leeks in here, onions in here does really good with those I grew rutabagas in here, I do beets in here The commercial guys around here do broccoli and cabbage in there. I haven’t, but you certainly could Because there are 338 cells you’ve got less soil per cell a little It takes a little more finesse to grow them in here than it does there they take a little more regular water They’ll dry a little quicker because you’ve got less soil per plant but these right here are awesome You can grow near about twice as many plants the same footprint as you can with these not quite but almost twice as many. Yep I wouldn’t grow anything in here that really like I wouldn’t do lettuce in here anything that’s gonna really kind of have a lot of foliage Going out cuz you gonna lose some airflow Yeah, my thoughts on that is as I would use this one for tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, pumpkins Pumpkins and I would use this for the smaller things like you mentioned as onions, leeks. Yeah works great for onions and leeks and we got that it fits this bottom tray, too They might be on the website as of the airing of this video if not in the next few days, so The 338 there you can check those out now if you think you may want some these bottom trays or you think you may want some of these 162’s I can tell you from first hand experience cuz I’ve had my rear end back there trying to get them out we Can’t we got a truckload in yesterday and we three pallets down right now They are flying out of here just as quick as me in those boys in the back can pack them They’re going out of here. Now I know for a fact we’re gonna run out of these right here. So if you think you want some you better get them now we can get more when we run out But they have to come on a container from Overseas oversees, England is were they made at and so they take a little while We will run out of these We have run out of those just got them back we’ve got one or two big pallets of the 338’s we can get more of those but we subject run out of those two, so Seed starting seasons here if you need your stuff you get it while we got it In the last 24 hours three skids of pallets of these have went out of here. Yeah, that’s a lot of seeds being started all around all around the country. We got one more question here and that’s from James Billingsley and then he says enjoy the show and all the info have muscadines black and blueberry plants Ison’s nursery where I got my blackberries recommends 10 10 10 but he wants to use our 20 20 20 with the drip tape how much 20 20 20 should he used to get the equivalent amount of fertilizer as the recommended amount of 10 10 10. It’s easy and complex at the same time. So you want to use half as much 10 10 I mean excuse me half as much 20 20 20 as you would 10 10 10 because it’s twice the strength 10 times 2 is Simple math, 20 20 20 is twice the strength of 10 10 10. So you want to use half as much on recommendation now when using a liquid Water-soluble fertilizer versus a straight granular fertilizer, then it gets a little bit different You want a spoon feed and put more applications out with that 20 20 20 Then you do the 10 10 10. You can probably put the recommendations I think most time on the recommendations on the 10 10 10 granular is to split it into two three applications along the plants growing cycle during that growing season on the 20 20 20 heck I break that up even more than that even six or seven maybe eight times So give it a little bit at the time recommendations half as much Just break your fertilizations up a little bit more and hit it and what you will find is you’ll have a lot better results that’s what I’m gonna do this spring where I got my Arkansas Prime Freedom BlackBerries on Drip tape and I’ve read that them babies like to be fed and babied so we’re gonna spoon feed once they start growing, we’re gonna spoon feed them and Push them a little but if you think about it, would you rather eat a big old pot of collard greens and cornbread in one sitting or would you rather have 3 different meals in one day. Yeah, plants are the same way you get plum sorry sitting around eating collards and cornbread all day, swell up. Alright folks that is gonna do it for tonight’s show You know what I was thinking the other day and this is this may be our claim to fame one day we have Even though we only been doing this close Not quite two years. We are the longest-running weekly father-and-son gardening show out there There you go and Who would have thought who would a thought you know, I think this is episode 85 or so. So when we get on a 100 our hundredth episode, we’ll have to do something real big but oh Yeah that it’ll be a little awhile before we get there, but we thank you all for watching every week We sure do. Don’t keep us a secret, tell all your buddies about us and ol Joel Henderson in Oklahoma said him and his buddies they all watch it on Thursday and then get up on Fridays and talk about it Yeah so We hope it’s as much fun to you as it is to us because we absolutely have a blast and we love what we do And I’m sure you do too. That’s right. Alright, so I hope you enjoyed it next week. We’re going to be talking about Lost my train of thought there We’re going to talk about crop planning strategies and crop rotations and talking about which crops from the same family what you can plant behind one what you don’t want to plant in the same area in consecutive years and A little bit of that planning strategy we do so we’ll catch up on that next week Hope you enjoyed the show, and we will see you guys then. Take care.


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