Convert your 4 prong CFL to an LED Can Light / Super Easy / Step by Step

Hey Allen Lee here with honestly handyman services And today I wanted to show you guys how to convert a four prong CFL to an LED light fixture So we’re gonna be converting from this which if this looks familiar is a four prong CFL Light bulb to an LED light bulb and really the trick is what we’re going after is the ballasts inside the fixture I’m going to show you guys exactly how to remove the fixture disassemble the ballasts and just hardwired it so you can install Yourself an LED cam light so there are a few reasons why you might do this Probably the most common is because your ballast has gone out one of the most common things is that if you if this bulb goes out and you go to you know, Replace it and and then it just doesn’t work or it comes on slowly or things like that That means your ballast has gone out or is going out That’s probably the most common reason another reason is maybe you’re just looking for some more light So anyways, let’s get to this job replacing this four prong CFL with this LED light picture I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to do it. So what you’re going to want to do first is remove your CFL bulb they could be mounted one of two ways either be mounted directly up to the can box or be integral with the Cam light housing and like mine is in – interval it can light housings So basically you just remove that I guess I forgot to mention you want to make sure your powers off obviously So here I got my CFL out So I’m just going to go ahead and cut these four wires and remove this whole assembly after remove that those four wires See, here’s the four wires here. You’re gonna want to go ahead and remove these screws here. So there’s one screw here One screw here and then one screw over here you’re gonna remove those three screws and Then this whole can is gonna come on down once you got those three screws three screws removed? You have two options, you could either pull this can down or you can push it up it’s a lot easier to push it up out of the way just Push it up into the attic and then you’re gonna want to look around and find your ballast box And you see here’s your ballast box. So we’re gonna resituated here so we can access this ballast box Okay, once your resituated there you want to take a flashlight and just go ahead and put it up in the attic So obviously don’t forget that flashlight when you go back with it And then here’s the ballast here the thing that we’re going to be disconnecting so there’s a clip on top of this ballast box now you just do You pull that box out of the way and it has wires on the back You can just go ahead and cut all these wires as close as you can to the ballast itself and then remove the ballast I’m gonna do that right now So here’s what it looks like after I cut the wires off the ballast you are gonna be left with the four four wires here And these are the exact same four wires that you saw inside your can From earlier in the video and then you are gonna have obviously a ground wire You’re gonna have a black wire and a white wire and see now those are just little pigtails So we’re gonna go ahead and remove the white wires and what we’re gonna do Essentially is we are gonna pull out one of these blue wires. We’re just gonna pull it out and get rid of it Then we’re gonna pull out one red wire and get rid of it. So we’re gonna be left with one red and one blue we’re gonna We’re gonna strip the red wire. We’re gonna hook it to the black wire. We’re gonna strip the blue wire We’re gonna hook it to the white wire And then we’re gonna put our ballast cover back on and then I’ll show you guys what to do next So as you can see, I got my wires ready. I just stripped these wires so the blue wire is Going to go ahead and hook to the white wire and the red wire is gonna hook to the black wire now These are the actual wires that are coming from the light switch. So obviously again you want to make sure hull powers off So these two wires are the wires that go to inside the can that we’re gonna be accessing later So basically Reed’s be hooking those up and then we’re gonna be going from there got my wires all hooked up in there So now I could take the ballast cover that we took up earlier The ballast is still in there now white thinks your ballast But you can just go ahead and leave the ballast in there because it’s disconnected There’s no reason why you need to take it out. So just gonna pop this back in there Just to remount it now that you put your ballast cover back in you can want to remove your flashlight and then you’re gonna go ahead and put your Can back down So the can that’s just sitting up in the attic you’re gonna bring that back down and you’re just gonna reset it down You’re gonna rehook up all All the screws and then I’ll show you guys what to do with the wiring got our can back in got all the screws Fastened up and you see we are left with these two wires that we left in here before one red one blue So we’re gonna go ahead and strip those then you’re gonna want to open up your box with the new LED can light and grab this guy and then we’re gonna be cuttin off this socket end and then wiring these Wires directly up to our can right there and then once you got them wired up you’re
Hook them up to your LED and go ahead and put it back up in your box after you got your LED up there You’re gonna want to test it out and see how your kitchen looks now So that is exactly how you convert a CFL four prong CFL to a LED can light So if you guys like this video, please give it a thumbs up Leave me a comment in the comment section below also Don’t forget to check out all my other videos as I have a lot more on this channel Regarding handyman DIY work and how to start getting in businesses and whatnot So, thank you all so much for tuning in and have a great day

40 thoughts on “Convert your 4 prong CFL to an LED Can Light / Super Easy / Step by Step

  1. Always enjoy your videos my friend ! Thanks for the nice friendly learning environment !!! Very nice

  2. Good instructional video, my knowledge base has been increased, thanks bro!

  3. I have never run across one of those cfl fixtures before, but know what to do now if I ever run across one. Thanks for the vid.

  4. Solid work. I like doing these for my customers. LED is much better ? thanks Allen!

  5. Side note. Where they have several in the same room, probably good idea to buy a few extra identical LEDs so any replacements match the style and color temperature of the others. (If any happen to die over the next decade). Good video, thank you Adam.

  6. Ok! I learned a lot on just 5 minutes. My favorite kind of video. Thank you allen lee.

  7. Good job. The ONLY thing I would add is to right a quick little note reminding you what color wire you connected to the hot and neutral…. for people who are new to this. I can just see someone closing it all up and when it comes to the connections they can’t remember.
    Thanks for putting out this video. I remember when I did a few of them I had a hard time finding someone on YouTube with these instructions…. thanks again

  8. Customer of mine has about 15 of 2 pin 20 watt 12v halogen little recessed puck light fixtures. I assume that I can't just replace those with LED equivalent bulbs.
    In fact I stuck some 2 pin equivalent LED bulbs into the fixtures and the LED lasted about 3 seconds and then dim to off. If you turn the power off turn on again it does the same thing. But then I noticed they have another LED but higher LED wattage replacement bulb that was working in that same type of fixture so I'm wondering what I need to do. Actually I don't really want to retrofit to LED if it's going to require taking these fixtures out of the ceiling because they are so small that they're hard to manipulate. It might be better just to use halogen 20 watt bulbs and say heck with it. Or sell the guy on some larger diameter cans with LEDs if he wants them. I'm not a big fan of LED light but whatever the customer wants I'll do it. So what's your tip of the day or what am I doing wrong with this retrofit?

  9. So I followed these instructions and LED came on for a split second then it never came on again. I disconnect the led and connected the LED to a cord I cut off of a broken dishwasher and I am still getting nothing from the light. I have tested to verify I am getting electricity to the wires when I turn on light switch and at my cut off dishwasher cord so my conclusion is that the LEDs are no longer working. My question is if I reveresed polarity would this have blow the LED or did I just get two bad LED lights as they where on sale at lowes for like 5 bucks.

  10. Curious as to what you charge per light? Looks like there were 6 total(?). Good stuff as always.

  11. Holy shit, FINALLY a video that is well-explained and doesn't just have a bunch of shitty music. Thank you so much! I'm going to try and do this and not die.

  12. Great Video Allen! very instructive. Learned a lot. Just starting my Handyman business. Been a Plumber most of my life. It's the electrical part that I need to brush up on, so these videos really Help! I like it how you show step by step. Great Work!!!

  13. Awesome tutorial. I tried doing it myself first and got stuck, so this saved me a lot of time and frustration. Thanks!

  14. Awesome video! Very clear and concise! I don’t have any of these CFL can lights in my house, so I won’t be doing a conversion like this, but it was an enjoyable video nonetheless.

  15. Wow i just swopped one out be-for this video. I removed the wire and ran new wire threw the existing can, i didn’t even think of reusing the wires like yours thanks i have 6 more to do next month you just saved material cost and a head ache

  16. Great video, but I didn't see what you did to get from two blue and two red wires to a single set.

  17. Great video, thanks. How do I know what LED conversion kit to get for CFL replacement? Mine currently run 26W CFL bulbs.

  18. Thanks this is helpful. I've wanted to do this for a while, but didn't know what the ballast actually looked like. Looks pretty easy.

  19. Lee – I watched several videos on this and yours was – by far – the most instructional! Thank you !!

  20. Hi, and thank you for the video. Is there an alternative to keeping the blue and red wires connected? Is it possible to just keeping the ground, neutral and live?

  21. Just spent $50 replacing the light bulbs on this damn 4 prong crap , 4 hours later 5 of the 6 bulbs already blew out. Gonna follow your instructions and replace them with leds this weekend! Thanks!

  22. Hi Lee, Thank you for the video. The guys at Lowe’s really didn’t know how to do the retro fit. I do have a question. I have 6 lights in my kitchen that are linked. Would there be any additional wiring or if I follow you video would all of the lights still be linked? Thank you for your help.

  23. Thank you so much for your detailed but quick video. I've been dreading trying this out on my own for a year but finally did it. I changed out 4 of them today and all work perfectly. Will be doing about 15 more. Thank you again. You saved me a lot of money and I can have some pride for doing it myself (of course with your helpful video).

  24. After you showed that the cone might be able removed, I was happy mine did, so was able to remove the broken bulb

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