Construction 80% complete at Leslie Harrison Dam

We’re at the Leslie Harrison Dam upgrade. The project is about 80% complete. We’re hoping to finish (construction) just after Easter, depending on the weather. Over the last six months, we have completed all the underground works which is a shear key to remove alluvial materials from the dam foundations and replace it with high-strength rock. We’ve extended the existing outlet conduit downstream. The existing conduit from the dam is a tunnel that runs underneath the dam. and it takes water from the reservoir and delivers it to the water treatment plant. With the new weighting berm downstream, we’ve had to extend that existing conduit to be able to build the new weighting berm on top. We’ve installed a large weighting zone downstream of the dam to act like a doorstop in the event of extreme events. We’ve also finished anchoring the spillway crest and the spillway shute. And at the moment we are in the progress of installing a filter butress on the existing dam embankment which will protect the dam from piping and seepage.

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