Construction underway for Leslie Harrison Dam upgrade

We’re here at the Leslie Harrison Dam upgrade site. This project is required, to meet the guidelines of the Queensland Dam Safety regulator. It will involve extending the existing embankment downstream and anchoring of the existing spillway to provide greater stability during extreme weather events. The project has got off to a good start and expected to be completed within the next nine to 12 months. Before construction work, We provided an innovative solution for access to the site. in constructing a temporary access bridge across the Tingalpa Creek to allow large construction vehicles to access through a fairly quiet area rather than through a residential area. The bridge was constructed in about six weeks and involved assembling a number of steel frames and beams – all from one side of the spillway to the other side of the spillway. Just to see the scale of the project – it’s absolutely massive. Over $20 million worth of upgrades here at Leslie Harrison Dam. We’ve got residents that are affected if this dam wall fails so it’s important that this is a safe dam for many years to come. And it’s great to see the number of jobs that have been created because of it as well: construction workers out here, contractors – it’s fantastic. The military-style bridge has allowed for an innovative way to ensure that trucks are moving earth through Dam Road and not through the back streets of Capalaba, which is highly populated. This has been a fantastic outcome for our local community.

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