Connecting Floors With Stairs by Planner 5D

Creating a 3 floor house with stairs Creating a 1st floor Stair area is created as a separate room In stair area we have to hide/delete the ceiling Creating 2nd floor In stair arean on 2nd floor we delete/hide the floor That is how we create a space between floors for a stair to fit in perfectly Magic Cube tool allows to create a multi level floor A room with high ceiling/area between two floors is created the same ways as stairs Ceiling is hidden/deleted on a 1st, floor on a 2nd floor Creating a 3rd floor Use the same method when creating stair arean on other floors Hiding ceiling on 2nd and floor on 3rd floor Floor is being replaced by Magic Cube tool in this particular example If creating a house with default floor and rooms, there is no need to hide or delete floor itself; only that small area for stair area Creating railings Decorating house walls Putting furniture If the floor was created using Magic Cube tool, be sure to lift up furniture a little bit, so it would look normal and do not “sink” into the floor If there’s not enough light in HD snapshots, put two chandeliers of the same model close by Light will become brighter Do not forget to put on the roof 3D HD Snapshot

20 thoughts on “Connecting Floors With Stairs by Planner 5D

  1. I came here to know how to connect roofs with stairs, but I get out knowing almost 3 plus tricks about the program. Congrats. And PLEASE make new commands for the program, he's awesome and would be even better with commands

  2. Thx so much i had a hard time with the stairs in the roof on secound floor sigh

  3. Its hard to understand its to fast some people are not fast learner and thats me

  4. This game is what I need NOT roblox build a boat for treasure

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