Concrete Dam to Redirect the Flow of our Stream

The driveway that leads into our house
has a stream crossing it so the last time we had to replace the culverts
after they got flooded out we put two in to try to prevent it from happening but
when we put it in the metal culvert on the right, as you can see. You
may not be able to see it but it’s it’s lower and though we’ve put a
little temporary dam in there to try to reduce the water flow in it it still has
more water flowing through it than the plastic one. Which isn’t good, because
that same culvert now on the left, and it does change materials partway through, is closer to a tree and doesn’t have as good of a splash pad under it as the
other culvert does and I would like to turn that porous temporary damming into
a relatively non porous concrete dam which is also higher to really direct
flow through the culvert we would like it to go through. The first step is preparing the site, which requires the removal of all the stones and dirt in the stream bed. Then the removal of the small amount of remaining water And the washing of the site so the concrete can make a good bond. I then washed some stones to make the concrete go farther, a method which we have frequently used in other
parts of the culvert structure then gravel so we can turn the mortar mix we
have into concrete which is mixed until it has a
consistency similar to peanut butter with my dad helping we placed the concrete
with the addition of the stones the dam was not built directly at the entrance
to the culvert which would have required the least amount of material but would
have also limited the volume of water the culvert could have flowing through it. the vision for this dam was to prevent water from flowing through the
culvert at low volumes without impinging on the capacity when needed during
higher flows though there’s a lot more water in this stream than there’s been
for the rest of the summer after an overnight of moderate to heavy rain it’s
still a lot less than I would normally expect to see in this stream and
although this the amount of water going over this weir is a good amount and it’s
to be working well at this level of water I don’t really want to have water
flowing over in into the metal culvert I’d much prefer to have it all still
going through the plastic culvert so I may raise this weir by some

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  1. An odd thing to do for no apparent reason other than personal aesthetics.

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