Contaminated waste from damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima swept away by Typhoon Hagibis

the most powerful typhoon to hit Japan
in decades has left in more than 30 people dead in nineteen missing as
typhoon hajime’s moved in a northerly direction before exiting the island
nation late Sunday it left a trail of destruction including the nuclear
stricken prefecture of Fukushima what’s alarming bags containing waste materials
generated during a decontamination work in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power
plant found in the nearby river our immune son has a top story this morning the seasons 19th typhoon Huckabees
slammed into Japan over the weekend causing dozens of casualties and leaving
many regions flooded harvests also swept across Fukushima home to the nuclear
plant that meltdown following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami
according to Japanese media the city of Tamura in Fukushima Prefecture said
Sunday there an unknown number of bags containing contaminated waste from the
plant or lost officials say heavy rains carry the bags
to the nearby flume its river that river connects to another river and flows into
the Pacific Ocean the city retrieved 10 bags from the river but they haven’t
been able to confirm how many went missing out of the more than 2,600 bags
kept in a temporary storage it’s bag weights between 700 kilograms and 1.3
tones they contain grass and wood collected from areas that were heavily
contaminated by radiation city officials insist contaminated waste
did not leak out of the bags and they will carefully check the storage and
management record however this isn’t the first time something like this has
happened in 2015 contaminated waste from the Fukushima plant went missing in
similar circumstances when the region was hit by torrential downpours Imazon
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27 thoughts on “Contaminated waste from damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima swept away by Typhoon Hagibis

  1. Por qué diablos construyeron una planta radioactiva en el océano Pacífico

  2. Holy shit, I just thought this might've happened, I'm devastated. What if the Japanese people are waiting for typhoons to dispose of the radioactive waste?

  3. 朝日新聞で報道された ちょっと心配している

  4. It doesn't matter if they lost a few of those containers. The reactor core is still leaking openly into the ocean. All sea life on California coast in the united states is dying.

  5. This is the worst thing that could happen to those bags. They should have, at the very least been buried long ago. If they make it to the sea, the contents will spill and the bag will also become a hazard. NoNukes/NoWaste Very bad news!!

  6. So this is really the entire plan on how to released those chemical waste… creating vast storm…. great plan yeah…. it is an easy way out to face international law

  7. Problem solved (seriously). Radiation from Fukushima has killed exactly zero people.

    The Tsunami killed about 20,000.
    The unnecessary evacuation due to fear of radiation killed about 1,500 (from stress).
    Radiation from the Fukushima power plant killed 0. None. Nada. Nobody.

    Hysteria about nuclear energy and radiation is 100% driven by "environmentalists" which are really motivated by a deep hatred for industry, capitalism, civilization and humanity.

    The real agenda is socialism, depopulation and the idea of returning the world to some imagined pre-industrial utopian state.

    That's why they push garbage energy sources that don't work like renewables. They want electricity to be super expensive and unreliable so that the economy fails and people can't afford to live a materially prosperous life.

    This is well documented by the writings and statements of environmentalist ideologues over the years.

    Here is data with sources showing that nuclear is by far the best energy source in existence, in all aspects including the environment and safety.

  8. Who let these retards build a nuclear power plant in one of the most earthquake prone countries in the world japan shouldn't be allowed to build any nuclear power plants period

  9. What in the Fuck are these idiots doing to the world? I understand this disaster was more than any country on earth would have been able to handle but the people in charge afterwards have shown nothing but incompetence in the decisions made trying to contain the worst of the contamination since day #1..Why isnt every country on earth trying to fix this? I think sitting back watching people for almost 10 yrs now destroying the only planet we have is insane..FUCK CLIMATE CHANGE..Fix this shit

  10. I don't understand why there was no update about the waste. It seems like they are trying to sweep it under the rug. California Universities have been saying that radioactive waste is coming to California.

  11. I actually create a group that still up and running. I knew this would happen and there will be another major disaster yet again. They were already about to dump all of their wastewater ground to the ocean again. Is a serious issue that no one talks about. My recommendation is don't eat seafood for a very long time and get potassium iodide. It's funny how some of the biggest issues are not talked about. Nobody seems to care. And then when you talk about it they think that you're being crazy or and environmentalist. When they're actually being very ignorant. People need to wake up and use common sense

  12. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics had more conscience and responsibility. Media is silent when it comes to Japan. Good job! You could imagine how fiercely the press would criticize China if they were responsible for this situation.

  13. Jesus, a capitalist country is no better than a communist country. Even soviet made better solution there.

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