Congaree Creek Dam Removal

So what we’re doing here today is removing a decrepit sheet pile dam that once served the purpose of being a water intake structure for the city of Cayce, South Carolina and it’s outlived its purpose now and it’s posing a human health safety factor with canoeists that want to use the stream, the kayakers. What we want to do is take it out and by taking it out we will let the stream function like it should. We’ll see natural settlement flows through the stream which makes the stream healthy downstream. So we’re improving water quality by removing it too and you know we’re benefiting several imperiled species in the stream and plus the good clean water that comes down the fish will move upstream better to stay in this area. One of the things that is probably the biggest downfall of species or detriment to species in streams is habitat degradation. So anytime we can do anything to improve the habitat we’re improving the fishery. It’s just putting a system back into its natural function

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