Consumer Attention is on Social Media

hey good morning guys and welcome to
expert influence or Academy and welcome to a another a live video on the expert
podcast guys happy Friday hope you guys are gearing up to have a
great weekend today guys I want to talk to you the topic for today is just like
a fireside chat is all eyes on social I’ve been giving it some thought
last couple days Martin good morning and I would like to share some information
with you guys to just kind of pull back the curtain and give kind of like a slap
of reality for entrepreneurs businesses of all kind big businesses small
businesses entrepreneurs solopreneurs and a lot of this information is coming
from my presentation that I gave at our startup in solopreneur Expo I actually
did a presentation and a keynote speech on social media for small business and
listening to Gary Vaynerchuk over the last couple days and thinking and things
like that I just kind of wanted to like I said pull the curtain back and talk
about all eyes on social Heidi good morning thanks for joining so guys um
all these stats that I’m sharing with you come from HootSuite and these are
for 2019 and if you are at the expo Martin Heidi that’s gonna kind of be a
review but I’m gonna hand some pointers and some some thoughts at new content on
these stats so guys in 2019 HootSuite is reporting that there were seven point
six billion people in the world so in the world there were seven point six
seven six billion people this is from January 19 to January 2020 out of those
seven point six billion people 5.1 billion of those people or 67% have a
mobile device and are what they call unique mobile users that that’s crazy
out of those people 4.3 billion out of the world’s
population our Internet users 57% so 57% of the Earth’s population is on the
internet out of the seven point six billion users 3.4 billion of them or 45%
of the world’s population is an active social media user I must say that one
again 3.4 billion people in the world or 45% of the Earth’s population has an
active social media account and then out of those seven point six billion you
have 3.2 billion or 42% that are mobile social media users so they access social
media on mobile and that’s why this video is called all eyes on social in
fact the annual digital growth again according to HootSuite outperformed the
total population it’s staggering the total population in 2019 group up by 1.1
percent however mobile users grew by 2% Internet users group by nine point one
percent active social media users grew by nine percent and mobile social media
users grew by 10% so guys based on this information and
what we’ve been talking about all eyes are on social media if you are a company
if you’re a business if you have any type of commerce or anything you need to
be where the people are there are more people in the world jumping on social
media then then there is growing population and that’s really important
to realize you know Gary Vaynerchuk I watched uh one of his videos the other
day and he claimed that the most valuable currency in the 21st century
2020 the most valuable thing is actually people’s attention attention is the most
valuable currency and in order to be successful in business
in order to grow your business you have to understand the behaviors of of the
population and you have to understand that we are all competing as business
owners for people’s attention and where is the attention the attention is on
social media and Martin is right hashtag truth after all we’re watching
this on a social media platform and that’s true guys it doesn’t take a
rocket scientist simple Google searches will show you that more and more people
every day are kicking cable to the curb they’re not watching cable they’re not
reading the newspapers newspapers are going out of business left and right and
people aren’t listening to traditional radio stations anymore either in the car
or at your house the radio station is funny a lot of people aren’t listening
to radio stations anymore because of commercials but the the old kings of
advertising the old kings of media that have been tried and true for hundreds
hundreds of years are disappearing they are going out of business more people
now than ever stream videos Netflix YouTube Hulu
Disney Plus more people now than ever subscribe to radio services like Sirius
XM Pandora Spotify more people get their news from scrolling on social media in
the morning than they do from like watching cable networks or even local TV
stations guys people your audience the people you want to reach your prospects
are on social media and as a business you really have to realize this Tia good
morning thank you for joining you have to realize that your audience is on
social media and if you are not adapting your strategy to incorporate a social
media strategy to build a community around your product okay Garrett
good morning it’s good to see you if you don’t have a strategy to reach a
target audience on a social media platform if you don’t have a strategy to
create content for video to create content for these platforms you’re going
to go out of business this is proven it’s tried and true look up Blockbuster
Video Blockbuster Video laughed at Netflix when it first came out and now
they’re out of business look at Toys R Us
toys r us rather than adapt and deal with Amazon as a competitor and try to
compete and go toe-to-toe they decided to ignore the internet and they went out
of business I know they have a store – that’s coming back but it’s not the same
company Sears Sears Roebuck when I was a kid I remember my mom and dad I’m a
little older I remember my mom and dad getting the Sears catalog in the mail
that’s how I used to pick out my Christmas presents when I was little I
used to open up the Sears catalog I used to take a pen and I used to circle what
I wanted out of the Sears catalog and then you know Santa Claus would bring it
to me but out of business so you can no longer ignore the power of social media
you could no longer ignore the power of a digital we live in a mobile world
where everybody has a phone everybody is connected 24 hours but they’re on this
device they’re not on cable they’re not in newspapers they’re not in magazines
they’re not on the radio so the money that you are spending especially as a
big business advertising on these platforms could be you know radio print
TV they could be better spent developing a social media strategy and a digital
presence for you and your company and guys this is not a fad this is only
continuing to grow as we move into the future as technology advances technology
drives consumer behavior as technology advances these numbers are only going to
grow you could see that via 10:00 chin on tic-tock tic-tock apparently
came out of nowhere and now it is gaining fame everyone is on there that
is the next biggest social media platform and guys it you got to learn to
adapt to each specific platform each specific platform has a set of rules
that you have to abide by or that you should follow industry best practices so
for Facebook you need to know that that’s more family and friends oriented
for LinkedIn you need to realize that that’s more business oriented twitter is
like the office water cooler you know YouTube is the world’s second largest
search engine it’s not being it’s not Yahoo it’s Google owned YouTube so I
mean you got to put your content out there Garen knows what I’m talking about
and like Garrett says even mainstream media has developed online geofence
platforms and it’s true everybody is moving to this you got to move to a two
don’t be left out in the cold don’t wonder what happened when it’s too late
this is not a fad this is consumer behavior moving and shifting it is a
fundamental shift in attention and in consumer behavior so it is extremely
important that you guys develop some sort of social media presence alright
well that’s it for me guys it is Friday thank you to everyone that
jumped on I really appreciate it thank you so much Garrett it was great to see
you thanks for tuning in I appreciate it I hope you in the family are well Martin
Heidi Tia thank you the other guys that I can’t see thank you I hope you guys
have a great weekend hang in there and we will talk soon

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