Corbyn Smeared as ‘Russian Stooge’ for Requesting Evidence on Poisoned Spy

The leftist leader of Britain’s opposition
Labour Party is under attack, simply because he calmly called for an investigation in line
with international law. On March 4, a former Russian spy who had been
a double agent for the British government was found unconscious in Salisbury, England. Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia had
reportedly been poisoned, and were hospitalized in critical condition. A week later, the United Kingdom’s Conservative
Prime Minister Theresa May claimed the Russian-made nerve agent Novichok had been used in the
attack. She said the Russian government was likely
behind the attack, although she also raised the possibility that Russia had lost control
of the nerve agent and it was used by another actor. While the British government’s assessment
initially was not certain, all nuance was immediately thrown out of the window. The Kremlin was accused of an attempted assassination. Prime Minister May expelled 23 Russian diplomats. The United States, France, and Germany joined
in blaming Russia, and called for a punitive response. While the right-wing Blairite faction of the
Labour Party immediately sided with the Tory government, the opposition’s leftist leader
Jeremy Corbyn called for careful research, and warned against overreaction. Corbyn condemned the attack in harsh terms,
but stressed that any response must be “based on clear evidence.” The attack in Salisbury was an appalling act
of violence. Nerve agents are abominable if used in any
war. It is utterly reckless to use them in a civilian
environment. Our response as a country must be guided by
the rule of law, support for international agreements and respect for human rights. Our response must be decisive, proportionate
and based on clear evidence.​ When Corbyn presented a series of simple questions,
merely asking what steps the government has taken to collect evidence for its claims,
he was loudly booed by members of the House of Commons. If the government believe that it is still
a possibility that Russia negligently lost control of a military-grade nerve agent, what
action is being taken through the OPCW with our allies? I welcome the fact that the police are working
with the OPCW. Has the prime minister taken the necessary
steps under the chemical weapons convention to make a formal request for evidence from
the Russian government under Article IX(2)? How has she responded to the Russian government’s
request for a sample of the agent used in the Salisbury attack to run their own tests? Has high-resolution trace analysis been run
on a sample of the nerve agent, and has that revealed any evidence as to the location of
its production or the identity of its perpetrators? Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly
been accused of threatening and even killing political opponents, former spies, and journalists. And Jeremy Corbyn never ruled out the possibility
that the Kremlin is behind the poison attack, which could certainly be the case. But simply because he asked for evidence before
jumping to conclusions that could have dangerous global repercussions, Corbyn has been pilloried
by the British government, his political rivals, and the corporate media. Simply for asking for calm and for evidence,
Corbyn was repeatedly smeared as a “Putin puppet” and a “Kremlin stooge.” Corbyn’s neoliberal opponents inside Labour
used the controversy to try to further undermine his leadership, which he earned overwhelmingly
from the rank-and-file in a landslide election. Few people came to Corbyn’s defense. Nevertheless, Wales’ first minister Carwyn
Jones broke through the echo chamber, and told the BBC that the attacks on Corbyn have
been unfair. I think Jeremy Corbyn, in fairness, has been
unfairly maligned. He condemned what happened very strongly,
I thought. You heard him say yesterday, I think the response
from the prime minister is proportionate and robust and it has my support. Corbyn outlined his thoughts in greater detail
a nuanced op-ed published in The Guardian on March 15. Corbyn forcefully denounced the attack as
“barbaric and beyond reckless.” And the leftist opposition leader made it
clear, “Labour is of course no supporter of the Putin regime, its conservative authoritarianism,
abuse of human rights or political and economic corruption.” “However,” Corbyn added, “that does
not mean we should resign ourselves to a ‘new cold war’ of escalating arms spending, proxy
conflicts across the globe and a McCarthyite intolerance of dissent.” The leftist opposition leader, who had been
a key figure in the movement against the invasion of Iraq, reminded readers of the lies that
were spun in the lead-up to that war. Given the possibility that organized crime
networks could have been involved in the attack, Corbyn also noted that the British government’s
“capacity to deal with outrages from Russia is compromised by the tidal wave of ill-gotten
cash that Russian oligarchs … have laundered through London” since the collapse of the
Soviet Union. This echoed similar remarks he made earlier
in the House of Commons. We must do more to address the dangers posed
by the state’s relationship with unofficial mafia-like groups and corrupt oligarchs. We must also expose the flows of ill-gotten
cash between the Russian state and billionaires who become stupendously rich by looting their
country and subsequently use London to protect their wealth. The Labour leader also reminded critics of
what happened in the lead-up to the Iraq War. Despite Corbyn’s qualified language and
cautious positions, he faced a bitter attack from hawkish rivals, who portray careful nuance
as apologism for the Kremlin. In today’s extreme right-wing, nationalistic
political climate, even asking basic questions before taking drastic action is frowned upon.

76 thoughts on “Corbyn Smeared as ‘Russian Stooge’ for Requesting Evidence on Poisoned Spy

  1. There's a good deal of ironic humour to be found in the worst of these countries. I mean… isn't that why Trump thought he had an "ally" to begin with?
    The Tories share more with the very worst of Russia than they would care to admit. And.. you know what.. I think the fact that Russia is showing a semblance of maturity on the geopolitical stage is a part of the reason for the renewed antagonism. I think that, in and of itself, is a driver of this.

  2. I believe Russia more than the UK, just look at Syria and Libya….never ever trust the west !

  3. Facts tell you if something is true or not, it's seems the UK Gov does not need facts, it just needs to believe something and it's true.

  4. Using the word "nuances" as an incantation doesn't absolve you of trump bashing when trump does the same thing with regard to deep state and others

  5. All those on the left of both the UK and America, candidates and citizens, will be smeared and slandered as Russian sympathizers, and Antisemites for not blindly following the Establishment about Russia meddling, and not being pro Israel enough.

  6. Teresa may needed a distraction and her satanic minders gave her the prefect one. another bullshit false flag distraction. wake up people, its may and her cronies who dunnit….solved!

  7. Just in case, I will repost this here:
    Skripal is a second-rate double agent that has already served a half of his sentence by the time he was pardoned for the sake of a spy exchange with the USA/UK in 2010. The question why would Putin want to all of a sudden kill him now, eight years later, especially a couple of weeks before elections in Russia and right before the Russian World Cup 2018, with the use of a Soviet poison (OPCW has certified that Russia has destroyed all of its stock and production facilities of all of the chemical weapons, and the UK did not complain to OPCW with a suggestion that Russia has Novichok undeclared; nor OPCW has recognized Novichok as a chemical weapon), and sabotaging the whole concept of spy exchanges and thus endangering his own agents all around the world, has no sane answer. So to believe Theresa May's zero-evidence conspiracy theory that Putin has ordered to poison Skripal — the first version of hers about the case — we have to believe that Putin has gone insane.

    Also, as Wikileaks has revealed, the Novichok nerve agent (if we believe that the UK government is correct in identifying the poison, which was not independently confirmed; the UK is also refusing to provide any samples/evidence for investigation to Russia, even though a Russian citizen was poisoned and Russia is accused) was accessible in Uzbekistan, to the USA (as they got to Uzbekistan facilities where this nerve agent was created/tested to dismantle them), assumed to be re-created in Cuba and feared to be proliferated overall by UK's own intelligence services as no later than by 2006. A formula for this poison is published in a book that costs $8. And now we have got Theresa May pretending that none of these circumstances exist and accusing Russia of losing control of the substance, which is her second version of the poisoning.

    Thus May is making Russia culprit by either claiming that Putin has ordered to poison Skripal, which is not only unbeneficial to Russia but harmful in multiple ways, or by accusing the country of losing control of a dangerous nerve agent that was not really under Russia's (sole) possession and control by the estimation of even UK's own intelligence. We did see the UK government coming out with zero-evidence claims before — on Iraq, Libya and Syria, among other cases, but this time they are truthful and right even if they are politically-motivated and as absurd as ever, right?

    The versions that do not require any possible culprits going insane (not in order of importance/probability):

    1. An organised crime incident (for example, we did have media reports on Litvinenko infiltrating a radioactive materials smuggling ring for Mi-6; also, one of the guys present in an allegedly fatal meeting was a radioactive materials expert from Italy).

    2. Revenge by a rogue Russian spy. We have to see, though, how it was done and why Mi-6, that is obligated to monitor defectors/former foreign spies, all of a sudden is clueless about what has happened. The chosen poison is also questionable, as well as the fact that the rogue Russian agent did not succeed.

    3. A conflict within Mi-6 for which Skripal was working, and not necessarily personal. As mentioned, defectors are under obligatory full-time monitoring by Mi-6 and yet in this case Mi-6 has all but disappeared. It is not hard to flip May's conspiracy theory on its head and suggest that he could have been suspected of still working for Moscow — possibly through his daughter — and that the poisoning was an easy way to both get rid of the double agent and simultaneously blame Russia for it. Notice that unlike May's conspiracy theory about Putin, this one does not require any party to be insane, so it makes much more sense. Of course, there is also a possibility of a pure false flag operation, but we do not even need to go that far.

    4. An accident: negligence, malpractice in handling the nerve agent. The fact that Skripal (and his daughter) did not die even though this Novichok nerve agent is said to be extraordinary poisonous may suggest that there was no a direct intake but some tangential touch of traces. (That said, some experts dispute the claim about the poison's toxicity.)

    It is interesting that BBC's Mark Urban says the government of UK has samples of the poison in Porton Down — a UK centre for biochemical research/nerve agents production facility just kilometres away from the place where Skripal was poisoned — obtained "by clandestine means", what proves both the accessibility of the poison within Mi-6/5 and the fact that it has proliferated (and/or possibly re/produced elsewhere).

  8. Corbyn just secured my vote for the next election……… one too many false flag chemical attacks this scenario is getting a little long in the tooth
    They always know who did it within hours and anyone who challenges the narrative gets lambasted well done Corbyn ✌🏻

  9. What nobody is saying but is pretty obvious to anyone informed is that the most probable culprits are MI5 or even MI6 trying to distract public attention from the Brexit negotiations failure and the unpopularity of May's government, and also to justify a further increase in NATO budget to try to revert the impact of Russia's new weapons as revealed in Putin's state of the nation speech only a week ago.
    Please, don't forget Dr. David Kelly and the fact that Porton Down is only a couple of miles from the crime scene.

  10. The new paradigm of great power relations pioneered by China and Russia is pushing the long-dominant British geopolitical doctrine off the stage of history. So they feel irrelevant and powerless, which we now are.

    The US and the UK are yesterday.

    Choose between the two, the collapsing dollar and pound, with no backing to shore them up, or a gold-backed renminbi and rubal.

  11. US led Western Union have problem with Putin as Russia is standing in the way of Western evil policies in other regions.They are demonizing the Middle East for Israel as zionists oligarchy controlling over the governments of Western countries.

  12. Not looking for evidence to back up extreme claims leaves the world wide open for future false flag operations.

  13. Over 10,000 Britons died, old and young, on British soil in the first two months of 2018 because of Tory cuts to our NHS. Doesn't make any of the mainstream media headlines. One man dies and the Leader of the Opposition calls for calm and for the government to follow due process – headline after headline of him being a communist/traitor/puppet/spy/threat all over again. Our Parliament is full of puppets of warmongers. Thank God we have at least one strong sane voice who works for the British people rather than money. #JC4PM

  14. How was the British government able to identify the nerve agent so quickly without a sample if Russia is the only country that produces it? Does Britain have its own stockpile?

  15. So now you are 'Russian Stooge' in the west when you requesting facts and evidence? I think you are a 'Western Stooge" when you accuse other countries of crimes without any evidence and facts.😉

  16. Clearly shutting up alternative perpetrators or an investigation into the truth is in the interest of the conspirators. This was the handiwork of MI5 in tandem with the CIA & the USA "Deep State" to create tension with Russia and further provoke Putin. These shadowy government organizations want war with Russia.

  17. Apparently if they heard that the former spy choked on a taco, they would want to declare war with Mexico.

  18. If anyone wants to compare this incident to the Litvinenko case, the two events could not be any more contrasting. We can tell the difference by how the story is reported, what people say, and how they react. In the Litvinenko case the reporting was very sporadic, the story changed over time as more facts were garnered, it was a shock and nobody really knew what had happened for weeks. Diplomats were not dispelled, and it became clear that this was a genuine assassination by Russia. Whether or not he had outlived his usefulness to Britain I could not say, but the motives made sense, as the defecting spy was clearly being punished and silenced by Putin, who he had been an outspoken critic of. This time round it seems that all the facts are already known, it is reported very quickly with everything being known instantly, and people react by dispelling diplomats and pointing fingers, and practically calling for war. Clearly we are looking at a false flag this time, how can anyone possibly not see it? Our country is being run by dangerous, psychopathic war mongers and they must be removed.

  19. They have they have no evidence for this because it was a false flag attack done by their own government. To distract from brexit. Russia needs to cut ties with Britain. Britain gets all of its heating oil from Russia it's the middle of winter if Russia wants to take a turn off the lights like that. That's what they should do the current British government needs to pay a price for this recklessness.

  20. This is not about Torey versus Labour. This is not about Teresa May versus Jeremy Corbyn. This is about are we going to approach this with reason, based upon real evidence, or are we going to simply operate on probability and obvious surface clues. Sometimes the thing which is most obvious is most obvious for a reason. False flags and misdirection are the tradecraft of all intelligence services. Frankly, after imprisoning him and then releasing him, a decade later, it seems ridiculous to use such a telling, unique instrument as opposed to simply a gun or a knife or a car or some other more mundane killing mechanism. Doesn’t pass the smell test.

  21. Does Corbyn really think that corrupted politicians and "stupendously" rich plutocrats that use money to influence are only in Russia? Just look at the US. It's a den of corrupted tools that obey their doners. They came in as middle class at best, get out as multimillionares. Obama is worth 100 mil$ lol, he got 500k just for one Wall Street speech. Bezos is in bed with intel, creates monopoly and avoids paying taxes. Warmonger mouthpieces in CNN/MSNBC take more money than any politican in UK…

  22. Why not reflexively accuse Ukraine? At least they have a motive. What's Russia's motive supposed to be?

  23. Evidence? You mean like the explosion-proof paper passport of an Arab that was "found" as evidence after 9/11? Or do you mean evidence like faked chemical attacks that are used to justify the attempted overthrow of a secular Syrian government by head-chopping Wahhabi terrorists?

  24. If Russia wanted to kill a spy and get away with it, they would probably not be quite so obvious about it. They are not idiots. This is likely someone framing Russia, most likely the UK Government, so that they can take action like sanctions against Russia. It fits with the recent anti-Russian trend in the West.

  25. When you get smeared for calling to follow the law you know your country is messed up and has an alterior motive. The surprising thing was how quickly the UK came up and enforced the punishment almost like they had already planned what the outcome was going to be.

  26. Neki Johnson je izjavil, da ruski sarkazem dokazuje, da so Rusi vpleteni v umor ruskega dvojnega vohuna in njegove hčerke! No, naj bo, če smo že pri sarkazmu in aroganci, so zahodni politiki dokazano vpleteni v vsa svetovna sranja, ki jih trenutno prenašamo!

  27. Corbyn articulated exactly how I feel, i'm not a Russian troll but I really appreciate "Crime and punishment" , Dr Zivago was shit in my opinion. Seriously the lack of any references with respect to Russia and its influences we are being swamped by the US and its' demented Russia hysteria that is driving all of this. Fuck Putin; really do you think he is so involved in the minutia of every Russian who may have done something, get fucked you clown and have some semblance of a rational human being.
    * Assad gassing his own people in Syria when the rebels were on their last legs…. nonsense when there was no advantage to do so but it made a great news story to demonize a US enemy.

    CIA & MOSSAD acting for their respective constituents have plans for the middle east which includes war with Iran and regime change in Syria which Russia is holding up and if you don't take that into consideration you are a moron .

  28. We could have used someone with Corbin's courage in the US in the days and weeks after 9/11.

  29. ©™ ALX ⚖ Armed 🔫 Liberation ⛓ Xecutive 🕶 Observation ✍✍

    Corbyn will have the last laugh 😄

  30. Corbyn, appears to have folded and now even makes claims that May has never made:
    Theresa May was right on Monday to identify two possibilities for the source of the attack in Salisbury, given that the nerve agent used has been identified as of original Russian manufacture.
    Theresa May's careful wording "of a type developed by Russia” does not imply a specific agent nor Russian manufacturing. Corbyn fell into the trap.

  31. No motive. No evidence. Russia did not do it. Idiots like Boris with their irresponsible and unprofessional and vulgar behaviour can lead the world into nuclear catastrophe. Russia is not Lybia or Yougoslavia. Dumb politicians.

  32. Boris Johnson pointed the finger at Vladimir Putin, saying it's "overwhelmingly likely" he ordered the attack on Sergei Skripal…..adding "I'm 100% certain that he might have done it"

  33. What corrupt oligarchs was he talking About? The US and UK govt officials are far more corrupt that a bunch of Russian oligarch as we all are seeing these days.

  34. UK are not allies to USA you are foolish victims to the global mafia they are criminals hiding in the shadow of government.

  35. This reminds me of how it was in the U.S. leading up to the Iraq War with this propaganda that you couldn't question the president in a time of war, etc. Michael Moore was booed by celebrities for offering a dissenting voice, and these are the so called liberals. Mind control works the same all over the world.

  36. To think all the juveniles that scoffed at such a well reasoned address are in control of Governing a Nuclear Armed Nation is very frightening. Admittedly a second rate one with ideas above its standing in the world is frightening. How do these clowns even get elected. Australian.

  37. Do reasonable people ask for evidence? How dare they question what our democratic system's politicians are saying? How dare they not following what the government is saying blindly…
    Is it hard to just provide evidence or are we just supposed to except accusations as facts?! Lol does "THE WEST" understand how weak pathetic and hypocritical they seem like?

  38. It shows more character to voice a genuine opinion rather than regurgitate what the masses expect. We need this balance.

  39. What a traitor. Like if you were asking for proof for the Iraq war, how dare you.

    I got this awful feeling the other day that things are a lot worse than most people care to know.

  40. Violence the last resort of the corrupt. The most likely culprit, the USA, why. They had a Soviet chemical weapons defector claim that only Russia could have made it. So the USA paid for a Soviet chemical weapons expert to defect and then did not ask what weapons he worked on, how they are made and how to counteract them and then did not attempt to make those chemicals to validate the information, sorry that is a lie. Why tell a big lie because the lie is so big, most people will accept it as the truth, simply because they can't believe anyone would tell such a big lie, in the interview the defector looked terrified, not of some distant bogey man but the people on the other side of the camera
    The USA had a Soviet chemical weapons expert defector, they know exactly how to make everything that defector knew how to make and made and tested samples to confirm efficacy and test counter agents, that's the logical truth, anything else is a logical lie, so why lie, unless the USA has something to cover up ie the attack in order to disparage Russia.
    Criminals often trip themselves up by telling one too many lies, lies that are just not credible, which bring them undone when investigated.

  41. If hes not a stooge, corbyn is certainly a russian sympathiser, he led the pro communist stop the war coalition, hes anti nato, anti american and supports nasty left wing dictatorships around the world

  42. Very good! Ii personaly feel totaly disqust by what is going on here!! If iwas real nervegas Scripa should be dead. Nervegas found in England is highly likely MADE in England it is not something you travel
    around with, T.his case stinks big time!!The focus on blaming Russia makes me wonder if these creeps are completly mad!( May,Stoltenberg Haley etc} Or is there more to come? Seems so if i listen to NH ,she is even a bit to shure of it. How confeniant would a gasattack with this Novoichoc? be in Syria? So yes iam disqusted by these reckless behaving dumm and dangerous crocs. a very big WEII DONE for

    mr Corbyn!!

  43. May did not say that the nerve agent was made by Russia. She said that the nerve agent was of "a type" developed by Russia (although she actually was referring to the Soviet Union).

  44. There would be no reason for Russia to do this but plenty of reasons for fatmericans to do it as a false flag. It's a dumb and clumsy enough action to be American.

  45. Seriously, does anybody, including Corbyn, think a couple of former Russian spies were poisoned in the UK and Putin wasn't behind it? I'd think he would have better causes than this.

  46. isnt the word PROBABLE culprit make it a CONSPIRACY THEORY ? the corporate media seem to like this one i wonder why ? why investigate its much easier to smear and lie .we have to pay for the BBC on threat of jail for a government propaganda channel its a national disgrace.

  47. )_anyone with common sense can see how childish and shameful the British became in the manner of handling this delicate situation. They never acted professionally with their approach,

    The British made no attempt to directly contact Russia, they were just babbling this garbage all over the media and then making demands that Russia responds to their request at a certain time. This was very insulting, worse is, the British refuse to provide evidence of their accusation, Even in the court of law, you are supposed to provide evidence, but the British don't think so. The Russians wanted to examine the so-called evidence, so why did the British refuse>? its because they have hidden agenda,

    they are so;; piss that they lose out to Russia in the world cup bid and they have not handled this in a proper manner. These Westerners have been used to having their way on the Global stage and now they are realizing that Russia is checkmating theri every move, so now they are left feeling infuriated with Russia, –however, this is a game that the West is destined to lose, big time–the game is over for them

  48. Just as a comparison Skripal got 13 years Chelsey Manning got 35 years so I guess Russia did not think Skripal was anything special.

    If they wanted him dead they could have killed him in Russia not wait 10 years and then use poison, doubt anybody is that dumb and it really seems incompetent.
    The poison is supposed to be among the most deadly still the guy is not dead.

    It is elections in the UK in 2 months time and Tories are really trailing Corbyn/Labor smearing him as a Putin puppet is a given (have we seen this before??)

    To frame Russia there are many reasons, Ukraine, Syria….. the list is long.
    But I guess since Putin got Trump elected and Trump is a Russian spy he will help Russia out here :))

    Skripal is supposed to have uncovered/betrayed 300 Soviet spies so I guess there are a lot of people pissed at him.

    As for Russia having invented the toxin, well it was actually the Soviet Union and it was not produced in Russia on top of that all Bio/Chemical weapons where destroyed under international supervision among them the US.

    Every time somebody gets shot you do not blame the Chinese even though they invented gun powder.
    This would mean the British killed Kim jong-un's brother since he was killed by VX invented by the British.

  49. "In today's extreme, right-wing, nationalistic political climate, even asking basic questions before taking drastic action is frowned upon." Ain't that the damn truth. Now get me a beer. And getchu one too.

  50. Evidence is very dangerous to those who lie for expedient purposes. Shout it down whenever you can. You'll find more support than you might have guessed from a nation with so many university graduates. The Enlightenment is done.

  51. John McDonnell has already explicitly accused Putin of orchestrating the poisoning of Skirpal. Corbyn firmly believes that Assad is responsible for chemical weapons attacks and war crimes. Corbyn never once doubted the possibility of Russian involvement in the killings of Skirpal or Litvienko. He isn't pro-Putin he just isn't as anti-Putin as May.

  52. I have waited 35 years to see a politician talk with such integrity. We must do all we can to defend him.

  53. I find all of this is funny, even if Russia did it so what, America has made assassinations so common with their drone program flying around in any nation that cannot defend its air space and picking people off that calling out Russia for one shows how big the double standard for western nations is.

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